Iron Man 3 movie Connection Nietzsche, Magnetism, Electricity, Electromagnetic Fields and Mass Manipulation

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche  believed the purpose of existence to be the production of a type of all powerful individual, designated by him the superman. This superman was the product of careful culturing, for if not separated forcibly from the mass and consecrated to the production of power, the individual would sink back to the level of deadly mediocre.
Love, Nietzsche said, should be sacrificed to the production of the superman and those only should marry who are best fitted to produce this outstanding type. Nietzsche also believed in the rule of the aristocracy, both blood and breeding being essential to the establishment of this superior type, and  those that presume to run this world and those who do their bidding believe in many philosophical ideas, doctrines or theories very different from the average person including this one.

Nietzsche's doctrine did not liberate the masses; it rather placed over them supermen for whom their inferior brothers and sisters should be perfectly reconciled to a life of subservience and unworthiness. Ethically and politically, the superman was a law unto himself. To those who understand the true meaning of power to be virtue, self-control, and truth, the ideality behind Nietzsche's theory is apparent. To the superficial, however, it is a philosophy heartless and calculating, concerned solely with the survival of the fittest.

Therefore by using the power of predictive programming and subliminal suggestion the masses are constantly bombarded with superhero movies to divert their attention and to cement the ideology that certain people or individuals have a right to rule over those who are spiritually ignorant of who and what they are, and while these abilities are latent in most people humanity does have these capabilities equivalent to or possibly even extend, or far exceed the abilities portrayed by the supper hero character's that proliferate our movie theaters, comic books and everyday fiction,  and just what is it that provides you with such power well lets take a look at Iron man and the meaning behind the iron in your blood.

The power control force are always providing clues it's just that most are to asleep to really make sense of it all. I will share a much deeper meaning in reference to "Iron MAN"  here and what the movie could be saying on a subliminal level to purposely create a conflict in the viewers eyes, mind that hero's only exist in fiction, comics and video games and on a physical linear world view level this is true; however there is a bleed through occurring between the physical and non physical realm that is allowing the essence of who you are to transcend this 3rd dimensional illusion and reclaim your innate powers.

However those in power create these characters and movies so you believe that superheros only exist outside of yourself  in fiction, movies etc  all in the hopes that you never imagine a life beyond the normal bandwidth of  the current 5 sense reality tunnel they feed you daily through the various  media channels. Please note that the opportunity to reclaim your divine essence and that the potential that exists within you to reawaken to your latent powers and profound gifts to override the manipulation and programming within this 3rd dimensional realm has never been more possible than right NOW, but you got to want it so bad you'd wet your pants.

Iron Man 3 stars Robert Downey Jr. who plays a self-described genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist with mechanical suits of armor of his own invention. Here we have another example of an "Intellectual" a subliminal suggesting only intellects can acquire these innate gifts yet everyone has superhero powers that allows them to manipulate energy though thought allowing them to create a reality construct of their own choosing just like the architects who built this universe and  physical world. However most of Humanity remain unaware  and distracted of their potential and so they succumb to  the potential backlash by becoming addicted to screens, computers and technology when through the human technology knowing and experiencing our true essence have capabilities that far exceed any computer or technology.

It is interesting to note that we each have within our blood, a concentration of iron that can be manipulated to effect our DNA. In fact we each have a electromagnetic field which consist of 2 main fields. One is electrical and the other magnetic.
When a large segment of humanity watches a movie like Iron Man or focuses it's attention on another specific Media story, Movie, Television, star or other it creates an incredible magnetic attraction that is able to manipulate humanity. After the magnetic pull of the  thought form relayed from any of the above media streams seduces humanity to go in a certain direction, also consider that in addition all of the world societies are likewise magnetized, by force or by this seductive magnetic attraction, to point in the same direction.
When the very same techniques are applied to a segment of society as are applied to a piece of iron, then magnetization occurs.

This movie is just another example of how we become so polarized, when  we are constantly being seduced through the peer pressure to succeed in life. To have a nice home, a nice car, a nice family, nice clothes, money in the bank, to belong to institutions, to be the leaders of these institutions to literally be a pillar in society yet this dream always seems to be out of reach for the average person especially now with the financial terrorism taking place on a daily basis many are living in terror of loosing everything but this is all by design. This is a skillful method of manipulation and magnetization. Gentle and sweet but still as destructive as any method devised to steer the soul of humanity into ignorance.

When you massage the ego of a society, the ego that appears to be part of who we are, you create a willing blindness. It is mind control with a pretty face. It magnetizes the population to do the will of those desiring to run society. When you strike at society with the force and horror of genocide and war, you create fear in the victims as well as in the population forced to carry out the atrocities. Everybody, victim and victimizer, lose. Everyone is forced into a magnetic polarity where hatred, killing and death are the only winners. This is the Thought Process, and its weapon of Duality, used to initiate, and perpetuate endlessly hypnosis of the masses. Don't allow yourself to be hypnotized by those that presume to run this 3rd dimensional illusion of reality, because the architects of this universe create and perpetuate the universal LIE in order to keep the illusion of this reality in take it is a brilliant deception, the universal architects of this system live everyday knowing that someday you will wake up to what is really transpiring they play both side the creator and destroyer of this 3rd dimensional realm don't fall for their trap and allow yourself to be duped become iron man/woman you have it within you the architects know it why do you think they keep putting these superhero movies out?