Iron Man 3 movie Connection Nietzsche, Magnetism, Electricity, Electromagnetic Fields and Mass Manipulation

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche  believed the purpose of existence to be the production of a type of all powerful individual, designated by him the superman. This superman was the product of careful culturing, for if not separated forcibly from the mass and consecrated to the production of power, the individual would sink back to the level of deadly mediocre.
Love, Nietzsche said, should be sacrificed to the production of the superman and those only should marry who are best fitted to produce this outstanding type. Nietzsche also believed in the rule of the aristocracy, both blood and breeding being essential to the establishment of this superior type, and  those that presume to run this world and those who do their bidding believe in many philosophical ideas, doctrines or theories very different from the average person including this one.

Nietzsche's doctrine did not liberate the masses; it rather placed over them supermen for whom their inferior brothers and sisters should be perfectly reconciled to a life of subservience and unworthiness. Ethically and politically, the superman was a law unto himself. To those who understand the true meaning of power to be virtue, self-control, and truth, the ideality behind Nietzsche's theory is apparent. To the superficial, however, it is a philosophy heartless and calculating, concerned solely with the survival of the fittest.

Therefore by using the power of predictive programming and subliminal suggestion the masses are constantly bombarded with superhero movies to divert their attention and to cement the ideology that certain people or individuals have a right to rule over those who are spiritually ignorant of who and what they are, and while these abilities are latent in most people humanity does have these capabilities equivalent to or possibly even extend, or far exceed the abilities portrayed by the supper hero character's that proliferate our movie theaters, comic books and everyday fiction,  and just what is it that provides you with such power well lets take a look at Iron man and the meaning behind the iron in your blood.

The power control force are always providing clues it's just that most are to asleep to really make sense of it all. I will share a much deeper meaning in reference to "Iron MAN"  here and what the movie could be saying on a subliminal level to purposely create a conflict in the viewers eyes, mind that hero's only exist in fiction, comics and video games and on a physical linear world view level this is true; however there is a bleed through occurring between the physical and non physical realm that is allowing the essence of who you are to transcend this 3rd dimensional illusion and reclaim your innate powers.

However those in power create these characters and movies so you believe that superheros only exist outside of yourself  in fiction, movies etc  all in the hopes that you never imagine a life beyond the normal bandwidth of  the current 5 sense reality tunnel they feed you daily through the various  media channels. Please note that the opportunity to reclaim your divine essence and that the potential that exists within you to reawaken to your latent powers and profound gifts to override the manipulation and programming within this 3rd dimensional realm has never been more possible than right NOW, but you got to want it so bad you'd wet your pants.

Iron Man 3 stars Robert Downey Jr. who plays a self-described genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist with mechanical suits of armor of his own invention. Here we have another example of an "Intellectual" a subliminal suggesting only intellects can acquire these innate gifts yet everyone has superhero powers that allows them to manipulate energy though thought allowing them to create a reality construct of their own choosing just like the architects who built this universe and  physical world. However most of Humanity remain unaware  and distracted of their potential and so they succumb to  the potential backlash by becoming addicted to screens, computers and technology when through the human technology knowing and experiencing our true essence have capabilities that far exceed any computer or technology.

It is interesting to note that we each have within our blood, a concentration of iron that can be manipulated to effect our DNA. In fact we each have a electromagnetic field which consist of 2 main fields. One is electrical and the other magnetic.
When a large segment of humanity watches a movie like Iron Man or focuses it's attention on another specific Media story, Movie, Television, star or other it creates an incredible magnetic attraction that is able to manipulate humanity. After the magnetic pull of the  thought form relayed from any of the above media streams seduces humanity to go in a certain direction, also consider that in addition all of the world societies are likewise magnetized, by force or by this seductive magnetic attraction, to point in the same direction.
When the very same techniques are applied to a segment of society as are applied to a piece of iron, then magnetization occurs.

