Ke$ha's Die Young, Blood Sacrifices Ritual Magick Performance, Cannibalism Connection to Bliss Sheath, Consciousness and the BRAIN!

Life is a game of unlimited probabilities and experiences how we play the game is determined by the probabilities we choose. As we journey through these probabilities, they are automatically recorded within our mind creating programs within the brain.

The more unpleasant experiences create patterns of fear, which is why the power control force you ritual magick, Cannibalism as I point out below simply as ways to circumvent the expansion of your consciousness  that is you which has a greater influence on your desire or ability to become more expansive. We spend much or our lifetime seeking security from love, to money, to material possessions, we become caught in a vicious cycle of choosing probabilities that continue to ignite the same responses in our lives. Our lives become trapped in the illusion of security, confining us to a life of lack both spiritually and physically.

As the soul unfolds the script of the dream we are experiencing, we move to the melody of each experience. The stream of consciousness and energy begs us to take from its infinite supply and mold it into dreams not yet manifested and so we are literally a symphony in physicality.The Human Body is an orchestra of thought waves, atoms, molecules, chemicals, cells, blood, tissue, bones and skin; each performing within a specific harmonic pattern simultaneously, creating patterns and particles, presenting the illusion or hologram of physicality.

Now the seat of the individual soul is in the heart. Remember this point as you read the rest of this post.

Here we have a hollow egg shaped sphere within the heart is depicted as emanating or radiating five luminous white rays.  These rays are those of the subtle Pranas which irradiate life and vitality throughout the individual human being. Here we see various orbits of influence within the heart, in addition to seven chakras, three bodies and five sheaths, all of which compose the human being.

the golden sheath of the divine city rests within the heart it is known as the bliss sheath which is a mass of light filled with bliss, it has its abode in the subtle area of grape-sized hollow of your physical heart, the repository of blood. It is in the castle of this causal sheath that the immortal individual soul abides with its supreme all-powerful, omniscient, adorable creator. The temple of a yogi is inside the heart alone. There ... the vision of Divinity ... the nectar of bliss ... the Bliss Sheath is the place in which you become fully connected to creation the flow of creative energy seen and unseen that is pervasive everywhere without exception. It is the air you breath it is the sunshine, it is the water, it is every organism this creative energy is in every human being. as the energy of creation flows it transforms consciousness or an idea into created form and substance. 

Bliss and ecstacy actually produce something in your Genes and Blood (your DNA) which makes you able to be sustained and immortal the power control force know this which is why so many ritual sacrifices proliferate the world stage all by design in an attempt to mimic the creative force and power within each of us. Bliss and enlightenment are simple science, and is required for evolution and immortality and is about the highest and best reasons for living.

Ke$ha's performance of “Die Young” at X Factor in Australia may set a record for how much blatant power control force symbolism can be loaded into one song's stage performance. On stage at Sydney’s Future Music Festival, she drank blood from a heart while performing the song, Cannibal. The power control force are outing themselves cannibalism is huge within the inner circles of the entertainment industry they are simply bringing what has been done behind closed doors for public viewing to program the masses through the supernatural or demonic energy raised inside the magick circle concert and it is the harvested energy within this vortex that is released out into the universe when the spell for which the energy has been raised is cast.  This particular ritual will have a huge impact on the world, and for which will not be erased.

 Whether there was any actual heart or blood involved I don't know, but the ritual was performed, regardless. I share this because over and over what is being revealed more and more is the amount of blood sacrifices proliferating our world stage beyond WARS and now entertainment? the fact that the heart and blood is used in this public ritual is very illuminating to say the least as the heart is where the seat of the individual soul resides and your consciousness evolves through the oxygenation of your blood hence why I believe on a deeper level all the blood sacrifices continue on the physical world stage I believe because  the elite power control force do not posses the power that we as pure consciousness as we simply use the human vehicle to navigate the physical world can wield through the bliss sheath which is our divine birthright if we so choose to reclaim our power back and so the power control force perform ritual magicK in order to harvest energy at higher vibratory states that they cannot achieve through their own means to maintain power and control of this matrix system. 

Now there are a number of stories in Greek mythology involve cannibalism, in particular cannibalism of close family members, for example the stories of Thyestes,Tereus and especially Cronus, who was Saturn in the Roman pantheon I highlight Cronus as the power control force worpship the Planet Saturn. 

In the most classic and well known version of Greek mythology, Cronus or Kronos (Ancient Greek: Κρόνος Krónos) was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans, divine descendants of Gaia, the earth, and Uranus, the sky. He overthrew his father and ruled during the mythological Golden Age, until he was overthrown by his own son, Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus. Sounds very similar to what is going on in our present reality construct here on earth. 

It just that the script for this grand light show is being rewritten. We have been living in the land of Illusion, but wait there is more, as the curtain is pulled back, to our amazement we find ourselves both back stage and on stage. Should we venture even closer we will discover that the stage and all of its designs are being dismantled?. Should we become even bolder when we further discover that the theme is enlightenment, for we are nearing the completion of a great cycle. Mother Earth and her mineral, plant and animal kingdom are all experiencing the influence of this conversion this is the current story playing out on our physical world stage in a myriad of scenes scripts and scenarios playing out around the world.

