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If a species does not support its own divine spark, keeping itself above a defined level of complexity, the spark will naturally move to other species that can satisfy the minimal level of functionality, useful to the conscience to evolve in an active way. It is not a religious or moralistic condition, but a principle of efficiency. 
The divine spark is present if it operates, and it operates if needed, and is needed only if the individual pursues goals and ideals that go beyond self. It is a process proper to the divine nature of our being. When we say that the world is an illusion that does not mean that the world does not exist. It does but the way we see it is an illusion.  What we see does not exist.  When we experience self as unique awareness, it is not that the world disappears, but the world as we know it disappears and the illusion leaves room for a new more expansive reality. 
I write these posts to connect some dots piercing the vial to dissolve the illusion of the 3D experience  in order to create space for more to experience self as awareness which is the ultimate reality. Now looking ahead  let us be reminded that numbers and dates are important for the power control force  and on the weekend of November 22/23,13  it will be the 50th anniversary of the deaths of John F Kennedy and Aldous Huxley of ‘Brave New World’, and the first showing of Doctor Who.
Television - Doctor Who
Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction TV series in history, airing initially from 1963 to 1989. The series told the story of the Doctor, a mysterious traveller in space and time, whose TARDIS can take him and his companions anywhere in time and space. This is subliminally speaking to humanity that you now have the opportunity to reclaim your higher sensory faculties at this juncture in the evolution of human history but since humanity is so dumb down most will miss the opportunity! why? because just as Dr. Who inevitably found evil at work wherever he goes… and so does humanity all designed by the power control force to maintain complete control of our essence as awareness . The series was postponed indefinately in 1989, but fans of the series would not allow it to die, and a whole cottage industry was created around original novels and audio-only productions. Doctor Who 50th anniversary: first show back on TV The Day of Doctor Who,  is the 50th anniversary special of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who.
The show will star John Hurt as Doctor Who, John Hurt also appeared in ‘V for Vendetta’, as the dictator Adam Sutler. John Hurt portrayed an incarnation of the Doctor in the 2013 Doctor Who episodes “The Name of the Doctor” and “The Day of the Doctor”
John Hurt
 and on Guy Fawks Night November 5 2013, primarily celebrated in Britain we have none other then the revolutionary Russell Brand who was seen wearing an Anonymous mask as seen in the movie V for Vendetta, at the ‘Million Mask March’in Trafalgar Square.
Russell Brand at Million Mask March
But then we have the Hunger games 2, Catching fire, the trilogy by Suzanne Collins who is surely a relative in the Collin’s family or rather one of the illumminati family members and look all to coincide with an initial opening in London November 11, 2013 and world wide November 22, 2013. I love the subtitle in the poster  ” Remember who the enemy is” just another subliminal.
Now let us not forget that Hurt played Winston Smith in the 1984 adaptation of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four as well. In 1985. His roles at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s included Kane, the memorable first victim of the title creature in the film Alien (a role which he reprised as a parody in Spaceballs); would-be art school radical Scrawdyke in Little Malcolm; and “John” Merrick in the Joseph Merrick biography The Elephant Man, for which he won a BAFTA and was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1978.
Hurt aslso stared in The Elephant Man again riding on the Doctor Who theme  about a London Hospital surgeon Frederick Treves finds Merrick in a Victorian freak show in London’s East End, where he is managed by the brutish Bytes. Merrick is so deformed he must be hooded in public, and Bytes finds him an imbecile. Treves is intrigued by Merrick and pays Bytes to bring him to the hospital so he can study him. He shows Merrick to his colleagues and highlights his most dangerous deformity, his abnormally large skull, which compels him to sleep with his head resting on his knees, for its weight would asphyxiate him if he were to lie down. This all speaks to transhumanism agenda but again it’s all a subliminal.
And also riding on the Elephant Man theme  we have none other then Chris Christie who has made it onto Time Magazine this week, just another subliminal playing on the overall theme so you will tune into Doctor Who on the 23 of November 2013.
chris christie elephant room
With all these subliminal’s what on earth is happening? they are truly meant to divert your attention  in order to distract you from developing or evolving into your own divine innate capabilities as unique awareness by the power control force, who work very hard to keep you so distracted and glued to your 3D experience so you don’t regain your super human powers because in all honesty that is truly what is possible NOW more then ever! don’t be fooled by their game, embrace the awareness that you are and detach from this nonsense of a 3D world system! again we are  just connecting some more dots here as the agenda, the narrative unfolds on so many levels! but really the power control force are trying very astutely to divert your attention from what is really happening that is for you to reclaim your essence as unique awareness and reclaim your higher senses so you can recreate the reality and utopia of your own choosing! someone is going to loose this game and it won’t be you or me! TRUST ME!


Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Nov 3, 2013, Lunar Tetrad 2014-2015, Humanities Grand Mutation 2020, Comet Ison, Astrological Celestial Markers, Solar Activity,Consciousness and the Soul

The eternal body of wisdom that you are as unique awareness, never dies and is not carried away to some far off heavenly shore. Awareness stays right here, in it’s original state and takes back all the power that was so cruelly manipulated out of its reach through hypnosis.
The soul includes the body you physically see and it also includes the body we don’t normally see as being visible that is the spiritual body that resides within our physical and the aura but also extends immediately outside the physical body. It is these 2 bodies that are the soul, or sol, or light energy, and this is not who we are.
The created physical and spiritual elements reside in our soul, which is our created light body, hence the word soul, or sol(sun). Our whole experience and seemingly conscious awareness (which attempts to appear as truth, wisdom and light energy) takes place in our soul but our soul is an illusion. We don’t have a soul. We simply have the illusion of a soul due to the manipulation tactic of the intellectual systems called religion and science which attempt to cause humanity to understand and define something that simply isn’t there. Awareness doesn’t need a soul.
That being said your essence as awareness is captured in the soul it is a software program developed by the architects of the universe who has captured your essence in the illusory body of humanity through the illusory individual  soul that you use to have this experience. That aspect of self as awareness that is captured through the soul having the mind body experience is what keeps humanity seduced into believing the illusion of this existence called life! Your running on a software program just like Microsoft Windows and your getting an upgrade as well but just wait I will explain this a bit more in my post below.
windows picture
The awareness that is you experiencing life through the the mind body and soul is influenced by the planets in our solar system it is the planets that in fact support the evolution of the soul where your essence is captured therefore it is of importance that we take a deeper look at the celestial markers and their influence on not only the consciousness of humanity but the narrative that is playing out on the physical world stage, it is for this reason that I feel it is important to be aware of the celestial markers influencing current events, narratives and scripts playing out on the physical world stage so lets take a peak into the future and remember my disclaimer: I am sharing a worldview perception as unique awareness and it is just a sharing of some things currently transpiring is the sea of narratives playing out this is just a glimpse of what  I see things unfolding currently.
First we have a rare Hybrid solar Eclipse November 3, 203 where those in the middle east and European latitude will be able to see comet Ison however perplexing to many with the naked eye, until terms of Jewish Feasts is to Hanukah that starts on Nov 28, 2013. This date also corresponds to when Comet ISON reaches perihelion to the Sun, or closest approach before being sling-shot out of our Solar System January 17, 2014 right before the 2014 Olympic Ceremonies in Russia in February 2014 we will have to see what symbolism comes out of the Opening and closing ceremonies that may give us clues for the narratives to come  in addition to the rituals that will be at play during this Satanic Ritual stage show.
have the Jewish feast day Hanukkah November 27,2013 around the same time that  NASA indicates a pole shift will occur no coincidences here just another narrative or celestial marker to let us know that  a “Storm is Coming”. Here is my blog post on announcement by NASA of the upcoming Pole shift if you have not read it yet.A Storm is Coming again Pole Shift imminent more like a false flag event masquerading as doomday
In an event that occurs once every 11 years, the magnetic field of the sun will change its polarity in a matter of 3 to 4 months months, according  to new observations by NASA-supported observatories which means around early November. The flipping of the sun’s magnetic field marks the peak of the star’s 11-year solar cycle and the halfway point in the sun’s “solar maximum” — the peak of its solar weather cycle. Which could mean that we are in for some catalytic earth changes towards December 2013 and moving into 2014 -2015 and beyond but we will have to wait and see how the storm unfolds on planet earth?
suns magnetic fields
Also Here is a current article: Promising Comet ISON gives perplexing performance on route to SUN.
Humanities Grand Mutation 2020
In the year 2020, there will be from an astrological perspective what is called a Grand Mutation. Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets in the solar system and every 20 years they conjoin in the sky. In the science of Astrology, Jupiter rules expansion, and Saturn rules restriction and limitation. Where Jupiter expands, Saturn constricts.
