Frankenstorm: Why Hurricane Sandy is Historic? is HAARP at Play?

Let us be really clear here the power control force utilizes high-tech facilities across the world in addition they have a great amount of resources and employees at their disposal for the sole purpose of setting up high-profile mega-rituals involving the deaths of civilians across the world in order to this 3 dimensional control matrix in tack.

These rituals are made possible through the manipulation of certain individuals into doing certain things, causing them to unknowing become participants in occult rituals through staged events and scenarios.  Mega-rituals involve numerous symbolic elements and yes blood sacrifices do happen in real life. You must come to the realization that everything in your reality is staged and set up to obtain maximum exposure and magical potency all designed to mirror on our 3 dimensional earth plane what is happening in the celestial sphere in order to manipulate the evolution of human consciousness into a de-evolutionary path of ascension again all by design as above so below.

Many media events are actually mega-ritual carried out to fulfill specific occult objectives. Whether we go as far as Jack the Ripper or as recently as the Batman killings, some murders are actually set up to follow specific rules and to imprint society with specific symbols.

Now you remember Hurricane Irene that hit New York August 28th 201. Hurricane Sandy is in time for Holloween we have the latest PERFECT STORM, Hitting the Shores of New York again predictive programming at work here if you have eyes to see conditioning the masses to become their own prison wardens they don't need FEMA camps just modify the weather and tell everyone to stay home.

Frankenstorm: Why Hurricane Sandy Will Be Historic? because it will manufactured by the power control force to be just that as part of the story line that is unfolding in the illusory reality, you can make this stuff up!  

I found this comment in a article I read interesting!

The coincidence of that strong of a high pressure “block” being in place just when a hurricane is passing by — in and of itself a very rare occurrence — is just mind bogglingly rare. It’s the kind of stuff that’s important enough to rewrite meteorological textbooks. The result: Instead of heading out to sea Sandy’s full force will be turned back against the grain and directed squarely at the East Coast. It's called HAARP weather modification is a weapon that creates mass hypnosis of the human population! because most can't see through the deception program at play! 

Read full article here:

If your house is built on the sand, a storm actually came and brought a fall warning, and it had an impact beyond what any stormy weather can bring. 

Is this a coincidence or is this storm historical?. Making landfall on October 29, it comes 21 years after the one (October 30, 1991) that was the basis for the movie, “The Perfect Storm,” almost to the very day. 

“Labelled the "perfect storm" by the National Weather Service, the storm sank the swordfishing boat Andrea Gail, whose story became the basis for the currently best-selling novel "The Perfect Storm" by Sebastian Junger. A little-known and bizarre ending came to this monster, which came to be known as the Halloween Storm.”

Those watching and giving attention to this story playing out will discover when comparing Hurricane Sandy with the Halloween Storm that another ship is involved. While the swordfishing boat “Andrea Gail” was memorialized in the novel and movie versions of “The Perfect Storm,” where it received its fame, the HMS Bounty sunk by Hurricane Sandy was already famous. (HMS Bounty Ship Sinks, 14 Rescued, Two Possibly Missing) This ship was memorialized in a popular novel and in several films, including the 1935 classic, “Mutiny on the Bounty.” The ship that sank today was a replica built for a 1962 remake of that classic that starred Marlon Brandon. This is no coincidence that this ship sank it is all my design a repeating pattern being played out on the physical world stage and yes you can make this stuff up! 

The name “Sandy” is derived from “Alexander,” which means, “defender of man,” and the HMS Bounty was known as the “HM Armed Vessel Bounty.” Is this weather offensive intended for humanity to prepare for a coming storm of a spiritual nature?

With respect to America and this symbolic ship called Bounty that Sandy just sunk off America's coast on October 29, is the anniversary of the most devastating event in the history of America's. It's the 83rd anniversary of when the stock market on Wall Street in NYC crashed, sending the economy of the USA into the Great Depression. This is not the first time my attention has been drawn to this date.

I have a suggestion. Batten down the hatches, to borrow a nautical phrase. I mean this in the sense of preparing to weather the storm spiritually. 

Now the idea of earthquakes being created is explained by Dr. Begich who says that earthquakes can be generated by using the earth’s energy, he also indicates that micro-earthquakes constantly happen along fault lines, and when there is no energy releasing along that fault line, that’s when there’s a problem because it’s building it up. HAARP produces a little energy to release a giant amount of energy (e.g. an earthquake) like a bullet primer or bomb. 

Here is a video I did last year on haarp if you have not seen it please check it out!


Oh and look..... The immortal classic returns Halloween

As much as the Halloween franchise has been dragged around over the years, with too many bad sequels and reboots to keep track of, there's a simple magic to John Carpenter's original film, with Michael Myers stalking Jamie Lee Curtis and everything at its basics. And now moviegoers who weren't around for the original 1978 release will have their chance to experience the horror on the big screen for themselves-- Halloween is returning to theaters, and appropriately enough, it'll be coming back in time for the October holiday, with an October 25, 2012 release again all by design remember your reality is spoon fed to you of course to coincide with the SANDY Hurricane. Frankenstorm!

The fact that we cannot control weather is evident as we see who controls the weather for us the power control force. However we can influences the vortexes and the energy they carry, that is dreaming into existence what we want this world to look like in terms of the weather.  How we focus and direct our energy and what we put our attention on is key. Do we listen to every word the weather man is saying and believe it to be true? thereby giving our attention and energy to what is manifesting in the physical reality and allow chaos to reign in our lives or maybe we can look at the chaotic weather and say we do really have choice here and this is one outcome we can chose to engage in which is very fear based or we can chose differently and seek a positive outcome holding a vision that only good will come out of this perfect storm and envision the storm as supporting the evolution of human consciousness and that all will be safe and well because in all honesty each of us is truly all knowing and wise and just in this very act of choosing differently we are not allowing our energy to be harvested by the power control force to use to work their magic spells on the masses but we in fact are harnessing our energy for corrective ways that allows us to disengage from the matrix not react or retaliate but to hold the witness position allowing us to create our reality in ways that honour who and what we are pure consciousness simply resting in a constant state of paradise. 