This movie is just another example of how we become so polarized, when  we are constantly being seduced through the peer pressure to succeed in life. To have a nice home, a nice car, a nice family, nice clothes, money in the bank, to belong to institutions, to be the leaders of these institutions to literally be a pillar in society yet this dream always seems to be out of reach for the average person especially now with the financial terrorism taking place on a daily basis many are living in terror of loosing everything but this is all by design. This is a skillful method of manipulation and magnetization. Gentle and sweet but still as destructive as any method devised to steer the soul of humanity into ignorance.

When you massage the ego of a society, the ego that appears to be part of who we are, you create a willing blindness. It is mind control with a pretty face. It magnetizes the population to do the will of those desiring to run society. When you strike at society with the force and horror of genocide and war, you create fear in the victims as well as in the population forced to carry out the atrocities. Everybody, victim and victimizer, lose. Everyone is forced into a magnetic polarity where hatred, killing and death are the only winners. This is the Thought Process, and its weapon of Duality, used to initiate, and perpetuate endlessly hypnosis of the masses. Don't allow yourself to be hypnotized by those that presume to run this 3rd dimensional illusion of reality, because the architects of this universe create and perpetuate the universal LIE in order to keep the illusion of this reality in take it is a brilliant deception, the universal architects of this system live everyday knowing that someday you will wake up to what is really transpiring they play both side the creator and destroyer of this 3rd dimensional realm don't fall for their trap and allow yourself to be duped become iron man/woman you have it within you the architects know it why do you think they keep putting these superhero movies out?


Whistleblower Edward Snowden Connection Tom Hanks Movie "Terminal", Who's Augmenting Your Reality?

Here is an example of what I call Synthetic Synchronicity. In 2004 Tom Hanks starred in a Movie called Terminal. Plot " Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) arrives at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, only to find that his passport is suddenly no longer valid due to the outbreak of a civil war in his homeland Russia. As a result, the United States no longer recognizes Krakozhia as a sovereign nation, and he is not permitted to either enter the country or return home.

This fictional movie storyline is very remarkably similar to Edward Snowden real life story playing out on the physical world stage or is this simply a real world script playing out designed to implement a new world order agenda? Anyway it seems that Snowden who has been charged with espionage by US federal prosecutor and currently remains in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport transit zone after he left Hong Kong for Russia. Is this an example of synthetic synchronicity providing us with yet another example of how our reality is well scripted and well choreographed by those that presume to run this world.
 Kurzweil, 64, was only brought on to Google late last year, but  that hasn’t stopped him from making headlines already. During a  conference in New York City, the company’s director of  engineering said that the growth of biotechnology is so quickly  paced that that he predicts our lives will be drastically  different in just a few decades. And that desperately needs to happen in order to keep this 3rd Dimensional plane functional. What we are looking at is a system overhaul – new system new software programs same agenda complete and total control of your essence.

Now according to Kurzweil, humans will soon be able to upload their  entire brains onto computers. After then, other advancements  won’t be too far behind.

Lets look at Synthetic telepathy or “Artificial Telepathy” it is the art of electronically transferring thought directly to and from a brain. The primary objectives are to expose technology that can provide point to point communication from one brain to another, to localize unwanted sources of telepathic communication, and to provide evidence that technologically implemented telepathy is possible.

Technology to block unwanted voices is being investigated. A key objective is to prove the existence of criminals who abuse existing synthetic telepathy technology. Further objectives include investigating other computational substrates than brain tissue.

Augementing Our World

The basic idea of augmented reality is to superimpose graphics, audio and other sensory enhancements over a real-world environment in real time. Sounds pretty simple. Besides, haven't television networks been doing that with graphics for decades? However, augmented reality is more advanced than any technology you've seen in television broadcasts. Next-generation augmented-reality systems will display graphics for each viewer's perspective.

Back in early 2012, before the world had heard of Google Glass, the tech world was ablaze with rumours that the search giant was beavering away on augmented reality goggles. As the days went by, it was clear that not only was this true, but that Google's dream of wearable technology was far, far closer to release than anyone would have guessed.
Roll forward just over a year and the first versions are in the hands of developers who went into a lottery to fork out $1,500 for their own pair of spectacles. But what exactly is Google Glass? Why is it attracting all this attention and what are the implications - both good and bad - of having a Google-eye view of the world?
Google Glass is an attempt to free data from desktop computers and portable devices like phones and tablets, and place it right in front of your eyes.

