Super Bowl XLVII Black OUT, Return of the Feminine Enegy, Connection Dark Rift, Galactic Centre

The SuperBowl XLVII halftime show was clearly focused on feminine Energy I could barely watch the show as I found it dark, but that of course was to represent the Yin Principle right?  no it was simply a distorted display of turning the positive energy into a negative force by the power control force they are masters at their own game and the game is truly of their own make no mistake of that however what did grab my attention was some photos like this one its the stage floor of at the stadium where Beyonce and her crew performed it looks like EYE a portal of sorts into another dimension or could it be a representation of the HEART?

And here is another screen shot of the stage set below two women facing each other or a mirror image of a woman but again the red dot with the white around it stood out for me as another gateway or portal or the Zodiac? either way it is DARK and not in a good way either.

Anyway it was a pretty obvious display of the feminine energy in a weird and twisted display unfortunately and some are saying that Beyonce took the electricity with her as half the lights went out after her performance again this was all staged as part of the event those lights did not happen to go out for 30 minutes it was all planned as part of the ritual.

And so another Dark Night Rises at the SuperBowl Feb 3, 2013! What Caused Power Outage? Super Bowl Lights Out Has Groups Blaming Each Other no need it was was another staged event! 

And notice how it is only half the stadium reminds me of the Yin and Yang Symbol and connecting with the Dark Knight Rises. We shall focus on the Yin principle for the purpose of this blackout as above so below shall we say this event marked the return of the Divine Feminine energy? I believe so! this is all on the heels of the Chinese YEAR OF THE Dragon I discussed in a previous post here 2013 Chinese Year of the Snake

It turns out the lights went out precisely when the galactic Dark Rift or Mayan Underworld was directly below New Orleans football stadium. and not only the Dark Rift but more specifically the Galactic Center which was exactly at the city's nadir at 8:49 pm EST/US. The entire width of the Dark Rift passed through the nadir around 8:30-9:00 pm; the power outage lasted 8:36-9:10 pm.

In fact various movie trailers shown during this Super Bowl seemingly picked up on the "dark theme," included Iron Man 3 (May 3, 2013), 

Star Trek into Darkness (May 17, 2013), 

The Lone Ranger (July 3, 2013), 

Thor: The Dark World (November 8, 2013) 

In addition there were several attempts during the Superbowl at fast marketing, post-blackout lets look at the ad in this picture below that aired during the Superbowl all subliminal suggestion most won't see or connect the dots ! 

Again  picture below depicts more marketing nothing is done in the physical world by accident or chance just about everything in your 3D reality is by design again your reality is well scripted well choreographed for those who have eyes to see and want to know!

Just more examples of how your reality is planned and scripted by those think they run the world! This was not a representation of the divine energy bathing out planet by no means it was a full on representation of negative energy and Evil forces consuming this planet!

It is past time for humanity to wake up out of this nonsense and take back this earth and create the UTOPIA we are meant to create of our own choosing and making that represents who and what we are Wisdom resting in a constant state of paradise!