The idea that we cannot control but influence the weather and energy of the planet the vortexes and the energy they carry in not an impossibility and it certainly is within our realm to have dominion over the earth energy earth does not ascend without us we ascend with the earth but it is a symbiotic relationship we do it together. We can redirect the flow of energy any way we want we just need to wake up and choose differently and stop buying into these staged events.


The Golden Apple, Orange Alignment, Subliminal Suggestion of Possible PHI CODE Ritual Earthquake in the Pacific Ring Of Fire?

I was wondering what events would transpire on October 20, 2012 in connection with what some are calling the orange alignment with Venus, Sun, Mercury. I will explain more about the Orange alignment below but seriously you can't make this stuff up or can you? yes you can! it is all there for those who have the eyes to see!through the deception and how you reality is being manipulated and how your reality is shaped through story, allegory, myths and scripts to keep the masses confused and manipulated lets see how things connect with the Orange Alignment.

"Orange Alignment" is a heliocentric lining up of Venus, Sun and Mercury and when these alignments come, we do feel their impact. It is my view that the next one coming up soon is a highly charged one... because, for one, in many languages the fruit orange is called... "golden apple".

Now if we take the word orange and break it down we get or ange in French  OR means GOLD and refers to Venus known as gold star in the east and has a phi driven orbit as seen in diagram below.

and alchemical symbol SUN

and now let take a look at ange in French = Angel = golden ratio (phi 1.618.1) means messenger the planet Mercury

The reason I bring this up is major events on the physical world stage can be tracked back to this alignment Venus, Sun, Mercury.

The Haiti Earthquake January 12, 2010 there was an Orange Alignment

and Costa Cancordia sinking January 13, 2012, on an Orange alignment Mercury, Sun, Venus where joined in the sky.

And look what I found an article today October 22, 2012 talking about this event from earlier this year here is the link. It turns out Giuseppe Pilon, who rushed to the Concordia's engine room immediately after the accident, and another engine room officer, Giovanni Iaccarino, spoke publicly about the tragedy for the first time on October 21, 2012 the day after or the day of the orange alignment depending on where you live. Speaking for the first time again all by design this date was picked for him to speak all to coincide with the this Orange alignment event that happened earlier this year to imprint in the minds of man to remind us indirectly of a previous orange alignment January 13, 2012 to coincide with the October 20, 2012 orange alignment. Read more:

Costa Concordia captain 'failed to understand' scale of disaster

I found this article that came out today October 22, 2012 Six Italian scientists jailed for six years each for failing to predict 2009 quake that killed over 300 people?

A court in the Italian city of L'Aquila has handed down verdicts to six scientists and one government official charged with manslaughter for failing to give sufficient warning of a fatal earthquake that hit in 2009.

The case was built around a meeting the seven defendants, all members of a commission on natural disasters, held in the city of L’Aquila on March 31, 2009, in which they told residents there was no cause for concern after a series of minor shocks had rocked the city in the preceding six months. It took Judge Marco Billi slightly more than four hours to reach the verdict.

read more:

What does this mean that Orange Alignments happen directly or indirectly and the orange alignment I share below a simulation disaster scenario albeit a simulation it indirectly point to a possible event in the illusory future again this is the Orange Alignment not directly but indirectly for October 20, 2012 when Mercury, Sun, Venus aligned in the sky that day all just subliminal suggestion.

Coming off the heals of Italian scientist being jailed, I just heard the federal Government of Canada is cutting it's Earthquake and Safety Preparedness Program called Magnitude 12 due to funding cuts hum!,this was announced this past weekend the same weekend of October 20, 2012 when they conducted a disaster simulation in Vancouver, B.C. Canada I hope you can see of the connections here.

The HUSAR search and rescue teams from Vancouver, Calgary and Manitoba collaborate for a real-time exercise emulating an earthquake in Vancouver on Saturday, October 20, 2012. The mere acting out of this scenario story implants the subliminal suggestion of what is to come, this disaster simulation is a ritual of sorts mirroring celestial events, before the event whenever that is sometime in the illusory future, again all by design everything on the world stage is well scripted well choreographed and implemented by the power control force. Why does the power control mirror or simulate celestial events. Because they have no control of what happens in the universe, galaxy, or the  solar system and celestial events support the evolution of human consciousness and the power control force mirrors events above create events which they can control on earth in support of their agenda to keep humanity under manipulation and a hypnotic trance state.

According to the article Although the team performs a disaster simulation once a year to teach first responder's how to cope in real life catastrophes, this one was a little unusual. Because they brought in a tonnes of material to make the scenes look real that was the difference from other disaster simulations this making it seem to me like a simulation ritual of sorts to mark a future event to come in the illusory future. Again Yet another bridge scenario you will get what I mean as you read below.

Read more:

Now last year I did a youtube video on a movie that came out Final destination 5 in the video, I show how this movie which was filmed in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, with the first scene and this movie played out around a very prominant bridge called the Lion's Gate Bridge. The main character in the movie Sam Lawton, is on his way to a company retreat with his coworkers. While crossing what is being called the North Bay Bridge in the movie (Vancouver's Lion's Gate Bridge), Sam suffers a premonition that the bridge will collapse, killing everyone and himself.

Here is the youtube video I did last year August 12, 2011: Final Destination 5 Movie Precursor to Cascadia Fault Disaster? Propaganda and Rhetoric!