Below we see the public practice of ritual magick. Ke$ha asked her fans (she calls them animals) to send their body parts to her, teeth in particular. In this picture Ke$ha is wearing a Power cone made from the teeth her animals (Fans) sent in.  Power cones are sometimes made of the bones of humans and / or animals who have been ritually sacrificed. Ke$ha's fans are referred to as her “Animals,” like Lady Gaga has her “Little Monsters.” 

and with the making of Ke$ha's headpiece of her fans' teeth, she is making a kind of power cone that is akin to what is found at sites of ritual magick and sacrifice. Like the magickal cone of power, this construct contains concentrated energy, literally summoning and constraining demonic entities within that space. Again she is being used to harvest the energy of her unassuming fans or ANIMALS!

Here are some definitions of power cones or cone of power
  • cone of power= "cone" of collective witch power raised by assembled coven within circle to forward a certain aim previously decided upon.
  • vortex= cone of power, a gate for the entrance of the spirit world

This kind of cone of power is what the ritual objects in Times Square are involved with, the 13 'lucky' charms and numbers 13 of the 2013 sign. The supernatural or demonic energy raised during Ke$ha's concert and video is in within her hologram/ vortex with the focus of humanities energy on Ke$ha during her concert's and videos etc, this energy is then released out into the universe when the spell for which the energy has been raised is cast. and the same will happen on New Years eve when 2013 is ushered let us see what ritual magick transpires out of this massive event?

Bliss is the is the condition of the ability to radiate charge to infinity sustainably this requires a perfect fractal embedding. It is also how electrical fields become self organizing and self aware. Bliss is threatening to a culture because it is addicting and contagious and like atomic reactions bliss has a critical mass for groups for example whoever is a major source of bliss activity will tend to be worshipped often as a Guru or loved. This may result in the form of a cult that is permissive of which members behave in ways that appear irrational to the rest of the community like what we see above with Ke$ha's ritual stage show and her power cone head dress above! is Ke$ha tapping into the WARRIOR within her little ANIMALS? in order to keep them docile and hypnotized willing to give away their energy and eternal state of bliss for the mortal crumbs.

The fact that so many young people end up using drugs to get BLISS and ECSTACY is not proof that deep bliss is evil. It is only a proof that if our society does not teach young people REAL BLISS practice- so then  kids will not risk DEATH or being programmed through mind-controlled ritual sacrifice to try to get it!  This goes for ADULTS as well.


SandyHook Shooting Connections to Dark Knight Rises, Hunger Games, Yogananda And Captain Hook?

I was wondering if a major event was going to happen around the significant planetary alignment December 14, 2012: Line Ups: Pluto – Moon – Earth and Mars – Moon - Earth, December 14, 2012: Triple Line Up Neptune – Mars – Venus (strong December 12 - 16) and while we had this major celestial alignment to support the evolution of human consciousness we witnessed the remnants of Hurricane Sandy through the SandayHook Elementary shootings there is a link between these two events they where both sacrifices and the power control force is not holding back on letting you piece things together if you dare too!  

Now the key thing to keep in mind is that the power control force those that presume to run the world are mirroring celestial events on the physical world stage to keep the masses of humanity under major manipulation and control again all by design so as you witness the rabbit hole and it goes deep the key to remember is not to fall in and get duped like most of our human family.

As I listen to the stories unfold around the Sandyhook shootings The word HOOK stood out for me "By hook or by crook" is an English phrase meaning "by any means necessary", suggesting that one need not be concerned with morality or other considerations when accomplishing some goal. Well that is exactly how the power control force think as they create mayhem and destruction on this planet and they simply are reminding you of it subliminally in so many ways.

Now if we remember Hurricane Sandy Started on the Day of the Hunters Moon October 29th, 2012 when I thought of the connection I went to from a celestial perspective right to the constellation of Orion. “Orion, sometimes subtitled The Hunter, is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous, and most recognizable constellations in the night sky . Its name refers to Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology. Its brightest stars are Beta (Rigel) and Alpha (Betelgeuse), a blue-white and red supergiant respectively. Many other of the brightest stars in the constellation are hot blue supergiant stars.

Now here is another connection because all these are strings of connections that are standing out for me and maybe you can find some semblance of your own in connection to what I am sharing because remember the rabbit hole goes so deep and they do make this stuff up for their entertainment and musings that is the power control force those who presume to run this illusory world! so I found this interesting as I just read that Susan Collins, who wrote the Hunger Games Lives in Newtown, Connecticut  where the SandyHook Elementary shootings took place. On her book cover below there is a picture of the phoenix and the arrow with the ring symbolizing rises out of the ashes it's all connected intricately weaved to deceive the masses now I believe Susan Collins is a distant relative of the Collins family which is one of the 13 elite families that make up the Illuminati cabal and that is not a coincidence everything is interconnected somehow.  

I often mention in my blog posts and about the Phoenix Rises from the ashes and the birds connection to a new birthing that really means You coming into your own metamorphosis really and knowing who you really are! 

Now the phoenix reveals to us that something new is emerging from the ashes of the old but humbly and succinctly expresses there are only two ways or paths available—the fork is in the road.

Its blatant honesty and consequent revelations remind us that the perversion and misapplication of knowledge to the point of genocide and self-destruction, can only end one of two ways, and it is humanity who makes the choice.

The reason I bring this up is I found it interesting that Adam Lanza the Sandyhook Shooter (Adam = English for "man," Lanza = Spanish for "spear" or ARROW) could he be a man hunter? anyway Adam  lived in  Hoboken New Jersey, with his mother who was a Sandy Hook teacher,  and she's dead as well.  It  also turns out the Lanzas lived on "Yogananda Street" which caught my attention. Paramahansa Yogananda was born Mukunda Lal Ghosh, an Indian yogi and guru who introduced many westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga through his book, Autobiography of a Yogi

I was interested when I saw Yogananda original last name was GHOSH and thought back to the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony July 27, 2012, and look at the child like happy face above which looks like a child of 6 ot 7 would draw?

