2012 London Olympics, Ceremony Symbolism, 27 Ton Bell, Hypnosis, Tree of LIFE, Ritual & MagicK

All The Bells Work 1197 is a major ritual working for the 2012 London Olympics, 
but even without it, the bell in the stadium is a big deal of itself. 

Danny Boyle the mastermind behind the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics “Say's the giant bell, hanging at one end of the stadium, sounded "absolutely amazing". It will ring to begin the show.

"You will feel different when you're in there and you hear it ring.( YEAH RIGHT YOU WILL BE UNDER HYPNOSIS IMAGINE THAT? )When you hear it it's very sweet. It's ancient, so it reminds you of the past. It's also timeless, so it evokes the future. That was how communities notified each other something important was about to happen," he said.”

If we dare to look to the past the bell as a device was historically an item enabling the High Priest to enter into the presence of God in the Holy of Holies of Zion's temple. The bell is used by witches and priests of many kinds as a magickal instrument, for invoking and evoking demonic spells. the bell is not intended to function as a stargate actuator, a cursed device made to control dimensional doors. 

When Danny Boyle says of the bell, “It's ancient, so it reminds you of the past. It's also timeless, so it evokes the future.” This really must be taken with a literal interpretation, as a crafted NLP signaling made by a man in the know. 

This gargantuan 27 ton bell which will be used in the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, (inscribed with Caliban's quote from 'The Tempest') is deeply significant - especially because of how Vibration, Tone and Harmonics affect the physical body (and our DNA) as well as our consciousness.

The frequency of a bell's note varies with the square of its thickness, and inversely with its diameter. It would be interesting to know what the harmonic frequency of the bell will be we can certainly rule out the frequency of the heart that is for sure!

This is the symbol commonly associated with the Olympic bell above it looks to me to represent the sign wave identifying the norther hemisphere the tip at the highest point representing the summer solstice point June 21, 2012. If we look at celestial mechanics from the standpoint of the human physiology the summer solstice resides at the heart Chakra. So when the sun reaches it's highest exaltation June 21, of every year this is the most potent time for humanity to ascend. Don't take this information lightly as this is the day that Prince William was born he representing from the power control force standpoint the SUN or SON OF MAN!

I digress, it will be interesting to see what role Prince William (who just turned 30 years old) and Kate play in the 2012 London Olympics, and more importantly the opening ceremony with a consistent theme of "Procreation" running throughout all Olympics throughout history could this XXX (30) Olympiad signal a coronation of the new king or an upcoming announcement of the couples STAR child?

Then we have the WORK NO. 1197, I found that odd could this mean reversed another 911 in the 7 month? could be why the TERRORISM meme and a False Flag event is running rampant throughout the lead up to the Olympic games, remember the Power of Suggestion, it does not necessarily mean it will actually happen. I believe it is done by the power control force specifically to keep humanity in a low vibration of fear and anxiety as people can be more easily manipulated when then are in a constant state of fear and remember the power control source feeds off of fear which is why 90 percent of what we experience in this physical dimension is based on fear! sorry yeah the TRUTH HURTS but it WILL SET YOU FREE!

Let the Games begin!

No but honestly I am very intrigued with this bell ringing at the 2012 London Olympics as it will be directly across from the tree at the top of the stadium platform could this in fact be an Oak Grove Tree? 

To the druids, the Ash symbolised the gateway from the subconscious (which was represented by the “nemeton” or “oak-grove”) to the conscious mind. With the appearance of the tree at the top of the Tor, a portal for the awakening of sacred knowledge is created. This forms a pathway along which this sacred knowledge can travel, from our subconscious into our conscious minds, where we can act on it more deliberately. a tree of life, it looks like a reference to the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Or could the tree on the hill a cosmic connection point, bridging the stadium with the underworld? Is the symbolic Tor with the oak-Holy Thorn intended as a portal for the awakening of sacred knowledge? Is there going to be magick ritual performed during the Olympics.

What about the center of the 2012 London Olympic Stadium? The focal point of Danny Boyle’s “Green & Pleasant” set will be the sacred Glastonbury Tor, topped by a cosmic Hawthorn tree. Legend has it when Joseph of Arimathea set his walking staff on the ground to sleep, it miraculously took root, leafed out, and blossomed as the “Glastonbury Thorn”! Symbolically, ancient trees atop sacred mounds are said to create “cosmic connection points”. While the branches reach into the heavens, the roots reach for the underworld. 

This replication below of Glostenbury Tor could be symbolizing the return of the messiah to cosmic gateway STARGATE,  hathorn tree or cosmic connection tree to open a portal or how about a Stargate opening to create a  higher frequency vibration for Kate and William to conceive a star child or star being?

Either way it is important to know what the masses will be participating in, the question becomes will you be one of them? remember the power control force uses humanities energies to implement their dark and sinister programs throughout the world, they can be looked at as none other then harvesters of energy, they see you as a battery for their use and consumption, and disposal. It is time for each and every human being to take back their power and stop participating in these deceptive and manipulative programs! Imagine if we turned our attention and intention away from everything that supports the Power Control Force (those that run this world)? We could create a world based on who and what we are wisdom simply resting in a constant state of paradise!

In closing the Olympics theme is truly about procreation with the ultimate intention of keeping humanity from it's birthright Ascension! YES! that is the nature of this game! the master programmers work very diligently to denying you the right to your ascension through ritual and magick to manipulate who and what you are which is wisdom- events like this keep you in a state of hypnosis, a trance state- capturing your true essence so that you never wake up to the truth that you are a slave – a battery to be used and discarded! 

You must wake up to this and have eyes to see through the deception program! This 3D matrix exists only because humanity continues to allow itself to be manipulated! What is your limit, what is your threshold where reclaiming your POWER, right to ASCENSION, SOVEREIGNTY and FREEDOM becomes YOUR GAME CHANGER?