Truly this is all just really more propaganda to keep the masses under manipulation and hypnosis simply suggesting some major event in the pacific ring of fire off the coast of Victoria, B.C. Canada or what some might call the Cascadia Subduction Zone again all suggesting an event that may occur in the future!

Another interesting connection is the book Cascadia's Fault, The Deadly Earthquake That Will Devastate North America. The Author Jerry Thompson lives in Sechelt, B.C., but what I found most interesting was this book was released shortly after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster March 11, 2011.

Again all in alignment with the power control force agenda to continuously create mayhem and chaos on earth as we continue on our individual and collective evolution to higher states of consciousness, they are just really not in support of the evolutionary process to evolve humanity they are on a de-evolutionary path again all by design they are simply playing their part in this illusion of reality we call life on earth!

If you have not read the press release I posted on my website last year discussing the Phi Code ritual that will be triggered in accordance with an Orange alignment in the future. I wrote a press release in June of 2011.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Bigfish Strategies offers The Cascadia Mageddon is Imminent

I don't share this information to scare people but rather to attempt to connect the dots and show you how the power control force in very suggestive and subliminal ways us revelation of the method through everything that they intend to do in the future. This is very real not something to shy away from but rather to help you to learn how the power control force operate at an entirely different level and how they implement their dark and sinister programming to the unassuming masses.

As you can see what is being suggested here is all earthquake preparedness program are slowly but surly being taken away we can see this happening around us. This is why it is so important to learn to see the deception program at play and to seriously take matter into your own hands.

This is what I have done, I used to live in Vancouver, B.C,  Canada and when I learned all of this I was horrified at first to be honest but I had to take the necessary steps and have since moved. Most people will think I am crazy or off my rocker so be it I am here just to share information you can do what you like! but don't shoot the messenger!

Again what I share here is simply a sharing a perspective take what resonates and leave the rest.


Hurricane Issac, Katrina Connection to Kate Middleton Birth Announcement and Earthquake in Ring of Fire 2012

Because I can see and follow patterns I knew this Hurricane was right around the same time as we had a hurricane last year then I decided to look up the work Issac and one meaning of Isaac is "he will laugh." 

As it is above, so it shall be below.

Here you see Katrina above and Isaac below. 

Hurricanes separated by seven years, to the day on August 29th, 
are mirrors of each other.

Katrina is a a derivative of Katherine keep this in mind as we go along.....

It just so happens that a article posted 3 hours ago says Kate Middleton In Hiding And Pregnant': Most Ridiculous Report Yet On The Duchess Of Cambridge

My point being these Hurricanes are a simply a precursor for an upcoming announcement from Prince William and Kate Middleton regarding their new baby. These false announcements are just suggesting something is going to happen it is all subliminal suggestion to keep the masses who consume this nonsense distracted.

Both these Hurricanes are a remarkable resemblance to the Milky way galaxy and this is not a coincidence as above so below I believe Hurricane Issac was a precurser to the galactic alignment to occur December 21, 2012.

The Power Control Force ( those that presume to run the world) are simply mirroring cosmic astrological events on the physical world stage in order to simulate the evolutionary process we are currently in. 

The reason why I reference the Ring of Fire in my videos is because the milky way galaxy is represented as the above 

The Ring of Fire is the below and so we are going to see some major events unfolding in the ring of fire just like what we saw in Japan in 2011.

To Coincide with the Galactic alignment December 21, 2012 and the Venus Transit Ritual which has been playing out throughout 2012 starting with Super Bowl in February 2012, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee, Venus Transit, and a lot of other synchronistic events I have mentioned on this blog and on and on it goes!

Anyway we will see a major birthquake announcement from William and Kate maybe before the end of 2012 and I can see some type of Earthquake event before the end of 2012 in the ring of fire exactly where I do not know but if I could read the minds of those that presume to run the world you can bet I would tell you!

Venus Transit 2012 Connection to Telepathy, Transhumanism, Truth or Consequences?

The Venus transits along with the seven conjunctions Venus will make over the next seven months since August will be very significant milestones in the evolution of human consciousness with Venus conjunct the Moon August 13, 2012, Venus  may be alone among astronomical events to have a track record that associates them with major steps in the development of the Global Consciousness.

I believe the Venus Transit 2012 was a significant signpost that will herald a development of communications between human beings that is not based on technology from an organic evolutionary process in our unfoldment, but it will only come about if we can transcend our belief systems and personal narratives. You filter everything you read on Deep Truth Media and related sites by your pre-existing beliefs.

An example of how belief affects everything we do is how you naturally approach any new or controversial content you discover on Deep Truth Media  and any related sites. If the new information is consistent with your pre-existing beliefs, then the information is more likely to be accepted as true if it clashes in any way, then the information you have read is more likely to be rejected.

So strongly do we rely upon our "belief system" to filter information, sometimes we may simply judge an entire body of information as true or false, simply on a single sample, or recommendation from a trusted source.

Belief in its original form is better defined as a kind of "blind faith" as oppossed to any process involving conscious decision making. If anything, the use of belief filters true to these alleged original definitions demand a man or woman not engage in any kind of critical analysis but dismiss any information immediately out of hand if it does not come from a trusted "official" source.

Belief therefore has more to do with a kind of religious orthodoxy and dogma than any natural mechanism for making sense of the daily overload of information. So what is the true origin of this word?

The word "be-li-ef" was created through the abbreviation of three Latin words:
be = bestia : animal, beast.
li = ligo : to bind, tie.
ef = efficio : to do, produce, effect, make / bring about, cause / prove.

In other words, the true personality and meaning of Belief is "to cause the binding of animals".

To truly understand the implication of this meaning, the reader needs to understand that the power control force considers all men and women, not members of a global society, but nothing more than animals and therefore the property of the power control force, like any other goods and chattel.