Could GOSH be subliminally suggesting a future event on Yogananda Street?" The SH surely stands out for SandyHook or HS for Hurricane Sandy?

Certainly Captain Hook was at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies it looks like the 2012 Olympics subliminally was telling of future events to unfold?

This is a photo from the Dark Knight Rises press kit, sent out last year. There seems to be a number of coincidences that would appear to connect Dark Knight Rises with America's two most recent horrifying gun massacres.

After the mass shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater during a midnight screening for the film, the word "Aurora" was spotted in bright lights atop a building in Dark Knight Rises. Now it seems the name "Sandy Hook" also has ties to the Batman flick as well. Before the movie came out, some media outlets received a "viral package" that contained a map showing a targeted area called Sandy Hook, which was labeled "Strike Zone 1." In the movie, this is where Gotham Stadium is, and Commissioner Gordon points to it on a map (it's the only thing you can read on the map aside from the word "Gotham"). What's circulating is a theory that the Sandy Hook massacre was, on some subliminal level, brought on by the movie. This attempt to draw a legitimate connection between a fictional film and a devastating real-life massacre is becoming your new reality.

I just wanted to make some connections here to show you how your reality is really interlaced with fiction all through scripts, character actors and well choreographed scenarios. I will ad more here as time permits but in all honesty there is something more grander happening that is unfolding for humanity of which I share in other mediums! 

Trying to connect the dots is time consuming distracting and in the end a waste of time! I will continue to post as long as you find value, but in all honesty there really is no value here other then to dissolve the illusion that this reality is real, and when we start to focus on what we want  and desire to create rather then what is being created for us we can really shape a future of our own choosing that is the opportunity before us! All the rest Quite frankly is utter nonsense!


Kate and William Expecting a BABY! Bloodlines! Heart Consciousness and The Cabin In the Woods?

Lets face it human beings really lack true self-knowledge and are asleep to their deeper nature of who they really are, and so lets be honest most of humanity lives in ignorance identifying Self with the thoughts, feelings, desires and sensations that make up the contents of the mind and thier personal daily dramas.

All the while, many do not know Self, or “real I,” as related to the subtle mystical dimensions of the heart. The heart doctrine is a higher teaching than that which focuses upon the awakening of the third eye.

The physical heart and physical consciousness are related. In the same way, the spiritual heart and spiritual consciousness are related… Life and consciousness are by products of the heart. The biological heart and consciousness are physical in nature and they depend on the metaphysical heart and consciousness. The point I want to make very clear in this post is that consciousness is not created but manifested and this manifestation depends on the evolution of the nervous system and blood.  Therefore your principle aim is to reach the spiritual heart and spiritual consciousness by means of the physical heart and physical consciousness and it is through your BLOOD and the HEART that consciousness is raised so keep that in mind when reading the rest of this post and maybe you can see why bloodlines is so important to the power control force and how the masses will be bombarded with media coverage about this forthcoming CHILD!

Also keep in mind that the term consciousness refer to the inner awareness of being, which each of us has. Although we might see another person’s physical body, we can never directly view their inner world of consciousness or their inner experience of being. Yet, in a very real sense, it is within this inner world that each of us has our existence. So in order to understand consciousness, we must make an effort to understand it within ourselves through direct inner awareness and experience.

Now look I understand the psychological effects of reading some of these blog posts. One can come upon what might consider a crossroads of sorts in that the mind has to make a big decision concerning the nature of reality itself. 

Consciously or unconsciously this pressure is felt and it makes many uncomfortable. But such is the nature of truth. Truth, more often than not, becomes an inconvenience. You either decide to accept it or deny it and it seems that life itself is a series of these decisions. You keep denying and it takes its toll. There is you, there is truth, and in between is time.

The more we go against truth, the more trapped we get in time. And it gets heavier and heavier until it collapses. We need to short circuit the process and escape time. For that, finding truth and accepting it must be our priority. It takes a lot of energy and focus because truth hides like fox and we must chase it into places where it can be very dark and so you may need a map to navigate effectively otherwise you just may  end up going in circles.

So let us look at a pivotal announcement that William and Kate's expecting a Baby, which was made December 3, 2012 the same day as a major planetary alignment or celestial occultation  December 2 - 3, 2012: Conjunction Earth - Jupiter and the Sun.
December 3, 2012: Opposition Neptune - Mercury across the Sun and December 3, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Venus across the Sun these planetary alignment are important to the power control force as they use these ocultation's to implement most of their major planets for humanity to coincide with the organic process happening in our solar system that is ultimately supporting the evolution of human consciousness.

Kate and William: Duchess pregnant, palace says

The baby - the couple's first - will be born third in line to the throne, after Prince Charles and Prince WilliamAs with William and Kate's wedding, this pregnancy will be played out both on a private and a very public stage.

Marriages and births are crucial to the very survival of the ancient institution. This birth in particular has more to do with the continuation of the "Grail bloodline" via William, and Kate.  What we may have here what literally or at least symbolically amounts to the "Grail resurrection" or "Return of King Arthur". Prince William, Kate, and their future child will most likely represent a modern "re-imagination" of the Grail Trinity, Christ, Mary Magdalene, and their child or the supposed origin of the "Grail bloodline" but more importantly this symbolically represents the elite's control of the feminine energy on the physical world stage.
Now in reality, consciousness is not created but manifested and this manifestation depends
on the evolution of the nervous system and blood therefore your principle aim is to reach the spiritual heart and spiritual consciousness by means of the physical heart and physical consciousness the power control force knows this and so that is why sustaining BLOODLINES is so important to them because they know that blood is the key factor in raising ones consciousness. 