Essentially, Google Glass is a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone built into spectacle frames so that you can perch a display in your field of vision, film, take pictures, search and translate on the go.
The principle is one that has been around for years in science fiction, and more recently it's become a slightly clunky reality. In fact, the "heads-up display" putting data in your field of vision became a reality as early as 1900 when the reflector sight was invented. Alternating reality as we know it!

Wikileaks Whistleblower, Edward Snowden= Are we Snowed Under?, NDAA Obama wins back right to indefinitely detain

Everything has been constructed in our world systems to completely mislead, misinform and misdirect anyone searching for the truth.

Here are a few examples, Edward Snowden described to the Guardian in a video interview, from an undisclosed location in Hong Kong, anyone who is deemed suspicious by the NSA can be painted as a threat. With so much information being recorded, anyone who falls under the suspicion of the NSA can potentially be portrayed as a “wrongdoer” through archived recordings of their instant messages, phone records, emails, and online activities. If they want to attack you, they can, and the danger of innocent people being portrayed as threatening individuals is "a real concern that people need to be discussing, and so all the while as we are discussing  these concerns, Obama wins back right to detain citizens under NDAA?
edward snowden

Edward Snowden" is a character playing a whistle blower , he has been groomed by the power control force designed  to give us a "CUE's"  as to what we should be talking about in order to support the role out of the script humanity is being fed to support the new world order agenda of complete control of your essence. Edward is simply a character knowingly or not playing a part in the agenda for complete control of your essence as unique awareness.
snowed under

Agenda 21 is an United Nations “action plan” that basically defines how citizens will live in the 21th Century. Under the guise of “eco-sustainability” and other “you-must-agree-with” buzz words, the plan ultimately reduces the freedoms and living conditions of citizens, not to mention reduce individual and property rights. A major component of this action plan is to get citizens out of rural and suburbans areas to get them to live in dense, highly planned and controlled mega-cities. The elite wants to see citizens use less space, own less land and real estate and they want them to fully depend on state-owned public transportation.

Planne-Opolis”. Created by the Forum for the Future (which was funded by corporations such as Bank of America, the City of London Corporation, PepsiCo UK, Time Warner, Royal Dutch Shell and Vodafone) the video describes how a planned city would work. While the little cartoon woman attempts to make it all seem amazing, the implications of this video are nothing less than chilling.

Four visions of city life in 2040 - planned-opolis
Corporations like IBM are highly involved in the creation of these “smart cities”. In Fact IBM has massive contracts lined up to create “smart cities”. And they are promoting them BIG TIME.

Concrete action is now being taken to push this plan forward. The U.S. government is looking to implement new policies to discourage people from living in the suburbs and to promote living in major cities. Here’s a report from FOX News about the plan. However, don’t be fooled: While the report blames Obama and the Democrats for the plan, it was already in action when Bush and the Republicans were in power. Plans of the world elite advance no matter who’s in power.. Here’s the report.

Obama Admin Plans To 'Force' Americans To Move Into Cities - "Redistributing" the Wealth

Obama wins back the right to indefinitely detain under NDAA

The Obama administration has won the latest battle in their fight to indefinitely detain US citizens and foreigners suspected of being affiliated with terrorists under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012
Congress granted the president the authority to arrest and hold individuals accused of terrorism without due process under the NDAA, but Mr. Obama said in an accompanying signing statement that he will not abuse these privileges to keep American citizens imprisoned indefinitely. Not Likely if that where the case then why have this law in the first place? Obama is simply a another character playing his part reading his scripts, while fulfilling the agenda for the power control force!
obama conquest
These assurances, however, were not enough to keep a group of journalists and human rights activists from filing a federal lawsuit last year, which contested the constitutionality of Section 1021, the particular provision that provides for such broad power and the group of journalists and human rights activists where a part of the controlled opposition actors in the grand scheme to create the appearance that their was some valid concern that the rights of Americans where of concern! and while the masses are sleeping and heavily distracted and under massive hypnosis their right are being taken away incrementally that is so no one really notices until the shit hits the fan!