This is very important to keep in mind because it is truly our beliefs that keep us trapped in the mind, body construct unable to experience our higher self as pure consciousness and with the new energies bathing our Earth right now the opportunity to transcend your belief systems in order to allow you to create new realities and experiences while unfolding into the totality of who and what you are as divine wisdom simply resting in a constant state of paradise is accessible to you right now more then ever if are willing to engage the process of your unfoldment without resistance.

Now as we transcend our belief systems through the support of these new energies coming from galactic centre and deep space they are affecting all the planets in our solar system which causes disturbances with our Sun which affects the earth and human consciousness, so what is emerging is a synchronizing field of consciousness favoring spontaneous flow rather than linear planning. What I am speaking of is the 6th sense intuition and 7th sense telepathy are coming into focus for human consciousness this intuitive field may have to some extent always existed, but following this past Venus transit human awareness of these two senses will increase dramatically. This field favoring telepathic communication may be the most important factor in bringing about a harmonizing effect on the Global Brain. It is primarily mediated by the right brain half that at the current stage is favored by the cosmos, and is the field of communication that is most likely turning the Earth and you into a new beings.

It have  that noticed that many people are experiencing a number of  increased synchronicities (someone calling just when you think of him or her, etc) in recent times. Yet, these are really only weak premonitions of the full effects of the telepathic field that will now emerge. If a sufficient number of people become connected through this unified filed of consciousness we may expect that they will be able to harmonize their activities in a much more natural way than is currently the case.

Being able to see into, resonate with and connect to the thoughts and minds of others telepathically must however have a host of consequences that may be difficult to predict, but still important to ponder. To many that are unprepared some of the changes may in fact be shocking or hard to understand like so much that is going on in this physical world.

Yet, if we imagine a world without secrets, where you and others are unable to hide their thoughts from each other, and where we, in a much more profound sense than currently, are all one, what would life be like? If intentions or thoughts can not be hidden in this strengthened field of intuition an enormous amount of plotting against other persons, hidden agendas, etc, would become useless. Manipulation would cease. Hostile plans for deceiving others, in personal relations or in business, would loose their effectiveness. Plans for hurting others through crime, terror or warfare will become transparent.

In general, it will be obvious to everyone when someone puts his own interest above the larger whole. Of course, that is when manipulative behavior or hidden agendas become clearly visible and it does not mean that they immediately would cease, but clear visibility would give others more of a choice as to how to relate to those with hidden motives. Those that enter fully into this new field of heart consciousness will themselves come to live in a world that is much more joyous than previously known. Honesty and truthfulness will breed love in all ways.

And the downplaying of conflicts between them will allow them to function harmoniously amongst themselves. And so what we are experiencing from the viewpoint of our world is the power control force is becoming more transparent if not blatant with their agenda because of the level of transparency that will become prevalent in the future. Thereby simulating or recreating our reality by desensitizing us to who and what they are and how they create mayhem on this planet all in an effort to mimic your shift in consciousness and redirect you to see what they want you to see. However from an inorganic evolutionary standpoint the power control force will attempt to simulate your evoltution and direct and control it through transhumanism, Artifical Intelligence, cybernetic consciousness etc.   This is the main reason we are moving into a socialist or totalitarianism regime. Because for the power control force, are about maintaining  power and control over humanity it is their mainstay and keeping you in willful ignorance is an important part of their agenda.

Obama the Green MAN GURU The GREEN Revolution Connection to Evolution of Human Consciousness & Venus Transit

I am seeing a consistent theme regarding the end times coming up in subliminally suggestive ways.

However when the OBAMA GREENMAN motif discussed below appeared in main stream news June 6, 2012 the same date as the Venus Transit it struck me as odd until now it makes sense and now I can further connect the dots and put this blog post together and again remember it is just a sharing a perspective based on how I am perceiving how the power control force uses the physical world stage and it's scripts plots and characters to thwart the evolution of human consciousness.

Occurring in pairs only once a century, the last Venus Transit occurred in 2004 and 2012 respectively. Appearing as a black dot as Venus travels across the face of the Sun, the transit was known in ancient times as the circumpunct, Eye of Ra and the Birth of Venus. As the ultimate symbol of celestial fertility, the planet Venus was worshipped in the form of many different goddesses from Isis and Ishtar to Aphrodite and Asherah.

The Transit of Venus is designed to assist in the transformation of humankind by transmitting more alchemical force into our species, thus further accelerating our evolution.

Esoterically, Venus (both the planet and the Goddess it embodies) is the alchemical force, which is indeed love itself. Venus is the power of love that unites the polarity and the product of their union is the alchemy of love in the form of the alchemical force or the Venusian power of love that occurs through uniting the polarity as Philosophical Mercury and Sulpher. Thus, Venus is the Divine Androgyny, the Holy Spirit and the Kundalini itself. Venus's dual nature is represented by her two manifestations as the Morning and Evening Stars, which makes her the union.

Venus's dual nature and association with the alchemical force is an allegory in her famous myth wherein she is born out of the union of fire and water when the flaming genitals of Uranus fell into the Mediterranean Sea. Botticelli's painting of the birth of Venus is instructive, as it it metaphorically depicts her as the androgynous kundalini. In the painting Venus rises from a sea shell, which with its numerous striations evokes the Muladhara Chakra, the base center from which all the 72,000 nadis emanate and which is the home of Goddess Kundalini. 

The ancients commemorated the birth of Venus by retrieving all the flaming meteorites that fell into the Mediterranean Sea and then constructing temples over the largest of them just like the Rosslyn Chapel which will be discussed in this post. Now meteorites were, like Venus, the union of fire and water and were therefore considered to be her embodiments. And like her, they possessed alchemical power. It is for this reason that they were used in the Mediterranean mystery schools during initiation to activate Kundalini.