William and Kate's child will be next in line to the British throne after William, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, the British Cabinet Office said Monday. Planned changes to the law of succession that end the tradition of a boy jumping over an elder sister are already de facto in effect, the Cabinet Office said.

Here is an article from last year:  Girls equal in British throne succession
Even if it's a girl, the government is insistent she will be head of state of Britain and, as things stand, 15 other countries where the Queen still reigns.
The law will be changed, they say, to ensure she would not be overtaken by any younger brother so you already know what the sex of the child is going to be!

Now I want to show you how the power control force take their scripts and implement their propaganda campaign around the world duping the masses into believing their reality is so....... real.  Let us look at a movie The Cabin in the Woods which is a 2012 American horror film with a very real storyline which depicts the elite’s use of occult rituals on the unsuspecting masses. 

The main plot to The Cabin in the Woods is several technicians prepare for an operation, one of several taking place around the world. In this movie the power control force gives the movie goer a sneak peak into how they use occult rituals to implement their scripts, or story lines on the physical world stage. Just like the timely announcement of Kate and William's forth coming baby, again these scripts which have been written a long time ago are simply playing out while most of humanity believes life is unfolding naturally well that is further from the truth and here is an example showing just how the power control force goes about staging world events in order to direct the course of human history.

Here we have the command center showing the viewer that we have a highly sophisticated organization dealing with military tracking equipment that is only available at the highest governmental levels.

There is a blood sacrifice ritual that takes place in the movie and although the organization behind the blood sacrifice in the movie utilizes high-tech facilities across the world and appears to have a great amount of resources and employees you never learn who they really are that is always kept as a mystery?.

Regardless this shady organization carries out rituals across the world, some of which succeed and others fail. Most are made to appear as “accidents” and those that succeed are widely publicized across the world yes through the media and yes they make all of this stuff up! they are showing you in this movie how they operate and whether you believe it or not is up to you!


Planetary Alignments to End of 2012, Apocalypse?, The Rapture? NAW just NEW Energies to Support Your EVOLUTION

The 5 fold rose or Cinquefoil traditional representation of hope, a symbol of motherly love below being just two well known symbols -used to veil the knowledge which may run counter to religious doctrines and dogma. Knowledge of the cycles of planets; Venus and other heavenly bodies, and their portents and effects on the terrestrial plane (and within our physiology) constitute all of the secret wisdom.

My main intention for this post is to outline some very significant planetary alignments until the end of 2012!

I was very interested when I learned that NASA's next mission of The Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission (These probes were designed to help us understand the sun’s influence on Earth and near-Earth space by studying the Earth’s radiation belts on various scales of space and time this is a very important device as it tells us what is happening with the SUN because it is the solar flares from the SUN that are precipitated by planetary alignments that support your evolution that these probes are monitoring) which was scheduled for August 9, 2012 but then moved to August 23, 2012 the same day we had a significant planetary alignment of  Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Mars with a celestial influence of Moon August 22, 2012 and a smaller alignment of Sun, Earth, Mercury on the same day this is not a coincidence but buy design astronomical occultation's are very important to the power control force in the implementation of their plans for the world.

Now while most who watch these planetary alignments are more concerned with how they influence earthquakes and tsunami's, and other earth changing events, I tend to focus on how these celestial events will influence human consciousness and other worldly man made influences initiated by the power control force with a primary focus around the ring of fire.

Example the announcement of Kate and Willam's announcement that they are expecting their first child December 3, 2012, as I have been mentioning in my previous posts that this announcement was pending! this announcement happened on a planetary alignment again significant in the circles of those who presume to run the world. Remember they operate on a different level then what you experience in your reality hear on EARTH they have a whole other language and they also have different scripts playing out with their own characters on many levels of this game this reality you experience is only one reality on multiple levels. Just like turning the dial on a radio station. Turn the dial and you change the script, with new characters and themes etc!

Now below are the planetary alignments until the end of 2012! lets see what major events happen on the physical world stage that may coincide with these planetary alignments but more importantly allow yourself to tune into the energies as these planetary alignments are truly supporting your evolution because truly that is what the alignments really mean they are celestial triggers that support your evolution and the power control force use these planetary alignments to create chaos on the earth. Will these planetary alignments end at the close of 2012? No these celestial alignments always occur it is just that these alignments and the alignments up to the end of the year do have a significance they have a significant impact on humanity both individually or collectively whether we realize it or not most won't notice these subtle changes simply because their energy and focus is not being directed to know what this all means and really the power control force does not want you to know that their is a divine order at play that they have absolutely no control over NATURE and the original SOURCE from which we all come from.

