Altered States of Consciousness, BLISS an Efficient Source of ENERGY? Transhumanism for the Love of Robots!

An altered state of consciousness is a state wherein one loses the sense of identity with one's body or with one's normal sense perceptions. A person may enter an altered state of consciousness through such things as sensory deprivation or overload, neurochemical imbalance, fever, or trauma. Or one may also achieve an altered state of consciousness by chanting, meditating, entering a trance state, or ingesting psychedelic drugs.

One area which is not discussed for achieving an altered state and the true source of our connection to the originator our creator is through the consciousness of the heart so for a discussion in this post let us explore how one can achieve an altered state of consciousness through what is called heart coherence revealing the ultimate destiny for humanity and how through physical world examples this is being simulated in our 3rd dimensional reality construct.

Throughout history, philosophers, poets, and prophets have regarded the human heart as the source of love, wisdom, intuition, and positive emotions. These important functions of the heart were recognized by many ancient societies, including the Mesopotamians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, and the Chinese, four
thousand years ago the Egyptians believed the heart played a role in the spiritual dimension; upon death, they weighed the person’s heart to see how much good and evil it contained and placed the heart in special urns for burial, while the brain was discarded.

The various concepts and measurements embraced under the term coherence have become central to fields as diverse as quantum physics, cosmology, physiology, and brain and consciousness research. Coherence has several related definitions, all of which are applicable to the study of human physiology, social interactions, and global affairs. The most common dictionary definition is “the quality of being logically integrated, consistent, and intelligible,” as in a coherent statement.  A related meaning is the logical, orderly, and aesthetically consistent relationship among 4 parts. Coherence always implies correlations, connectedness, consistency, and efficient energy utilization.

Through heart coherence  you can achieve energy efficiency by achieving states of BLISS and this is truly the ultimate efficiency of energy for when one lives in a constant state of BLISS they no longer require a source of energy outside themselves. In fact once you master and achieve heart coherence you have a direct way to your own source of biology's CHARGE - imploding BLISS from inside- this is when you truly become the source and the fountain of joy peace love and sovereignty that you long for and experience attaining constant states of BLISS through heart coherence allows you to harness the technology of the heart allowing you to sustain states of BLISS which supersedes chanting, meditating, entering a trance state, or ingesting psychedelic drugs.

In a heart coherent state there is an increased flow of intuitive information that is communicated via the emotional energetic system to the brain systems resulting in a stronger connection with our inner voice allowing us access to the largely untapped potential for bringing our mental and emotional faculties into greater balance and self-directed control. Practicing shifting to a more coherent state increases intuitive awareness and leads to shifts in perception and worldviews from which better informed and more intelligent decisions can be made. Not to mention the additional benefits of achieving and mastering a constant state of BLISS.

Now lets lets look at how the power control force on the physical world stage is creating ways to circumvent humanity from knowing the true source and connection to their creator through heart coherence whereby denying their ability to connect to natural organic altered states of consciousness through heart coherence. In this post I am just highlighting some of the symbolism attributed toward the agenda at play to keep humanity from achieving states of BLISS unidentifiable to the masses but symbolically present around us.

Let us first look at the stargate as a wonderful metaphor as a portal back to our original source of creation from the 3rd dimensional standpoint here is the stargate symbol from the Stargate TV series. While a Stargate metaphorically is a representation of the physical portal or ZERO POINT or gateway from your heart to other dimensions or levels of consciousness you are the ZERO POINT you are creation manifested in physical form you are the gateway to creation itself.

Could this stargate just be a metaphor representing humanities portal to our higher self or another dimension just like the earth grid system of the planetary body? maybe our earth is but a representation of a planetary heart that we live within, acting as a reminder that we are the source of creation?.

or maybe we are just humans existing in a fractal within a fractal of the heart of our creator?

