Trayvon Martin = Martin Luther King Jr.? New Black Panthers/NAACP Psyops! Who's Dreaming Who's Dream?

The 3rd dimensional reality has been established in such a way, that anything that challenges the status quo, is immediately rejected. It makes no difference if the challenge is accurate or inaccurate. What matters to the universal architects who manufactured thought, the thought process and the fabricated mind you think is yours, is so that a challenge is initiated, so that the illusory body of humanity enters into debate and confusion.

Now with debate comes confusion, as each individual is usually quite certain their perspective is accurate. (As if an illusory human being had any ability to correctly portray reality).  However and this is an  important piece with confusion comes a complete disconnection, or lack of focus, upon what truly constitutes reality. The only way to communicate what reality is, is to identify what disconnects us from reality, and what then becomes the veil that keeps us disconnected in perpetuity. This doesn’t include debate, just communicating the obvious, for others to accept or reject.

Therefore when we attempt to expose the agenda and that's all we are doing here we can disconnect from the hypnosis and we can always look to the media for clues or cues as to what is coming next in the role out plans for complete and utter control of the unique awareness that you are and so it is through the media that is being spoon fed to the masses around the world that we can get our information and gain full knowledge of the hypnotic trance we are experiencing and yet appears to be completely real.

The only way to be unaffected by this illusory devastation delivered under the guise of the Armageddon,  judgement day and to keep from experiencing an emotional collapse, is to come out of this hypnotic trance. To remain emotionally connected to the 3 dimensional illusion, believing that its actually real, manipulates who we really are as unique awareness  into experiencing a devastating emotional cataclysm as the illusory Day of Judgment unfolds on the physical world stage.

Bringing into focus and exposing the agenda at play, through awareness, what it is that the universal architects of intellectual thinking entities is using to manipulate us to do their bidding, breaks the hynotic spell.

Now the Trayvon Martin case verdict came July 13, 2013 noted as the same date of the due date of Kate Middleton's new Baby! July 13, 2013 was also the date of the start of the NAACP national Convention I bring this up as they are supporters of the New Black Panther Movement which apparently is well funded keep this in mind and remember you are living through a script all designed to get Americans off the couch reacting and retaliating against the government but really against each other  in order to create COMPLETE AND UTTER 

LAWLESSNESS IN AMERICA IS  What is COMING TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU in order to create civil unrest in America again all by design so don't allow yourself to be duped or be fooled! The New Black Panthers logo says it all FREEDOM or DEATH?
new black panther movement
A quote being attributed to New Black Panthers leader Samir Shabazz by numerous Internet sites states, “This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.” Humm! nothing good can come out of this but create more division and hatred between blacks and whites or duality for that matter which is what the power control force need in order to move forward their agenda of complete and utter control of your essence as awareness and they will get blacks and whites to take each other out to fulfill their agenda so don't fall for the scam that is coming your way!

Now Bernice King is playing her part in this propaganda sheme recently she is noted as stating in an article: I think the Zimmerman case, is a sign and a wakeup call that we have to finish - or continue the unfinished work - of Martin Luther King Jr. I think that is perhaps why ironically, we have the name Trayvon “Martin” - not that he is Martin Luther King Jr., but I think it’s kind of a sign that [there is] reason to connect with and continue this unfinished work of Martin Luther King Jr., particularly in the racial and economic areas. Here Bernice is providing us with another "Cue" for what could be a future probability hinting to another civil rights movement following the lead of the New Panther Party and NAACP. It is not a coincidence that Trayvon has the name Martin in his name it is all smoke and mirrors or more importantly subliminal suggestion at play here! 

Here is the full article from RT News: Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter: Zimmerman case a wake-up call to finish MLK’s work

The New Black Panther movement is just another play on the Old black panther movement! COINTELPRO, Projects CHAOS and MOCKINGBIRD never died or faded away they are still here live and well and the New black Panther movement is same group just different people running it so don't be deceived. These illegal clandestine domestic governmental programs are still operating in the United States and are being currently used to demonize, demoralize and discredit any and all justifiable and constitutionally protected resistance and opposition to the abuses of governmental power and authority.
black panthers
The Center For Investigative Reporting was responsible for exposing and implanting by IMPLICATION Richard Aoki as a whooping boy, a made for mass media consumption, a notorious and sensational FBI agent informant and agent provocateur for the Black Panthers.

For instance, Alex Jones’ INFORWARS. Com reported that a former FBI informant, Richard Aoki, was responsible for not only teaching the Black Panthers to use guns but supplying the group with weapons before deadly shootouts with Oakland police in the 1960s
You can watch this video series to learn more:

The Man who armed the black Panthers

So what is next on the scripted agenda????

Well simply a repeat of events like on August 28th, 1963, when hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington for the greatest demonstration for jobs and freedom in the history of our nation. People from every corner of our country united for one momentous day, rallying to a shared message of civil liberty, civil rights, and economic freedom and opportunity for all.

Saturday, August 24, we will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington by convening again on the National Mall lets see if this is as big a show of support as in the past!

And then we will have the Million Youth March September 7, 2013, interesting with all the focus around youth as Pope Francis is in Brazil July 22, 2013,  to attend the Roman Catholic World Youth Day festival. I believe the focus on youth is because they will be the most disenfranchised about their future and the most prone to go in the streets and protest first then older folks! again all by design remember we are living through a script!