Therefore, the transit of Venus across the Sun portends a heightened frequency of love within humankind, which by extension corresponds to the increase of alchemical power moving through us and assisting in our transformation leading up to 12/21/2012 and beyond remember the world does not end on December 21, 2012 as some may be programmed to believe.

I knew there was some kind of connection to the venus transit and the evolution of human consciousness that was playing out on the physical world stage but I could not put the pieces together until now! so here we go. 

Now Michelle Obama appeared on the June 6th, 2012 episode of “Late Show with David Letterman”. The skit was known as: Michelle Obama uses her funny bone here she is holding a figure of Obama as a GREEN MAN! during a Top Ten skit that David consistently does with her as the guest host; purely innocent to the those watching but there is a much deeper meaning to this as there is to many things that filter through the media to the mass consciousness all in an effort to manipulate humanity into deep hypnosis! I am just sharing a perspective here as to the deeper meaning of the GREEN MAN and it's connection to the Venus Transit and the evolution of human consciousness.

Now it turns out that Rosslyn Chapel shows us evidence that the orbital pattern of Venus was once used as a “temple template” to design psychoacoustical chambers capable of focusing and controlling entheogenic communion. The presence of so many Venusian symbols would seem enough to qualify Rosslyn chapel as a sacred space. Cherubs, dragons, bees, pentagrams, the golden ratio and acoustical damping all point to Venus as the source of inspiration in the design.

The orbital resonance of Venus had been the guiding model behind ancient temple building for millennia and that Rosslyn or Rose - line Chapel was a kind of Rosetta Stone built to teach the world about the Vedic concept known as the Sound Current that flows through everything. It teaches how the pentagonal resonance of Venus was used in ancient temples to ask the goddess to fertilize crops and assist in childbirth. It tells us how she was adored for her celestial fertility and assistance in ascending after death. But most of all, the  Chapel teaches us through musical architecture about spiritual freedom and how to liberate the mind.

In the picture below we see the 2004/ 2012 Venus transit forms the shape of a pentagram. It turns out this happens because gravity acts as a damping well in space around a planet, forming a spherical bubble within which waves can reflect and form stable patterns. 

The same thing happened long ago in the plasma disc of our solar system, forming planets in orbits spaced approximately at right angles along a Golden Spiral. In the process, the planets and their moons exhibit a variety of resonant properties. The most obvious is the resonant orbit of Venus to Earth in this picture below.

With the addition of the heliospheric current sheet of the sun, a Phi-damping well exists in the plasma between Earth and Venus. At one edge of the well is the planet node Venus and at the other Earth. For every 13 orbits that Venus travels around the Sun, Earth travels almost exactly 8, creating the resonant proportion 13 : 8.  Since 13 / 8 = 1.625, the two orbits straddle the stabilizing Phi code in the space between, forming the geometry of a pentagonal star in the two planet's conjunctions.

I believe this is where they got the name Rosslyn Chapel - or Rose Line the shape of the earth venus transit around the sun is a pattern in the shape of a Rose! and the chapel marks the geometry of Venus onto the chapel floor plan. It turns out that many other European cathedrals do indeed use the same interior proportions and that many famous temples from antiquity have the geometry on the floor plan.

It appears the Venus Transit pattern within a sacred temple such as Rosslyn Chapel not only creates a wonderful anechoic acoustical space to cleanly propagate speech and music but also a psychoacoustical space capable of triggering elevated states of consciousness.

Below is one of many Green Men within the Rosslyn Chapel so what possible connection could this GREEN MAN have to Barack Obama what message is the power control force relaying to humanity? that your consciousness can be controlled through subliminal suggestion, predictive programming and ritual magick? In Rosslyn chapel, there are over one hundred these Green men placed by the Knights Templar (Freemasonry).

Well if we dig deeper into the history of temple rituals, we can  uncover yet another clue that seems to explain why such psychoacoustical effects were so important to temple builders. It had to do with the long tradition of consuming communal wine and bread in remembrance of various plant deities known as “Green Men.”

In the Rig-Veda, the Green Man was the moon god Soma who was associated with a communal wine of the same name. It is said by some that  Soma contained psychedelic Amanita Muscaria or “magic” mushrooms. There are many instances throughout the Vedas ascribing great powers to Soma and its ability to induce religious visions.

So when combined with entheogenic communion, temples in the past were designed to help propel one’s consciousness into the sky in order to reach the heavenly summit of  enlightenment or ascension, this occurred when one consumed the sacred plant known as the “Savior,” the “Redeemer,” the “Liberator,” and “Anointed One.” Through such psychedelic visions, one might “see the light” and be “born again.”

The story of the Green Man is one of the oldest in the world, though until the rise of civilization it had no written text, appearing instead in the forms of nature and in the many ways that humanity has found to celebrate him. But divinities and spirits who represent themselves as the generative powers of the universe appearing as complementary energies, masculine and feminine.

Known as an undying spirit which was impossible to kill, and again and again throughout the ages returning to remind us of our indissoluble links with nature-often in such a mysterious manner that it is hard to know where to look for him. For he is a trickster!

Could the Green Man infer that Obama is of a Reptilian orgin?

As The Green Man is know often to, just when you think you are about to catch him, he shifts his shape and vanishes again, only to reappear in another guise before our wondering eyes. Becoming familiar with the disguises and thereby learning this spirit is not your normal supernatural entity.

The Green Man has been among us for hundreds of thousands of years, as far back as the ancient shamans of Europe and North America to even the antiquity of Egyptian myths of Osiris, and Iris.

What is interesting is the ongoing campaign to keep this figure in current status and the current campaign is to encompass society with the mindset of keeping the world ‘green’ with recycling and collective environmental relationships.