Whenever these two planets conjoin it is in a sign of the zodiac either Fire, Earth, Air or Water. Their conjunctions continue in that same force, or element, for about 150 years, at which time they move into the sign in the next element in the sequence.
It is the dominant element that has the most influence on the consciousness of humanity. So the act of these two planets shifting elements has come to be called a Grand Mutation, an astronomical event. The year 1842 saw the last Grand Mutation and at that time, the conjunctions of these two planets moved the consciousness of humanity from Fire, the first element in the sequence, into Earth, the second element. Historically, whenever these conjunctions have occurred in the Fire element, our world has experienced exploration, conquest and discovery. Conjunctions in the Earth element have influenced society’s infrastructure and the land settlement of our world.
The next cycles of conjunctions will then be in the Air element. These typically influence rapid social progress, significant intellectual development and the evolution of human consciousness. The first conjunction in this cycle will be in the Air sign of Aquarius. At that time, there will be an extraordinary shift in consciousness, which will completely obliterate the ego mind. This, could then, will be a birthing or mutation into humanity into a new super human species.
On November 24, 2013  as we arein the current 138-year Uranus-Pluto synodic cycle that began on January 7, 1966. The time now that has been leading into the synodic square is / has been one of experiencing external stimulus to initiate creative action. The time following is when we shift into taking that action in this greater cycle. Uranus and Pluto tighten their orbital (synodic) orb to within 1° on the trigger occurring in this lunar cycle as they approach their exact square  November 24, 2013 which will be the stimulus to initiate radical action to live a greater truth intensifies.
While we have a pole shift taking place on earth November 28, 2013 Turkey day in the USA, as per NASA we must remember that there are now pole shifts taking place on all of the worlds in our solar system. Saturn and Jupiter are the initiators of this new cycle of rotation. Because its rings are devoid of an electro-magnetic charge, Saturn is predominantly zero point energy. So Saturn plays a very important role in the ascension of the Earth.
There will be a Lunar Tetrad 2014-2015, a Tetrad is where four consecutive lunar eclipses are total eclipses making a group which is know as a tetrad, I believe it is important to note that these tetrad’s all happen on Jewish feast days this one will start on Jewish Passover April 15, 2014 according to NASA’s Lunar calendar Website.
lunar eclipse
The word tetrad is another term for genetics or mutation which may mean that this tetrad is a celestial marker leading up to the grand mutution in 2020 at a higher level,  which again is to signal a birthing or mutation  of humanity into a new super human species? who knows but we will have to wait and see?
Another point I want to mention is that the world health organization just issued a comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan for 2013-2020 here is the link
I found the timing for this report interesting with the culmination of the Grand Mutation in 2020 as I feel humanity will be challenged with the energies bathing this planet due to solar activity which is causing the current mutation of the human species that is the upgrades we are experiencing and no one is excluded these mutations are affecting everyone, and for those  who are prepared will have a smoother transition and those who are not well lets just say they will have to fend for themselves and deal with the onslaught of chaos that will continue on this planet but again all by design that is those who are not prepared or ready to comply to the thorough inspection that is currently underway for humanity to handle the upgrade to higher levels of consciousness now and into the future will be severely challenged in the months and years ahead and this will only  intensify.
This may provide some explanation for the In recent weeks, ‘Losing your mind’ or Madness has been a constant theme, from Aaron Alexis and Miriam Carey to Dianne Reidy – Everyone’s mad, you know’ and I think the performance recently at The White House, as the Obama Mind ( Obama Care ) saved Karmel Allison ( All Ison ! ) from ‘losing her mind’ or her consciousness. This was the picture with the statement Obama Saves fainting woman’. And I believe we are meant ‘to look at the woman in red’. The power control force as I mentioned in my latest video are clinically insane they all need to be institutionalized and yet they want to socially induce humanity to go insane or make it socially cool to do so!
insane pict
I believe this report from the UN is an indication of what they anticipate in the years to come that mental health will be a big issue on the physcial world stage for all who have not prepared that is not become balanced emotionally I have been talking about this since 2007. Here is a link to an article I was interviewed in by Kindred Spirit a UK metaphysical publication in 2012 Solar flares and Consciousness