Planetary Alignments to End of 2012, Apocalypse?, The Rapture? NAW just NEW Energies to Support Your EVOLUTION

The 5 fold rose or Cinquefoil traditional representation of hope, a symbol of motherly love below being just two well known symbols -used to veil the knowledge which may run counter to religious doctrines and dogma. Knowledge of the cycles of planets; Venus and other heavenly bodies, and their portents and effects on the terrestrial plane (and within our physiology) constitute all of the secret wisdom.

My main intention for this post is to outline some very significant planetary alignments until the end of 2012!

I was very interested when I learned that NASA's next mission of The Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission (These probes were designed to help us understand the sun’s influence on Earth and near-Earth space by studying the Earth’s radiation belts on various scales of space and time this is a very important device as it tells us what is happening with the SUN because it is the solar flares from the SUN that are precipitated by planetary alignments that support your evolution that these probes are monitoring) which was scheduled for August 9, 2012 but then moved to August 23, 2012 the same day we had a significant planetary alignment of  Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Mars with a celestial influence of Moon August 22, 2012 and a smaller alignment of Sun, Earth, Mercury on the same day this is not a coincidence but buy design astronomical occultation's are very important to the power control force in the implementation of their plans for the world.

Now while most who watch these planetary alignments are more concerned with how they influence earthquakes and tsunami's, and other earth changing events, I tend to focus on how these celestial events will influence human consciousness and other worldly man made influences initiated by the power control force with a primary focus around the ring of fire.

Example the announcement of Kate and Willam's announcement that they are expecting their first child December 3, 2012, as I have been mentioning in my previous posts that this announcement was pending! this announcement happened on a planetary alignment again significant in the circles of those who presume to run the world. Remember they operate on a different level then what you experience in your reality hear on EARTH they have a whole other language and they also have different scripts playing out with their own characters on many levels of this game this reality you experience is only one reality on multiple levels. Just like turning the dial on a radio station. Turn the dial and you change the script, with new characters and themes etc!

Now below are the planetary alignments until the end of 2012! lets see what major events happen on the physical world stage that may coincide with these planetary alignments but more importantly allow yourself to tune into the energies as these planetary alignments are truly supporting your evolution because truly that is what the alignments really mean they are celestial triggers that support your evolution and the power control force use these planetary alignments to create chaos on the earth. Will these planetary alignments end at the close of 2012? No these celestial alignments always occur it is just that these alignments and the alignments up to the end of the year do have a significance they have a significant impact on humanity both individually or collectively whether we realize it or not most won't notice these subtle changes simply because their energy and focus is not being directed to know what this all means and really the power control force does not want you to know that their is a divine order at play that they have absolutely no control over NATURE and the original SOURCE from which we all come from.

November 28, 2012: Line Up Sun – Moon – Earth and Jupiter – Moon - Earth
November 30 - December 11, 2012: Triple Line Up: Pluto – Ceres - Mars
November 30 - December 8, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Venus across the Sun
December 2 - 3, 2012: Conjunction Earth - Jupiter and the Sun
December 3, 2012: Opposition Neptune - Mercury across the Sun
December 3, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Venus across the Sun
December 10 – 13, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Mercury across the Sun
December 14, 2012: Triple Line Up Neptune – Mars – Venus

December 17, 2012: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Earth - Mercury
December 17 - 18, 2012: Conjunction Venus – Mercury and the Sun
December 17 - 18, 2012: Conjunction Ceres - Earth
December 18: Activation from the Neptune Triples
December 19, 2012: Conjunction Saturn - Mercury and the Sun
December 19 - 20: Activation from the Jupiter Triples
December 20, 2012: Midpoint Conjunctions Saturn – Venus - Mercury and the Sun
December 20 – 21: Activation Neptune and Jupiter Triples
December 21, 2012: Conjunction Saturn - Venus and the Sun
December 22, 2012: Triple Line Up Neptune - Mars - Mercury
December 22 - 23, 2012: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Earth – Venus

December 22: Opposition Pluto – Earth starts. Strong December 28 - January 1, 2013
December 23, 2012: Line Up: Saturn – Moon – Earth
December 25, 2012: Line Up: Jupiter – Moon - Earth

Some points to keep in mind:

1. Oppositions (especially long ones) with Mercury and Venus across the Sun in the days and weeks before the crucial alignment… ‘Induce magnetic changes in the Sun and Upload it for the creation of sunspots and X flares’.

2. Venus was key in the solar superstorms of 1859 and 1921. Saturn and Venus in the one from 1859 and Venus and Mercury in the 1921 superstorm. We see Saturn back at the end of 2012 in an alignment with Venus and Mercury! highlighted for emphasis as the major event to happen before the end of 2012  will be a PHI Code Ritual to coincide with a series of ritualistic events that have transpired this year which I have covered in my blog post and videos again all designed to thwart the ascension of humanity which is impossible even ludicrous when you wrap your head around what the power control force are trying to do play GOD it's nuts but then so are they I digress! only for a moment LOVE IS ON THE RISE!.

3. For the December 2012 date… we see the extremely strong conjunctions with Saturn, Venus and Mercury. Outside this we count 4 other Triple Line Ups… each time Mercury or Venus is involved. In two other Triples we find a combination with Jupiter. This should make it a ‘Super’ Superstorm…

Let us keep in mind as we move into 2013 and beyond in addition to the planetary alignments that will continue into 2013 again to support the evolution of human consciousness please keep in mind that there are much bigger astrological cycles going such as the Yugas, and the Great Conjunctions, which by the way, we have another such conjunction happening December 21, 2020 rather then December 21, 2012 which is less than 7 and half short years away. The Uranus/Pluto cycles are upon us now are very revolutionary, disruptive and stir up major changes as past history has shown us.

Our first Uranus Pluto Square Was June 24, 2012

Here are the other dates:
Sept. 19, 2012
May 21, 2013
Nov. 1, 2013
April 22, 2014
Dec. 15, 2014
March 17, 2015  

Again  I am still keeping my focus on an earthquake, tsunami some massive BIRTHQUAKE or WATER EVENT to happen in the ring of fire again when don't know but sometime in our Illusory future to coincide with the Rapture, apocalypse to end 2012.