President Obama has been talking about green jobs, green energy, and green infrastructure for quite some time now. Again all by design as the architects of the physical world system create your reality through social codes but then again what I think the Green Man and the Green Movement is more about keeping humanity engaged in a ritual of sorts to keep humanity distracted and deny them their right to ascension ( to wake up to the truth of who and what they are) really to continue to manipulate the masses and keep them under a hypnotic trance state.

What we can see here is that Rosslyn chapel and many other temples had been designed using the Venus Transit Rose-line or something similar. If we where to create an invisible line through the middle of the floor plan it would coincides with the June 5-6 Venus Transit 2012  across the Sun known as the Shakinah birth canal also described as the feminine transit. Then we have the verticle axis to the left of the Sanctuary which coincides with the Venus Transit of 2004 in the centre acting as the navel canal also know as the masculine transit. I know it may be hard to visualize here but I hope you get the drift.

Now this may have been done to focus and control the effects of elevating consciousness while using psychoacoustics to resonate the brain up into elevated Gamma frequencies. Combining human consciousness with sacred spaces, means that our ancestors were nothing less than spiritual psychonauts. Using an advanced technology of brain resonance – resonating inside-out with human consciousness resonating at a certain frequency and outside-in using psychoacoustics – they were able to access non-physical realities by methodically altering and controlling states of mind.

In this way, ancient worshippers were enlightened by the Venusian goddess and “born again” through the Green Man’s “body and blood.” Here was the real savior of humanity – so is this implying that Barack Obama as the GREEN MAN is being portrayed as a physical representation of a veritable blueprint for spiritual fertility that inspired vast temple complexes, great cities and proud civilizations?

Or is it that the secret temple template was for sacred spaces that guided humanity toward creative  development pursuits such as art,  music, science and mathematics, only to be discarded in the rush for political control.  Could this be part of the forgotten story of the Venus Transit and its founding role in the rise of humanity? Maybe.

This post connects very well to my recent post if you have not seen this post take a look,

Shuttle Endeavour last Landing in LA connection to Venus Transit, another Ritual of Sorts!


Do You Worship Idol's? If You Don't Then Who's Your Saviour?

 American Idol was the most watched TV series from 2005 to 2011 in the Nielsen ratings, and it is the only program to have been number one for seven consecutive seasons.

Our physical reality is filled with iconic images representing concepts and ideas through symbolism of which most of humanity is unaware yet these images are solicited to our minds and embedded in our reality to the point where these images are imprinted in our reality, and hard wired into our every day experiences. 

At the deepest level idols express unexplored aspects within the human potential. The idols energy represents untapped aspects in all human beings and because of this we can be drawn to certain idols that mirror suppressed potential within each of us.

The entertainment industry molds idols into characters who reflect false identities and ideas from which our lives are subliminally shaped, of which our relationships and principles for living are influenced. The media and entertainment industry strongly influence who we are as individuals and as a society. This influence is so pervasive that these idols, celebrities or characters purely represent symbols of encoded messages. We become so obsessed or entrenched with their images and characters to the point where they can drastically devastate us when any one of the characters is yanked from our reality through the process of death for it is through them that we receive uploads and distractions taking us away from our thoughts, ideas and more importantly our authentic self.

The worship of idols is embedded within our culture it pokes our five senses daily saying you actually really do worship idols and in this case it is celebrity status, presidents, accredited individuals, kings, queens prominent or distinguished public figures you name it. Now the raising up of something temporal to an ultimate status is what is called Idolatry and it cuts to the very root of how faith is understood in our modern day life, in other word's to have faith in something that is not ultimate is a form of idolatry. When we worship idols there is some kind of exchange with prominent figures according to their energetic value or level of imprint in each of our reality. What idols do you worship? How big of a star are they in your reality? How deep is the imprint? 

Let's look at the idol of the Buddah, Buddhism as a religion has suffered from exactly the same kinds of problems that we find in the christian Judaic traditions of our time and I think we can find many instances where Buddhism  has succumbed to idolatry in other words the Buddha too if one is not careful can be set up like a kind of GOD as an ultimate source of authority and truth. Buddhism is on the onset somewhat iconoclastic in that the Buddha took to task the idolaters of his time, the established Brahmin priesthood who had total authority for what was true and how to live ones life and how to order the social structure of the world and the Buddha rejected all of it.

The Buddha said instead of turnings ones attention to some transcendent ultimate GOD to turn your attention to the actual living fabric of the world itself to your body, feelings your mental states the suffering that you and others experience that is where the good life has it's origins not in imagining some higher transcendent reality above and beyond yourself. Just because the Buddha started out as an iconoclast as soon as it gets set up as another religion, belief system or way of holding power in the world then it becomes subject to idolatry or a  systematic kind of power that imposes itself on others.

Idolatry can also be looked at through the worship of power structures, your job your pay cheque – whatever you put your attention to starts to shape your mind or action therefore idolatry can be looked at as a flight from life itself. Embeded in the current state of culture we seem to worship pursuit of power, material possessions and money.

Idol in Greek which is icon means an image and so our culture worships images. We can conceive of money as an image albeit strange but an image we idolize.

Idolatry is simply the worship of illusion if we look at the word creed it is an identification with a belief and we believe in the creed called money and because we believe in money  it is truly the most common religion in the world.

Therefore when we are comfortable with the idea of reaching for an idol like money or we understand the role that it plays in our lives, it means that we intuitively are saying I am looking for a salvation system. I love the idea that there is something out there, some system or technique or person that can actually help me with my own need for human resiliency and this gives me a sense of security regardless of whether it is a false sense of security I've got a resource a system that will help me bounce back through whatever I will go through in life. And so with this salvation system in place I can go about my life and set up the perfect educational path, I can set up my own family system, now I can have that career I've have worked so hard for however if it falls or disappears what's left? but you see this is how idolatry was set up to give humanity a false sense of security seeking the illusive eternal saviour outside of self!