November 28, 2012: Line Up Sun – Moon – Earth and Jupiter – Moon - Earth
November 30 - December 11, 2012: Triple Line Up: Pluto – Ceres - Mars
November 30 - December 8, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Venus across the Sun
December 2 - 3, 2012: Conjunction Earth - Jupiter and the Sun
December 3, 2012: Opposition Neptune - Mercury across the Sun
December 3, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Venus across the Sun
December 10 – 13, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Mercury across the Sun
December 14, 2012: Triple Line Up Neptune – Mars – Venus

December 17, 2012: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Earth - Mercury
December 17 - 18, 2012: Conjunction Venus – Mercury and the Sun
December 17 - 18, 2012: Conjunction Ceres - Earth
December 18: Activation from the Neptune Triples
December 19, 2012: Conjunction Saturn - Mercury and the Sun
December 19 - 20: Activation from the Jupiter Triples
December 20, 2012: Midpoint Conjunctions Saturn – Venus - Mercury and the Sun
December 20 – 21: Activation Neptune and Jupiter Triples
December 21, 2012: Conjunction Saturn - Venus and the Sun
December 22, 2012: Triple Line Up Neptune - Mars - Mercury
December 22 - 23, 2012: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Earth – Venus

December 22: Opposition Pluto – Earth starts. Strong December 28 - January 1, 2013
December 23, 2012: Line Up: Saturn – Moon – Earth
December 25, 2012: Line Up: Jupiter – Moon - Earth

Some points to keep in mind:

1. Oppositions (especially long ones) with Mercury and Venus across the Sun in the days and weeks before the crucial alignment… ‘Induce magnetic changes in the Sun and Upload it for the creation of sunspots and X flares’.

2. Venus was key in the solar superstorms of 1859 and 1921. Saturn and Venus in the one from 1859 and Venus and Mercury in the 1921 superstorm. We see Saturn back at the end of 2012 in an alignment with Venus and Mercury! highlighted for emphasis as the major event to happen before the end of 2012  will be a PHI Code Ritual to coincide with a series of ritualistic events that have transpired this year which I have covered in my blog post and videos again all designed to thwart the ascension of humanity which is impossible even ludicrous when you wrap your head around what the power control force are trying to do play GOD it's nuts but then so are they I digress! only for a moment LOVE IS ON THE RISE!.

3. For the December 2012 date… we see the extremely strong conjunctions with Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Outside this we count 4 other Triple Line Ups… each time Mercury or Venus is involved. In two other Triples we find a combination with Jupiter. This should make it a ‘Super’ Superstorm…

Let us keep in mind as we move into 2013 and beyond in addition to the planetary alignments that will continue into 2013 again to support the evolution of human consciousness please keep in mind that there are much bigger astrological cycles going such as the Yugas, and the Great Conjunctions, which by the way, we have another such conjunction happening December 21, 2020 rather then December 21, 2012 which is less than 7 and half short years away. The Uranus/Pluto cycles are upon us now are very revolutionary, disruptive and stir up major changes as past history has shown us.

Our first Uranus Pluto Square Was June 24, 2012

Here are the other dates:
Sept. 19, 2012
May 21, 2013
Nov. 1, 2013
April 22, 2014
Dec. 15, 2014
March 17, 2015  

Again  I am still keeping my focus on an earthquake, tsunami some massive BIRTHQUAKE or WATER EVENT to happen in the ring of fire again when don't know but sometime in our Illusory future to coincide with the Rapture, apocalypse to end 2012.


Altered States of Consciousness, BLISS an Efficient Source of ENERGY? Transhumanism for the Love of Robots!

An altered state of consciousness is a state wherein one loses the sense of identity with one's body or with one's normal sense perceptions. A person may enter an altered state of consciousness through such things as sensory deprivation or overload, neurochemical imbalance, fever, or trauma. Or one may also achieve an altered state of consciousness by chanting, meditating, entering a trance state, or ingesting psychedelic drugs.

One area which is not discussed for achieving an altered state and the true source of our connection to the originator our creator is through the consciousness of the heart so for a discussion in this post let us explore how one can achieve an altered state of consciousness through what is called heart coherence revealing the ultimate destiny for humanity and how through physical world examples this is being simulated in our 3rd dimensional reality construct.

Throughout history, philosophers, poets, and prophets have regarded the human heart as the source of love, wisdom, intuition, and positive emotions. These important functions of the heart were recognized by many ancient societies, including the Mesopotamians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, and the Chinese, four
thousand years ago the Egyptians believed the heart played a role in the spiritual dimension; upon death, they weighed the person’s heart to see how much good and evil it contained and placed the heart in special urns for burial, while the brain was discarded.

The various concepts and measurements embraced under the term coherence have become central to fields as diverse as quantum physics, cosmology, physiology, and brain and consciousness research. Coherence has several related definitions, all of which are applicable to the study of human physiology, social interactions, and global affairs. The most common dictionary definition is “the quality of being logically integrated, consistent, and intelligible,” as in a coherent statement.  A related meaning is the logical, orderly, and aesthetically consistent relationship among 4 parts. Coherence always implies correlations, connectedness, consistency, and efficient energy utilization.

Through heart coherence  you can achieve energy efficiency by achieving states of BLISS and this is truly the ultimate efficiency of energy for when one lives in a constant state of BLISS they no longer require a source of energy outside themselves. In fact once you master and achieve heart coherence you have a direct way to your own source of biology's CHARGE - imploding BLISS from inside- this is when you truly become the source and the fountain of joy peace love and sovereignty that you long for and experience attaining constant states of BLISS through heart coherence allows you to harness the technology of the heart allowing you to sustain states of BLISS which supersedes chanting, meditating, entering a trance state, or ingesting psychedelic drugs.

In a heart coherent state there is an increased flow of intuitive information that is communicated via the emotional energetic system to the brain systems resulting in a stronger connection with our inner voice allowing us access to the largely untapped potential for bringing our mental and emotional faculties into greater balance and self-directed control. Practicing shifting to a more coherent state increases intuitive awareness and leads to shifts in perception and worldviews from which better informed and more intelligent decisions can be made. Not to mention the additional benefits of achieving and mastering a constant state of BLISS.