Trayvon Martin = Martin Luther King Jr.? New Black Panthers/NAACP Psyops! Who's Dreaming Who's Dream?

The 3rd dimensional reality has been established in such a way, that anything that challenges the status quo, is immediately rejected. It makes no difference if the challenge is accurate or inaccurate. What matters to the universal architects who manufactured thought, the thought process and the fabricated mind you think is yours, is so that a challenge is initiated, so that the illusory body of humanity enters into debate and confusion.

Now with debate comes confusion, as each individual is usually quite certain their perspective is accurate. (As if an illusory human being had any ability to correctly portray reality).  However and this is an  important piece with confusion comes a complete disconnection, or lack of focus, upon what truly constitutes reality. The only way to communicate what reality is, is to identify what disconnects us from reality, and what then becomes the veil that keeps us disconnected in perpetuity. This doesn’t include debate, just communicating the obvious, for others to accept or reject.

Therefore when we attempt to expose the agenda and that's all we are doing here we can disconnect from the hypnosis and we can always look to the media for clues or cues as to what is coming next in the role out plans for complete and utter control of the unique awareness that you are and so it is through the media that is being spoon fed to the masses around the world that we can get our information and gain full knowledge of the hypnotic trance we are experiencing and yet appears to be completely real.

The only way to be unaffected by this illusory devastation delivered under the guise of the Armageddon,  judgement day and to keep from experiencing an emotional collapse, is to come out of this hypnotic trance. To remain emotionally connected to the 3 dimensional illusion, believing that its actually real, manipulates who we really are as unique awareness  into experiencing a devastating emotional cataclysm as the illusory Day of Judgment unfolds on the physical world stage.

Bringing into focus and exposing the agenda at play, through awareness, what it is that the universal architects of intellectual thinking entities is using to manipulate us to do their bidding, breaks the hynotic spell.

Now the Trayvon Martin case verdict came July 13, 2013 noted as the same date of the due date of Kate Middleton's new Baby! July 13, 2013 was also the date of the start of the NAACP national Convention I bring this up as they are supporters of the New Black Panther Movement which apparently is well funded keep this in mind and remember you are living through a script all designed to get Americans off the couch reacting and retaliating against the government but really against each other  in order to create COMPLETE AND UTTER 

LAWLESSNESS IN AMERICA IS  What is COMING TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU in order to create civil unrest in America again all by design so don't allow yourself to be duped or be fooled! The New Black Panthers logo says it all FREEDOM or DEATH?
new black panther movement
A quote being attributed to New Black Panthers leader Samir Shabazz by numerous Internet sites states, “This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.” Humm! nothing good can come out of this but create more division and hatred between blacks and whites or duality for that matter which is what the power control force need in order to move forward their agenda of complete and utter control of your essence as awareness and they will get blacks and whites to take each other out to fulfill their agenda so don't fall for the scam that is coming your way!

Now Bernice King is playing her part in this propaganda sheme recently she is noted as stating in an article: I think the Zimmerman case, is a sign and a wakeup call that we have to finish - or continue the unfinished work - of Martin Luther King Jr. I think that is perhaps why ironically, we have the name Trayvon “Martin” - not that he is Martin Luther King Jr., but I think it’s kind of a sign that [there is] reason to connect with and continue this unfinished work of Martin Luther King Jr., particularly in the racial and economic areas. Here Bernice is providing us with another "Cue" for what could be a future probability hinting to another civil rights movement following the lead of the New Panther Party and NAACP. It is not a coincidence that Trayvon has the name Martin in his name it is all smoke and mirrors or more importantly subliminal suggestion at play here! 

Here is the full article from RT News: Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter: Zimmerman case a wake-up call to finish MLK’s workhttp://rt.com/op-edge/zimmerman-case-bernice-king-334/

The New Black Panther movement is just another play on the Old black panther movement! COINTELPRO, Projects CHAOS and MOCKINGBIRD never died or faded away they are still here live and well and the New black Panther movement is same group just different people running it so don't be deceived. These illegal clandestine domestic governmental programs are still operating in the United States and are being currently used to demonize, demoralize and discredit any and all justifiable and constitutionally protected resistance and opposition to the abuses of governmental power and authority.
black panthers
The Center For Investigative Reporting was responsible for exposing and implanting by IMPLICATION Richard Aoki as a whooping boy, a made for mass media consumption, a notorious and sensational FBI agent informant and agent provocateur for the Black Panthers.