The problem with salvation systems is that when I am reaching for a salvation system what I am reaching for is those very fundamental things that I need approval for I need safety I need comfort however self deception abounds.

When you are needing people's approval you are worshiping the idol of approval and so everything you do is shaped by your need for approval which defines a limited landscape for you to operate within creating an image of yourself which is reflected is the ultimate definition of what a brand should be as we reflect our individual stories this becomes idolatry if I have worked so hard to build a brand then you start believing you are the brand the image you are shaping based on your story and belief systems and with that you get others to buy into your image, idea or concept and that's how idols are created.

Can you see how deceptive the worship of idols can be and how the fabric of our systemic culture is shaped through idolatry, but again this is all by design because if it was not for Idolatry as one of the core tenants of the very fabric of this physical world system this world would be a different place and so our world has been shaped by the designers and architects intricately and specifically  in this way so that humanity never learns the truth of who and what it is but continuously seeks self through the illusion of IDOLS and IDOLATRY!

Lady GAGA's, New Fame Perfume, Witches Brew Designed to Keep Little Monsters under Hypnosis?

The entertainment industry molds idols into characters who reflect false identities and ideas from which our lives are subliminally shaped, of which our relationships and principles for living are influenced. The media and entertainment industry strongly influence who we are as individuals and as a society. This influence is so pervasive that these idols, celebrities or characters purely represent symbols of encoded messages that we become so obsessed or entrenched with their images and characters to the point where they can drastically devastate us when any one of the characters is yanked from our reality through the process of death for it is through them that we receive uploads and distractions taking us away from our own thoughts, ideas and more importantly our authentic self.

 I like it when I can connect how our reality is shaped on the physical world stage in order to thwart the evolution of human consciousness.

Let us look at how Lady Gaga is being used to manipulate her little monsters to keep them off balance with her new FAME perfume. 

GAGA recently released the first ever black eau de parfum as her signature scent. It's called ‘Lady Gaga Fame’, and it was released globally in late August 2012 by the artist’s Haus Laboratories and Coty, it is black in the bottle but the liquid becomes invisible when it hits the air clearly a subliminal symbol of duality or the yin and yang symbol.

Now if we look at the shape of the bottle it is looks like an egg and if we go back to the ancients in all lands, the egg was the symbol of generation and immortality. Now reverence for the egg is evoked by its form as well as by its mystery. Its elliptical form describes the movement of heavenly bodies and of the earth itself. It describes the sphere of light that surrounds all living things. It is in the oviform that the potency of spirit in matter manifests. Often connected with the Spiritual Egg is the idea of a sacred bird that drops the Egg into the waters of space or chaos.

According to GAGA the perfume symbolizes how “Fame is an illusion and as GAGA says it really speaks to the duality of fame and the dark side that is ever present in our midst and we can't even see it if you really want it, anyone can have it,” yeah but at what cost GAGA?, you would surely have to sell your soul! clearly this perfume is designed to keep people off balance not able to reclaim their true power and potential again all by design everything in your reality is to keep you under manipulation and control entrenched in your current hypnotic trance state in the hopes that you never really wake up to the truth of this illusory 3rd dimensional mess of a matrix. 

Absolutely everything about this launch is innovative, from the bottle, to the juice, to the lady herself….She’s zeitgeist in a bottle,” says Bernd Beetz, chief executive officer of Coty Inc. “It is the first-ever black eau de parfum and we use language like ‘black like the soul of fame but invisible once airborne,’ which makes the fragrance an allusion to the dark side of fame, the price of fame and the narcissism of fame,” said Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing for Coty Beauty. 

“The soul of fame being black was the intellectual foundation of the color of the fragrance.” interesting lets continue.......

Above we have a picture of back of the box which highlights the fragrance compound by Lady Gaga in the picture it reads as follows; tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchid with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops.

Now let us look at the ingredient Belladonna which is officially known as Atropa belladonna or Atropa bella-donna, commonly known as Belladonna or Deadly Nightshade, it is a perennial herbaceous plant in the family Solanaceae, native to Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. The foliage and berries are extremely toxic, containing tropane alkaloids. These toxins include scopolamine andhyoscyamine which cause a bizarre delirium and hallucinations, and are also used as pharmaceutical anticholinergics. The drug atropine is derived from the plant.

Belladonna (Atropa belladonna) was thought to be an herb tended by the Devil himself, except on Walpurgis Night, when the Devil retired to prepare a witches' sabbath. On that night, the plant metamorphosed into an enchanting lady, lovely but deadly to behold. This plant contains potent alkaloids, which can produce hallucinations, so wine for Bacchanalian orgies was spiked with belladonna, which yielded frenzy and hysteria. There were, of course, many evil uses. However, on a romantic note, Italian and Spanish ladies put belladonna in their eyes to cause them to dilate, which made the ladies look beautiful and seductive ("beautiful lady" = bella donna). This occurs because belladonna contains atropine, which is the alkaloid still widely used by eye specialists to dilate the pupils.

And finally In the past, witches were believed to have used a mixture of belladonna, opium poppy, and other plants, typically poisonous in flying ointment, which they applied to help them fly (astral travel) to gatherings with other witches.

Ok so what this is telling me is the new perfume FAME is really designed to put a spell over her little monsters unbeknownst to them because when they spray this perfume all over their little monster bodies it could cause them to hallucinate and disassociate and all that I have listed above?

Again the power control force uses celebrities like Lady Gaga to implement their dark and sinister program to the masses and as we can see with the launch of this perfume that there is something very dark and sinister a ritual of sorts being manipulated into this FAME Perfume in support of putting Lady GAGA's little monsters into a deeper hypnotic trance state then they already are whereby denying them their right to learn the truth of who and what they are and their right to ascend in this lifetime, but that is just my opinion, what do you think?