Now lets lets look at how the power control force on the physical world stage is creating ways to circumvent humanity from knowing the true source and connection to their creator through heart coherence whereby denying their ability to connect to natural organic altered states of consciousness through heart coherence. In this post I am just highlighting some of the symbolism attributed toward the agenda at play to keep humanity from achieving states of BLISS unidentifiable to the masses but symbolically present around us.

Let us first look at the stargate as a wonderful metaphor as a portal back to our original source of creation from the 3rd dimensional standpoint here is the stargate symbol from the Stargate TV series. While a Stargate metaphorically is a representation of the physical portal or ZERO POINT or gateway from your heart to other dimensions or levels of consciousness you are the ZERO POINT you are creation manifested in physical form you are the gateway to creation itself.

Could this stargate just be a metaphor representing humanities portal to our higher self or another dimension just like the earth grid system of the planetary body? maybe our earth is but a representation of a planetary heart that we live within, acting as a reminder that we are the source of creation?.

or maybe we are just humans existing in a fractal within a fractal of the heart of our creator?

Now below is a picture of the new Apple Computer campus in Cupertino, California which is to be finished  in 2015, and it will house over 12,000 employees in one massive building. The new facility will have a solar roof, be surrounded by as many as 6,000 trees and include about 2.8 million square feet of office space and a massive new research facility. The proposed four-story building, which was described by the company's late chief executive, Steve Jobs, as looking  “a little like a spaceship” because of its sleek round design, no I think it is more like a stargate which symbolizes to me an earth based representation of the sacred heart as the torus or portal to higher levels of consciousness and the source of creation and by this building this monumental building is physical representation on earth symbolizes from a simulation standpoint how Apple and the technologies they develop are used to augment our reality or really control our ascension which is steered by the power control force those that presume to run the world.

Now recent work in the relatively new field of neurocardiology has firmly established that the heart is a sensory organ and an information encoding and processing center, with an extensive intrinsic nervous system that’s sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a heart brain. Its circuitry enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the cranial brain. To everyone’s surprise, the findings have demonstrated that the heart’s intrinsic nervous system is a complex, self-organized system; its neuroplasticity, or ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections over both the short and long term, has been well demonstrated.

Could we look at Apple' s iphone as a technological device which is designed to act as a human intelligence augmentation or could it be a device designed to replace our intrinsic connection to all that is our Original SORUCE forever keeping us locked within in this existence forever connected but forever lost in this 3rd dimensional synthetic reality? probably!

These devices are not bad when used consciously but what most people don't understand is that the physical world system in which they live is marketing to humanity devices which are designed to simulate functions of organic consciousness.  The iphone device represents the artificial intelligence of the heart which allows you to access higher levels of consciousness, but in fact is leading humanity down the path of least resistance transhumanism in order to keep humanity in the lower vibrations of fear never able to access their true potential and BLISS but the payoff is your fulling connected not to your organic inner-net but the synthetic internet.

And now look where we are going in this months issue of braintainment we have the promotion of transhumanism. and of course, sex is being used to sell the love of robots? again all by design to keep you from your learning the truth of who you are forever enslaved in this physical world system.

Now the heart’s energy field (energetic heart) is coupled to a field of information that is not bound by the classical limits of time and space, then this can in fact mean that the unified field of consciousness that permeates all that exists resides within each and everyone of us and can be accessed through the heart rather then some dimension beyond the our solar system galaxy and the universe,and that in fact it is pausible that every possible dimension exists within each of us and not external to us.

And get this now this field of information that is not bound by time and space evidence comes from several rigorous experimental studies that investigated the proposition that the body receives and processes information about a future event before the event actually happens could this imply that pre-cognition is really more at play and that our the unfoldment of our reality into physical manifestation is a result of a prior contract made before we entered into this existence and all we are really doing when we desire something in our current reality is a result of circumstances and events that are designed to play out as our life story (since we live in this sea of forgetfulness) in support of our evolution and what we came here to do in this lifetime?

 Truly we have come forth into this body and into this wonderful contrasting environment with a clear intent of focusing the energy that creates worlds.

Now how is the picture above any different then the quantum field of all existence from which we come from that which creates worlds this field is within and throughout each of us and permeates all that exists and we can access this field of consciousness through heart coherence while reaching states of BLISS. Therefore if this is the stuff that creates worlds then that makes each one of us a creator with the capacity to create worlds right?

Contemplate this that the entire universe exists to create all your desires!

A study conducted at the HeartMath laboratories, showed that both the heart and brain receive and respond to pre-stimulus information about a future event. But even more surprising is the finding that the heart seems to receive the intuitive information before the brain. They also found that study participants in a positive, emotion-driven, coherent state prior to the experimental protocols proved to be significantly more attuned to the information from the heart than those who were not in such a state. This suggests to that the heart is directly coupled to a subtle energetic field of information that is entangled and interacts with the multiplicity of energetic fields in which the body is embedded—including the quantum vacuum.

Well I don't know about you but I think we have cracked the CODE to hacking this MATRIX

 it's through the human heart that humanity will transcend this illusory 3rd dimensional matrix and we will all be "BLISSED OUT" while doing it! Sounds good to me!


How about Jumping Timelines? Manfesting a Utopian Earth out of Apocalypse and Destruction

It seems that our ability to Jump timelines is becoming a rare and promising reality for some. When one develops the power to exists within the higher dimensions upon which duality does not exist it provides one with the ability to harness the skill of jumping timelines which is a technologically advanced skill available to all human beings who have the capacity to harness and develop this art form.