For instance, Alex Jones’ INFORWARS. Com reported that a former FBI informant, Richard Aoki, was responsible for not only teaching the Black Panthers to use guns but supplying the group with weapons before deadly shootouts with Oakland police in the 1960s
You can watch this video series to learn more:

The Man who armed the black Panthers

So what is next on the scripted agenda????

Well simply a repeat of events like on August 28th, 1963, when hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington for the greatest demonstration for jobs and freedom in the history of our nation. People from every corner of our country united for one momentous day, rallying to a shared message of civil liberty, civil rights, and economic freedom and opportunity for all.

Saturday, August 24, we will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington by convening again on the National Mall lets see if this is as big a show of support as in the past!

And then we will have the Million Youth March September 7, 2013, interesting with all the focus around youth as Pope Francis is in Brazil July 22, 2013,  to attend the Roman Catholic World Youth Day festival. I believe the focus on youth is because they will be the most disenfranchised about their future and the most prone to go in the streets and protest first then older folks! again all by design remember we are living through a script!


Royal Prince George Birth Madness= Hydrogen ATOM=Star of David Cosmic Code=Mk Ultra Programming=New World Order Propaganda

A dynamic exists throughout the universe and that same dynamic exists among human beings. I have found that everything in the universe is following the exact same model—and that model can be seen beginning with the hydrogen atom with the Proton, Neutron, Electron which converts to the Trinity or triune expressed in every creation story throughout history and through the characters William, Kate and Prince George. I will attempt to show you the connection between the Star of David Configuration the ATOM and the Royal Birth of Prince George of Cambridge signaling the birth of the new world to come! Now please note the Star of David Symbol below predates the nation of Isreal as it is an ancient Babylonian symbol and is one of the oldest symbols in the world. The hexagon is the Star of David symbol and the form of 2 overlapping triangles, which have been created by the electrons orbiting the proton and neutron.
Please keep in mind that when a dimensional plain doesn’t produce an adequate amount of complexity, it will be synchronically dissolved into laws of others or re-configured and that sums it up as to  what we are currently experiencing on the physical world stage.

In addition if a species does not support its own divine spark which is what is happening to humanity in it's current predicament, thereby keeping itself above a defined level of complexity, the spark will naturally move to other species that can satisfy the minimal level of functionality, useful to the conscience to evolve in an active way.  This is not a religious or moralistic condition, but a principle of efficiency.

The divine spark is present if it operates, and it operates if needed, and is needed only if the individual pursues goals and ideals that go beyond self. It is a process proper to the divine nature of your being as unique awareness.

When we say that the world is an illusion that does not mean that the world does not exist. It does but the way we see it is an illusion.  What we see does not exist.  When we are enlightened, well enlightenment or LIGHT is a LIE so a better choice of words is when we know and experience the truth of who we are as unique awareness, it is not that the world disappears, but the world as we know it disappears and the illusion leaves room for a new reality to unfold one that is congruent with the unique awareness of who you are. The problem is most of humanity does not know who and what it is as most of the individual and collective essence is captured and used by a small group of intellectual thinking entities who call themselves GOD!

So with that knowing lets look at The Grail Cup archetype to show how our essence is captured by the power control force those that presume to run this world of smoke and mirrors with a very big RABBIT HOLE.  This picture below reminds me of
grail cup
my previous post on Cory Monteith death! humm! Monteith being a bowl of sorts from the 1800's. not a coincidence they are connected.

Now if we  imagine that what the Grail really represents is an indescribable reservoir of divine energies that is a force which cannot be identified as only one container, but it passes through some objects just as the soul goes through the body.  This force exists objectively, even though it is also a symbol that an individual can carry  - and at certain times can be hosted.

