Olympic Symbolism 2012 Highlights, James Bond = Connection to Aurora Shooting, Saturn, Star Child, Ring of Fire?

Apparently the highlight of the Oscar-winning director's Danny Boyle's $42 million show was pure movie magic, using trickery to make it seem that Britain's beloved 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth II had parachuted into the stadium with Britain's most famous spy.

As you all may know by now Daniel Craig (James Bond 007) was in an opening ceremony scene at the 2012 London Olympics with Queen Elizabeth of England. In fact James Bond 007 kicks the show off, a short film has been shot in Buckingham Palace featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond, it is called “The Arrival”, and it ends with him being parachuted into the arena.

James 007 (remember the number 7 and how it shows up throughout this post) is the English for Jacob, the biblical Jacob was the father of Israel, and so the whole ritual kicks off with the symbolic appearance of Israel. It so happens that the Jewish Shabbat is celebrated the same day as the opening ceremonies July 27, 2012. Shabbat (considered the most important of Jewish holidays) is the seventh day (seven again) of the Jewish week and the Jewish day of rest. On Shabbat, Jews recall the Genesis creation narrative in which God creates the Heavens and the Earth in six days and rests on the seventh. Oh! and the Aurora shooting was seven days prior to the Olympic opening ceremonies again all by design no coincidences here. Not to mention that in my previous post I mentioned the Seven chakra system in the human body the rainbow bridge to heaven and earth. Remember the power control force is working very hard to deny you your right to ascension, but in all honesty they can't deny you your right to ascend as you have free will!

“L” is an inverted 7, and the Hebrews associated 7 with Saturn/Satan. The power control force worship the planet Saturn. Why? because Saturn is the timekeeper that measures out the story of man. The power control force created this system and so act as timekeepers which measures out birth and death in order to manipulate, control and deceive humanity from truly knowing and experiencing who and what they are Divine wisdom simply resting in a constant state of paradise. Saturn is the activator of beginnings and ends and so the power control force worship Saturn in order to create this illusion of this reality through history chronically our beginnings and steering our future using stories, fables, tales, deceit . This is why I am so passionate about supporting people to move into the heart of of this time space continuum into the present moment allowing you to transcend this time maxtix system what I share her is very real if you stay committed to your ascension process you can achieve freedom and sovereignty at a whole other level of your existence on this physical plane.

Skyfall is the code name said to James Bond 007 (Daniel Craig) in the short trailer below watch it! from the movie it seems that he becomes a manchurian candidate. It's all suggestion you know like James Holmes from the Aurora massacre. My point is the power control force blend fiction within to create your perception of reality.

At about 40 seconds into the trailer you see AURORA on a building you have to watch it on wide screen to see it but it is there again while these images are subliminal and suggestive of course this is just another indication of how everything is well scripted, choreograph  by the power control force to manipulate humanity.

Here is a picture if you can't watch the trailer and note this movie does not come out until November 2012. The film's release will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Bond film series, which began with Dr. No in 1962.

Apparently during the 2012 London Olympics the number 7 came up again when Boyle sprang a giant surprise and picked seven teenage athletes for the supreme honor of igniting the Olympic cauldron. Together, they touched flaming torches to trumpet-like tubes that spread into a ring of fire.

I believe the ring of fire represents the milky way galaxy and the plumes or new energy coming from it's center that I have spoke about in my previous posts.

As above so below the ring of fire  or milky way and our galactic centre mother of creation is representation of the ring of fire in the pacific ocean.

Yes and I speak a lot about the last supper that is to occur in the ring of fire again it is all suggestion leading up to some major event or events in the future.

Now here is a picture that shows up for the olympics it looks like the a ring of fire, stargate or portal into another dimension or sperm? to coincide with the Olympics theme of procreation? 

It seems fitting since in the opening ceremonies we witness the birth of a STAR CHILD I mentioned this in my previous post before the opening ceremonies that we may see some reference to a child being born by Prince William and Kate - a girl maybe, to be the future successor of the Queen of England! to keep the existing bloodlines intake of course and to keep the humanity from knowing the truth of who they are.

Can you see where I am going with this it is all utter nonsense really all well scripted, planned and like a movie script is being played out for all the world to think it is real! that life is real! that this reality that is spoon feed to us is real and really when you can see past the deceit it is quiet comical! 

Don't allow yourself to be duped by this MATRIX System! because it is FULL of TRICKS. You are the STAR CHILD that is modeled in this ceremony spectacle it is time for you to RISE out of the DARKNESS and into the LIGHT OF YOUR BEING!