While there are multiple possibilities of timelines for humanity to experience. There is a significant collective alternate timeline that exists for those who are able to exist where duality does not exist allowing us to manifest and experience a Utopian Earth a society of enlightened beings, despite the alternate timeline of apocalypse and devastation the power control force is manipulating the masses into hypnosis at this time. 

What I am envisioning is a very different dimension of experience than our current reality which is wired into our DNA and it's unfoldment comes out of experiencing our divine wisdom state of paradise. In this timeline, Earth is deeply honoured and held in gratitude by the bulk of humanity, which understands and appreciates the truth that all life is interconnected and that by doing the inner excavation work we become whole beings with a  desire to relate to one another out of wholeness and well being through our authentic self rather then  a humanity that only experiences life in the 3rd Dimension through the five sense personality experience of separation anxiety and fear simply under hypnosis having forgotten who and what it is divine wisdom simply resting in a constant state of paradise.

I wanted to share a new movie that shows a physical world simulation of jumping timelines just to reflect back to you that the power control force knows what I speak of and so I found it very interesting that on our physical world manifestation that the movie Cloud Atlas premiered September 9, 2012 ( a mirror date for 9/11) again nothing is by accident for those who have eyes to see through the deception. 

The film Cloud Atlas explores how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution. 

In this post I want to highlight one of the six interrelated and interwoven stories
The Hawaiian Islands on post-apocalyptic Earth a tribesman named Zachry lives a primitive life after most of humanity has died during "The Fall of MAN" and is plagued by visions of his people's perception of the devil.

You know how the story goes adam and eve having eaten the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. again to remind of our SIN!

Yes the apple that we where not supposed to eat! which is really a symbol of the 5 pointed star of PHI at a much esoteric occult level for those who have eyes to see.

Which really is symbolic of the lost knowledge when we came to this illusory planet earth!
That is the knowledge within each of us that we are awakening to in the remembrance of who and what we are divine wisdom simply resting in a constant state of paradise!

But then again lest we forget the paradise we lost when we eat the forbidden fruit which I mention in many of my posts as outlined in Paradise loft written by John Milton, on the first three books of Genesis that keeps weaving it's way through many of the stories perpetuated through the media and movie scene.

again different story covering the same themes over and over again just to subliminally remind us of what we have done so we feel guilty for eating the dam Apple! just a program running really all designed to keep up under hypnosis.

I am sure many of us can identify with the premise of this movie but in all honesty there is a bigger message that most won't see the power control force is subliminally suggesting a non-physical evolutionary upgrade in consciousness technology that is simultaneously occurring during the opening of this movie in support of the evolution of human consciousness.

If you can view this movie with open eyes you can bare witness that the power control force is constantly simulating the evolution of human consciousness through media, television, movies and scenario's and fictitious world, remember nothing is really real, we just believe it is because that is what we have been told. The Power control force agenda is saturated with deceit and corruption. The world is deceived by their manipulation, thereby generating fear and hypnosis, in much the same manner as they, themselves, have been manipulated into being pawns for the Negative Ego Thought Form mindset which feeds insatiably on fear. All the organizations and world systems are only the tip of the iceberg, and are a decoy to throw everyone off the trail of what is really happening, and what will happen over the next few years, it truly is a glorious time to be alive! and so.....

In a very real way humanity is at a crossroads

 Every person who believes in the timeline of doom, destruction and horror will add to its reality. Everyone who holds as real the timeline of the Utopian Earth filled with enlightened beings will add to its reality.

As a species we exist in multiple timelines and probabilities simultaneously. One of the timelines we are living in at this moment in time is based on fulfilling a prophecy of doom and destruction and this is a very real timeline for most of humanity. But, this is only one possible timeline it is a timeline that the power control force has manipulating humanity into believing it to be the only timeline. However the power control force knows humanity is at a evolutionary convergence point, a time node, where it is possible to jump from the doomsday timeline into a new type of Earth and a new order of existence but they are trying desperately to direct the course of events and divert the attention and ascension of humanity to suite their perspective agenda.

So what are you to do?  pay close attention to what your current reality is showing you. It is not about being in denial. It is about facing reality as it presents itself to you while simultaneously holding a higher vision for a Utopian Earth of enlightened beings. In other words, attend to the reality of your life while simultaneously holding the vision of a different life and having the courage to create and manifest the reality you want not the one that is being spoon fed to you by those who control this illusory world.


Frankenstorm: Why Hurricane Sandy is Historic? is HAARP at Play?

Let us be really clear here the power control force utilizes high-tech facilities across the world in addition they have a great amount of resources and employees at their disposal for the sole purpose of setting up high-profile mega-rituals involving the deaths of civilians across the world in order to this 3 dimensional control matrix in tack.

These rituals are made possible through the manipulation of certain individuals into doing certain things, causing them to unknowing become participants in occult rituals through staged events and scenarios.  Mega-rituals involve numerous symbolic elements and yes blood sacrifices do happen in real life. You must come to the realization that everything in your reality is staged and set up to obtain maximum exposure and magical potency all designed to mirror on our 3 dimensional earth plane what is happening in the celestial sphere in order to manipulate the evolution of human consciousness into a de-evolutionary path of ascension again all by design as above so below.

Many media events are actually mega-ritual carried out to fulfill specific occult objectives. Whether we go as far as Jack the Ripper or as recently as the Batman killings, some murders are actually set up to follow specific rules and to imprint society with specific symbols.