The grail  can exist physically even though its form is mutable. The cup is it’s archetype but changes it’s form according to different situations, conditions and time. The identification of the grail with a container of the blood of Christ’s passion is the symbol of the energy that purified the world through the sacrifice of Christ.  The grail is bound up with this image, but it is more ancient then Christianity. It is a part of specific knowledge used by ancient civilizations, even by the antecedents of Egyptians.

The grail contains all the energies and can convert any energy into any other, in order to permit any possible alchemical and divine transmutation. This way it can harmonize the intervention of time with the component territorial divinity so basically what I am saying is the Holy GRAIL or GRAIL is an Archetype for your essence as unique awareness.

Now here is an example of how the power control force create artificial dimensional portals to harvest the energy of the masses for their consumption -  Jay Z's Holy Grail Album which came out July 4, 2013 is not a coincidence but a play indirectly ( as I mention below it was May 1, 1776 when the New World Order made their pack May 1, 1776 due to King George 3rd loss of colonies whereby initiating the independence of America July 4, 1776)  on what I speak of above just a play on words in order to induce subliminal suggestion to the masses of something they know nothing about that in fact their essence is captured by the power control force in order to be manipulated and used to keep this illusory matrix alive. Here are the lyric's if you care to read them they are pretty dark http://rapgenius.com/Jay-z-holy-grail-lyrics, but I hope you can see the connection and a very significant connection of how your essence is captured and used to you keep you under massive hypnosis and manipulation through no other then the music industry.
Now remember as we move on that ORION, the SUN, the MOON, the MILKY WAY, and the whole 3 dimensional experience is simply an illusion, created to act as a massive subliminal to separate who we really are, from reality. SO REMEMBER NONE OF THIS IS REALLY REAL!!!! WE ARE PLAYING A GAME! well at least the power control force and their "Minions" know this is a game!

To the Birth of Prince George......On December 3, 2012, Kate and William announced Kate announced the royal pregnancy with a due  date for sometime early July 2013 they were wearing blue that day as well as on the day of George Alexander Luis as well coincidence? NO! just actors playing their roles, William, Kate and George represent the Triune or Trinity written in almost every creation story. Now GRAIL BLOOD LINE which is what William and Kate are a part of, that is the royals believe they have right to rule over the masses, whether you believe this or not it is true. Now  it turns out on the same day of the announcement the planets Mercury, Venus, and Saturn aligned with the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. This was  the first planetary/pyramid alignment in 2,737 years!
kate and william3
Now, also note that day the three Giza pyramids are also in perfect alignment with the three stars of Orion’s belt. In 1983, Robert Bauval proposed the Orion correlation theory and published this idea in Discussions in Egyptology in 1989. The Giza pyramids were built in the 3rd millennium B.C. The alignment is very curious. Could the Egyptians have built the Giza pyramids that way on purpose? yes as everything stems from the ATOM and the Giza Pryramids and their alignment with Orion's Belt is the physical world manifestation of the trinity or triune so often spoken about in all the creation myths. Again behind every creation myth is the Hydrogen Atom.
To this day it is still a mystery as to why the Great Pyramid was built that is for the masses of humanity. It was long held to be a tomb (primarily due to Herodotus’, a Greek historian, account), however, recent discoveries have brought this theory into question? just to cause more confusion and debate of course, now with confusion comes a complete disconnection, or lack of focus, upon what truly constitutes reality. The only way to communicate what reality is, is to identify what disconnects us from reality, and what then becomes the veil that keeps us disconnected in perpetuity. This doesn’t include debate, just communicating the obvious, for others to accept or reject.

Now if we look at the constellation ORION, we can highlight a number of distorted rings of an ATOM SYMBOL (not in these pictures though you will have to imagine them to be there but they are there trust me) placed over the main stars of the constellation.  Anyway this star of David symbol illustrates how the subliminal suggestion hidden in the Atom Symbol, or Light Beam, translates to the symbolism within the constellation ORION.
Besides this, the 6 pointed star is formed, and a stylized BUTTERFLY also appears. By distorting the rings just a fraction, however a more realistic butterfly could be created.
orion symbol
Now here is the connection between butterfly and Monarch. The Orion belt is where the word MONARCH originates, and is referring to the ARCHING qualities of the electrically charged atom. The British Monarchs believe they have the God given divine right of kings to rule over the population of this 3rd dimensional matrix.This was the magic extended to the ARCH of the COVENANT, where anyone unqualified, who touched the arch, would be struck dead. Electricity is created through hypnotic suggestion, or the thought process, not as we’ve come to believe, that its generated by means of all manner of machinery.