Hollywood Argo Movie Release Connection to Pending Birthquake in Ring of Fire and 7 years of Tribulation

It turns out their is a connection between the Hollywood Argo Movie Release October 12, 2012 and the constellation Argo as below so above!

 It looks like the release of this film is echoing the beginning of the 7 years of tribulation and the coming great flood! Why would there be a Movie of the same name of a constellation associated with a constellation that has a reference to Noah's Ark and the Great Flood? because the power control force uses fairy tales, allegories, scripts to manipulate the masses into believing that their reality is real and not fiction.

If you have not read my post below to get some back round information on Argo Movie Release: 
Hollywood's Argo Movie connection to Stranger then Fiction Science Fiction Land Movie

Argo Navis (or simply Argo)  is the only one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy that is no longer officially recognized as a constellation. It was unwieldy due to its enormous size: were it still considered a single constellation, it would be the largest of all.

Should we be surprised that the Argo constellation has a significant connection to the Biblical flood story? It is a picture that resembles the ark of Noah, hence the righteous being saved from the wrath to come upon the earth.

The ship Argo carries the great company of travelers. It's brightest star Canopu means the possession of Him who is coming.The lights of the world are saved from the darkness of the tribulation. Ok so then is the Hollywood Argo Movie Release October 12, 2012 subliminally suggesting the beginning of the 7 years of tribulation last days, Amegeddon role out scenario?

This passage I am paraphrasing from states that from the darkness that shall cover the earth in the form of the seven year tribulation and ends with the millennial reign of our Lord. It is an amazing chapter and the heavens first told the story. (Isaiah 60:1-2, 4-9)

Or is this another subliminal suggestion of the last supper the great flood or brithquake to be unleashed and cause a major Man Made Earthquake it won't be natural in somewhere in the Ring of Fire!

as I often mention in my youtube videos that is to happen some time in the illusory future in the Ring of Fire?

To be continued.....


Honey Boo Boo The New Meme in Reality TV - A Star is Born?

I have never seen this reality TV show in fact I don't watch TV but from what I have read, this one transcends the Reality TV genre. From a Review I read it stated "the show is so earnest. Dare I call it informative and enlightening? It’s j
ust a bunch—6 to be exact—of boisterous, creative and heavy rednecks who are trying to beat the heat in McIntyre, Georgia."

The reason I think this show is so popular is that most people in America can identify on some level with this family and I think in a lot of cases most people will look at them and feel better about themselves!

Sadly the finale show had higher ratings than the last night of the Republican National Convention, attracting 2.9 million viewers to the RNC's 1.2 million. Honey Boo Boo even tied in the ratings with Bill Clinton's barnburner speech at the Democratic National Convention with 2.4 million viewers. It just shows you where the attention of the American public is going!

There seems to be continuous question as to whether the family is exploiting Honey Boo Boo? I don't think we need to look at the whether the family is exploiting this child but rather is the American public exploiting this family and their energetic value or imprint they are having on human beings! As humans in the playing field of earth the entertainment world is strongly embraced as it is seen as a medium through which we can experience a level of pleasure with little effort on our part.

What I am really trying to point out is the impact that Honey Boo Boo and her family have on reality and the degree of their imprint value in each of our realities! so who is shaping your reality? The media and entertainment industry.

Those who run the entertainment industry at the highest level completely understand how the making of a star is formed from the energy of the public.

The entertainment industry acts in this manner by molding characters who reflect false identities and ideas from which our lives are subliminally shaped, our relationships and principles for living are influenced. Hollywood gives us the ok to engage in those things which would otherwise be considered not ok! So is this really OK? 

Is this the reflection of the highest good and potential of humanity? or are we in such a desperate state that we have lost all sense of respect for our fellow humans and ourselves that we allow our reality to be shaped and degraded to this level? 

I see so much potential for humanity we are divine beings, GOD's in fact! May we aspiring to be the GOD"S we are meant to be!

US Election Date 11/6 Connection to Dark Night Rises Massacre in Aurora Century 16

It seems that this years US election date 11/6 has a link with Aurora and the cinema where the shootings occurred

Now a century remember is 100 years so – Century 16 or 116 =11/6. 

Below is a picture of the James Holmes. Note that he is wearing #16 on his sportshirt. The same number as the theatre where Batman “The Dark Knight Rising was being shown, and where the shooting occurred.

Now If this is indeed a case of predictive programming we were dealing with (or an obscure branch of the science) than its designers leave little for the imagination to chew on. Could it be, as some believe, a warning beforehand consistent with the tendency of the power control force to throw out lengthening shadows on events to come or more importantly events to happen in real life?

The trap I am speaking of may be classified under the great and complex umbrella of predictive programming. But then again it’s hardly your household programming of the predictive kind, brought to you by the big foundations.

Classic predictive programming is usually set in motion to desensitize a target audience to a concept, a possibility, or an event- so when an idea is finally introduced into society, or when an event actually occurs, they have been carefully foreshadowed, pre-programmed you might say, in the minds of people. In this case we appear to be dealing with a new and improved version of predictive programming, as the target audience is not so much desensitized to real events underway, but rather these events become reality in the present moment so the anticipated event actually comes to fruition. This seems to be the case with the Aurora Massacre.

We are just connecting the dots here I know this would be hard to notice in fact what I share here may seem to most of you to be a coincidence but it's not. The power control force operates at a whole other level then we do! As we can see from James Holmes shirt the suggestion was implanted when he was attending highschool.

We must come to understand that our reality is spoon fed to us events are planned and staged well in advance of them actually occurring we must come to know the truth of this! It's not a bad thing it's just when you are able to see through the deception you can bare witness to the TRUTH!