Now below is a picture of the new Apple Computer campus in Cupertino, California which is to be finished  in 2015, and it will house over 12,000 employees in one massive building. The new facility will have a solar roof, be surrounded by as many as 6,000 trees and include about 2.8 million square feet of office space and a massive new research facility. The proposed four-story building, which was described by the company's late chief executive, Steve Jobs, as looking  “a little like a spaceship” because of its sleek round design, no I think it is more like a stargate which symbolizes to me an earth based representation of the sacred heart as the torus or portal to higher levels of consciousness and the source of creation and by this building this monumental building is physical representation on earth symbolizes from a simulation standpoint how Apple and the technologies they develop are used to augment our reality or really control our ascension which is steered by the power control force those that presume to run the world.

Now recent work in the relatively new field of neurocardiology has firmly established that the heart is a sensory organ and an information encoding and processing center, with an extensive intrinsic nervous system that’s sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a heart brain. Its circuitry enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the cranial brain. To everyone’s surprise, the findings have demonstrated that the heart’s intrinsic nervous system is a complex, self-organized system; its neuroplasticity, or ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections over both the short and long term, has been well demonstrated.

Could we look at Apple' s iphone as a technological device which is designed to act as a human intelligence augmentation or could it be a device designed to replace our intrinsic connection to all that is our Original SORUCE forever keeping us locked within in this existence forever connected but forever lost in this 3rd dimensional synthetic reality? probably!

These devices are not bad when used consciously but what most people don't understand is that the physical world system in which they live is marketing to humanity devices which are designed to simulate functions of organic consciousness.  The iphone device represents the artificial intelligence of the heart which allows you to access higher levels of consciousness, but in fact is leading humanity down the path of least resistance transhumanism in order to keep humanity in the lower vibrations of fear never able to access their true potential and BLISS but the payoff is your fulling connected not to your organic inner-net but the synthetic internet.

And now look where we are going in this months issue of braintainment we have the promotion of transhumanism. and of course, sex is being used to sell the love of robots? again all by design to keep you from your learning the truth of who you are forever enslaved in this physical world system.

Now the heart’s energy field (energetic heart) is coupled to a field of information that is not bound by the classical limits of time and space, then this can in fact mean that the unified field of consciousness that permeates all that exists resides within each and everyone of us and can be accessed through the heart rather then some dimension beyond the our solar system galaxy and the universe,and that in fact it is pausible that every possible dimension exists within each of us and not external to us.

And get this now this field of information that is not bound by time and space evidence comes from several rigorous experimental studies that investigated the proposition that the body receives and processes information about a future event before the event actually happens could this imply that pre-cognition is really more at play and that our the unfoldment of our reality into physical manifestation is a result of a prior contract made before we entered into this existence and all we are really doing when we desire something in our current reality is a result of circumstances and events that are designed to play out as our life story (since we live in this sea of forgetfulness) in support of our evolution and what we came here to do in this lifetime?

 Truly we have come forth into this body and into this wonderful contrasting environment with a clear intent of focusing the energy that creates worlds.

Now how is the picture above any different then the quantum field of all existence from which we come from that which creates worlds this field is within and throughout each of us and permeates all that exists and we can access this field of consciousness through heart coherence while reaching states of BLISS. Therefore if this is the stuff that creates worlds then that makes each one of us a creator with the capacity to create worlds right?

Contemplate this that the entire universe exists to create all your desires!

A study conducted at the HeartMath laboratories, showed that both the heart and brain receive and respond to pre-stimulus information about a future event. But even more surprising is the finding that the heart seems to receive the intuitive information before the brain. They also found that study participants in a positive, emotion-driven, coherent state prior to the experimental protocols proved to be significantly more attuned to the information from the heart than those who were not in such a state. This suggests to that the heart is directly coupled to a subtle energetic field of information that is entangled and interacts with the multiplicity of energetic fields in which the body is embedded—including the quantum vacuum.

Well I don't know about you but I think we have cracked the CODE to hacking this MATRIX

 it's through the human heart that humanity will transcend this illusory 3rd dimensional matrix and we will all be "BLISSED OUT" while doing it! Sounds good to me!