Now we can make another connection and now we  know where Monarch Mind Control came from it was designation and originally applied by the US Department of Defense to a sub-program under the CIA's MK-Ultra Program. However, the techniques employed in the Monarch programming system extend back further under various names, such as the Nazi marionette programming.

Even further back, the techniques used in Monarch programming can be traced to various generational Satanist families among European royalty. The MPD state created by the Monarch programming techniques were used to isolate the personality involved in Satanic rituals from a public face. Without this alternate personality, the nobles practicing Satanism inevitably went insane, so it's practice spread rapidly through the occult community.
Here’s a shirt sold at the Disney store. “I love MK”? As in MK Ultra? or Monarch Programming (As you might know, Mickey Mouse ears are a symbol of mind control).
I love MK
Now it is interesting to note that Prince Charles met a group of school children 7 days after Kate and William's  pregnancy announcement December 10, 2012 where Prince Charles tells schoolchildren that mad King George III is monarch he most respects. Hence the name of new grandchild George Alexander Luis. I wonder if their is any connection to George Zimmerman? or just a play on words you know like Trayvon Martin and Martin Luther King? now remember your living through a script and these are simply actors playing their part in your DREAM! now who's we just have to figure out who's dream we are dreaming?
Apparently George's direct responsibility for the loss of the colonies is not great.  He was responsible for the declaration of American independence on 4 July 1776,  the end of the war with the surrender by British forces in 1782, and the defeat which the loss of the American colonies represented, could have threatened the Hanoverian throne.

The plan of the power control force has always been to use the USA –the New Atlantis as the nation which would gradually maneuver the rest of the world into the global new economy, religion, & government into the next New World Order. This started in 1776. Their pack was initiated on May 1, 1776 on the new continent of America, the ‘New World.This started in 1776. Hence the July 4, 1776 declaration of Independence in USA duel to the loss of colonies by King George 3rd.’ we then are possibly witnessing the final stages of the USA as the NWO’s plan calls for the deliberate staging of the final 3rd World War that is to usher in their Anti-Christ? Either way the USA will be a catalyst.
Huxley’s novel ‘Brave New World’ depicts a society that is governed by eugenics, thought & behavior control much like ’1984’ that is controlled by a system, a ‘Mark.’ The Georgia Guidestones If by mere coincidence or design, a ‘1984’ numeral code is part of the monument’s latitude coordinates. (34.231984°N 82.894506°W) This code perhaps echoes the book by George Orwell ‘1984’. Perhaps denotes the attributes of the anticipated age of the NWO will have.
It will be a time characterized by fertility laws, thought & activity restrictions on society. It will be when the ‘state’ has the ultimate control of what is considered & allowed to be ‘reasonable’ & real. Though marketed as a ‘New Age’ of Reason, it is nothing more than a hellish power control force attempt to de-humanize mankind from its original creation & have it defaced from the image & glory of the Creator.

Remember the 1994 movie Madness of King George, The film depicts the relatively primitive medical practices of the time and the suppositions that physicians made in their efforts to understand the human body.
After King George III begins to go mad, his doctors attempt cures such as blistering and purges, led on particularly by the Prince of Wales' personal physician, Dr Warren. Meanwhile, another of the King's physicians, Dr. Pepys, analyzes the King's stool and urine believing that body wastes may contain some clue to the Royal malady; of course, none of these attempts to cure the King actually works. Finally, Lady Pembroke, attendant to the Queen, recommends Dr. Willis, an ex-minister who attempts to cure the insane through behavior modification, and who begins his restoration of the King's mental state by enforcing a strict regime of strapping the King into a waistcoat and restraining him whenever he misbehaves.
Now please note baby George's middle name Alexander  is very reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy as I suspected at the time a connection with the Hurricane as being a ritual for the upcoming birth of Kate and Williams new child, Sandy being a derivative of Alexander an interesting connection if your willing to see it as that?

