11-11-11 Psyops, New World Order = Hypnosis of Humanity, Manufactured Systems of Deceit

The Power control force (those that run this illusory world of insanity) are control addicts. They must plan and map out every move they make so as to not lose their grip on the money, business, banking, military and media systems of the world.

They are ignorant. Why because they ignore the suffering, hunger, death and disease in the world -- when they have the wealth to alleviate all of it. If they would stop creating the epidemics and pandemics in the world, and stop intervening with our food, water and air, there would also be no disease.

However, that's not the plan. The plan is to use deceit and devastation to take total control of who we are which is divine wisdom - a state of paradise which is our ultimate expression of being and this is who and what we really are and they take every measure to stop us from reclaiming our true nature!!