Now you remember Hurricane Irene that hit New York August 28th 201. Hurricane Sandy is in time for Holloween we have the latest PERFECT STORM, Hitting the Shores of New York again predictive programming at work here if you have eyes to see conditioning the masses to become their own prison wardens they don't need FEMA camps just modify the weather and tell everyone to stay home.

Frankenstorm: Why Hurricane Sandy Will Be Historic? because it will manufactured by the power control force to be just that as part of the story line that is unfolding in the illusory reality, you can make this stuff up!  

I found this comment in a article I read interesting!

The coincidence of that strong of a high pressure “block” being in place just when a hurricane is passing by — in and of itself a very rare occurrence — is just mind bogglingly rare. It’s the kind of stuff that’s important enough to rewrite meteorological textbooks. The result: Instead of heading out to sea Sandy’s full force will be turned back against the grain and directed squarely at the East Coast. It's called HAARP weather modification is a weapon that creates mass hypnosis of the human population! because most can't see through the deception program at play! 

Read full article here:

If your house is built on the sand, a storm actually came and brought a fall warning, and it had an impact beyond what any stormy weather can bring. 

Is this a coincidence or is this storm historical?. Making landfall on October 29, it comes 21 years after the one (October 30, 1991) that was the basis for the movie, “The Perfect Storm,” almost to the very day. 

“Labelled the "perfect storm" by the National Weather Service, the storm sank the swordfishing boat Andrea Gail, whose story became the basis for the currently best-selling novel "The Perfect Storm" by Sebastian Junger. A little-known and bizarre ending came to this monster, which came to be known as the Halloween Storm.”

Those watching and giving attention to this story playing out will discover when comparing Hurricane Sandy with the Halloween Storm that another ship is involved. While the swordfishing boat “Andrea Gail” was memorialized in the novel and movie versions of “The Perfect Storm,” where it received its fame, the HMS Bounty sunk by Hurricane Sandy was already famous. (HMS Bounty Ship Sinks, 14 Rescued, Two Possibly Missing) This ship was memorialized in a popular novel and in several films, including the 1935 classic, “Mutiny on the Bounty.” The ship that sank today was a replica built for a 1962 remake of that classic that starred Marlon Brandon. This is no coincidence that this ship sank it is all my design a repeating pattern being played out on the physical world stage and yes you can make this stuff up! 

The name “Sandy” is derived from “Alexander,” which means, “defender of man,” and the HMS Bounty was known as the “HM Armed Vessel Bounty.” Is this weather offensive intended for humanity to prepare for a coming storm of a spiritual nature?

With respect to America and this symbolic ship called Bounty that Sandy just sunk off America's coast on October 29, is the anniversary of the most devastating event in the history of America's. It's the 83rd anniversary of when the stock market on Wall Street in NYC crashed, sending the economy of the USA into the Great Depression. This is not the first time my attention has been drawn to this date.

I have a suggestion. Batten down the hatches, to borrow a nautical phrase. I mean this in the sense of preparing to weather the storm spiritually. 

Now the idea of earthquakes being created is explained by Dr. Begich who says that earthquakes can be generated by using the earth’s energy, he also indicates that micro-earthquakes constantly happen along fault lines, and when there is no energy releasing along that fault line, that’s when there’s a problem because it’s building it up. HAARP produces a little energy to release a giant amount of energy (e.g. an earthquake) like a bullet primer or bomb. 

Here is a video I did last year on haarp if you have not seen it please check it out!


Oh and look..... The immortal classic returns Halloween

As much as the Halloween franchise has been dragged around over the years, with too many bad sequels and reboots to keep track of, there's a simple magic to John Carpenter's original film, with Michael Myers stalking Jamie Lee Curtis and everything at its basics. And now moviegoers who weren't around for the original 1978 release will have their chance to experience the horror on the big screen for themselves-- Halloween is returning to theaters, and appropriately enough, it'll be coming back in time for the October holiday, with an October 25, 2012 release again all by design remember your reality is spoon fed to you of course to coincide with the SANDY Hurricane. Frankenstorm!

The fact that we cannot control weather is evident as we see who controls the weather for us the power control force. However we can influences the vortexes and the energy they carry, that is dreaming into existence what we want this world to look like in terms of the weather.  How we focus and direct our energy and what we put our attention on is key. Do we listen to every word the weather man is saying and believe it to be true? thereby giving our attention and energy to what is manifesting in the physical reality and allow chaos to reign in our lives or maybe we can look at the chaotic weather and say we do really have choice here and this is one outcome we can chose to engage in which is very fear based or we can chose differently and seek a positive outcome holding a vision that only good will come out of this perfect storm and envision the storm as supporting the evolution of human consciousness and that all will be safe and well because in all honesty each of us is truly all knowing and wise and just in this very act of choosing differently we are not allowing our energy to be harvested by the power control force to use to work their magic spells on the masses but we in fact are harnessing our energy for corrective ways that allows us to disengage from the matrix not react or retaliate but to hold the witness position allowing us to create our reality in ways that honour who and what we are pure consciousness simply resting in a constant state of paradise. 

The idea that we cannot control but influence the weather and energy of the planet the vortexes and the energy they carry in not an impossibility and it certainly is within our realm to have dominion over the earth energy earth does not ascend without us we ascend with the earth but it is a symbiotic relationship we do it together. We can redirect the flow of energy any way we want we just need to wake up and choose differently and stop buying into these staged events.