Now lets look at the THE SOLAR TRINITY as it relates to the Trinity as described in all the creation myths and how this all ties into Prince George William and Kate.

The sun, as supreme among the celestial bodies visible to the astronomers of antiquity, was assigned to the highest of the gods and became symbolic of the supreme authority of the Creator Himself.
From a deep philosophic consideration of the powers and principles of the sun has come the concept of the Trinity as it is understood in the world today. The tenet of a Triune Divinity is not peculiar to Christian or Mosaic theology, but forms a conspicuous part of the dogma of the greatest religions of both ancient and modern times. The Persians, Hindus, Babylonians, and Egyptians had their Trinities.
In every instance these represented the threefold form of one Supreme Intelligence. In modern Masonry, the Deity is symbolized by an equilateral triangle, its three sides representing the primary manifestations of the Eternal One who is Himself represented as a tiny flame, called by the Hebrews Yod (m).  Jakob B√∂hme, the Teutonic mystic, calls the Trinity The Three Witnesses, by means of which the Invisible is made known to the visible, tangible universe.

The origin of the Trinity is obvious to anyone who will observe the daily manifestations of the sun. This orb, being the symbol of all Light, has three distinct phases: rising, midday, and setting. The philosophers therefore divided the life of all things into three distinct parts: growth, maturity, and decay. Between the twilight of dawn and the twilight of evening is the high noon of resplendent glory. God the Father, the Creator of the world, is symbolized by the dawn. His color is blue, because the sun rising in the morning is veiled in blue mist. Which is why we see all the blue represented throughout Kate and Williams pregnancy announcement and birthing again all by design not a coincidence we are living through a script. William and now Prince George represent the creator principle, Pi,  by bloodline of course  and they also represent the SUN OR SON of MAN they play several roles depending on what script is being played out, and their are others who play the same character but in other roles and scripts  throughout the physical world all designed to keep the masses confused never able to figure out what is really transpiring outside of what they are being spoon fed.

Now God the Son the Illuminating One sent to bear witness of His Father before all the worlds, is the celestial globe at noonday, radiant and magnificent, the maned Lion of Judah, the Golden-haired Savior of the World. Yellow is His color and His power is without end. God the Holy Ghost is the sunset phase, when the orb of day, robed in flaming red, rests for a moment upon the horizon line and then vanishes into the darkness of the night to wandering the lower worlds and later rise again triumphant from the embrace of darkness.
So what is the connection between the birth of George Alexander Luis July 22, 2013 and the ATOM symbol?.

The day George was born a planetary alignment or celestial occurrence in the Heavens called the Star of David planetary alignment. Apparently these alignments have been happening since 1990,  there are 13 Star of David configurations that occurred since 1990. The 13th occurrence On George's birth-day July 22, 2013 is the ‘last one’ and there will not be another such configuration of  Star of David alignment for another 100 years or so.
Perhaps these Star of David ‘signs’ in the Heavens could it be a countdown to the Rapture, the New World Order, the rise of the AntiChrist, World War 3 or a combination of all the above & more.  THE PATTERN & FREQUENCY The Star of David alignments From 1990-2013 appear to have definite numerical patterns -with corresponding symmetry to other Star of David alignments & with Total Lunar Eclipses.

I believe this is a dimensional portal that is opening allowing many to transcend this illusory matrix with the ability to create anew a world of our own choosing rather then the world that is being spoon fed to us!

And on July 29, 2013 - August 26, 2013 we have the Star of David Planetary Alignmentgrand-trine-7-29-13
THE COSMIC GEOMETRIC KEY Many believe that the geometry of the Star of David at certain celestial dimensional levels can be used as a trans-dimensional ‘Key’ to open ‘gates’ or celestial portals, doors to the Spirit Realm perhaps at the 13th Star of David ‘key’ star-ing the birth- date of Prince George july 22, 2013 or perhaps these alignments in the Heavens are just mirroring the pattern of actual ‘labor pains’ that the World, the Earth, the Creation is currently experiencing.