Comedian Robin Williams New TV SHOW “Crazy Ones”, Connection to Russell Brands Revolutionizing Consciousness? Illumination? Thought, Energy and the Light Illusion!

Waiting for something to occur that is outside of self, whether it is a future date, like the return of Jesus, the arrival of extraterrestrials, or some global transition, like the end of the world or a golden age of light, I believe, is to totally miss the opportunity we are being provided with. The opportunity is for our personal metamorphosis allowing each of us to know and experience self as unique awareness in the mind -body construct, a process that is occurring in the NOW, moment-by-moment. This is what we are doing here as evolving in physical form on Earth, an underlying commonality for us all, independent on how we see or articulate major evolutionary transitions, or their cause.
The only power the power control force has is their ability to create an illusion and to make us believe the lie. Once the illusion is broken and the lie uncovered, the power control force are finished. They just don’t know it yet. They have no wisdom, no truth, no awareness,  they just have intellectual religious concepts and intellectual systems  that they keep perpetuating endlessly, not realizing for a moment that the whole mess has been uncovered. If hell were real, this is the hell they never wanted to experience, where humanity totally ignores them and totally ignores the whole sick ‘thought, energy, light illusion’.
All frequencies and beings composed of energy are part of the 3 dimensional experience, and are part of the illusion even as our physical bodies are. Everything will simply, and very soon, dissolve to nothingness and un-importance as the re-connection continues. We must trust this to be so”
Now if you remember in my last post you can read here I discussed revolutionizing consciousness :  I wanted to expand on the light bulb theme and the eye of Horus showing up again,  just as you saw in my last post with comedian Russell Brand editing one addition of the New statesman a political magazine in the UK and my overview on Aleister Crowley = The Great Beast 666.
I kid you not within the same week of Russell Brands announcement,  we have a new TV comedy series on CBS staring Comedian Robin Williams  pictured below who is holding a lighted bulb in his hand. Directly under it as you can see appears the name of Ra, embedded in the title CRAZY and positioned to make the identification subliminally. His hand represents the hand of Ra, of Horus. The lighted bulb in the hand is an old magician’s trick well you already know that right?.
Lets take the power control forces hint and consider him as an old magician, very old that is from ancient Egypt. What is in the hand relates to the ankh that gives the light and life of Horus, and the Eye of Horus. In the first picture a phrase often heard from stage magicians was, “The hand is quicker than the eye.” While that certainly describes how we might be so readily fooled by their stage tricks, the word “quick” also refers to the living, as in the expression, “the quick and the dead.
In the next picture the light bulb in Robin’s mouth suggests that the object is saying something important without using words. It is also a sign about how the Horus Eye illumination illustrated in the next two panels is received.
The orifice of the mouth is often the Occult symbol representing the opening at the other end of the GI tract, through which comes the Kundalini and pineal third eye activation. It is also where the breath related to the ruach(Hebrew) spirit is focused, and the magickally lighted bulb in Robin’s mouth should be seen as the unholy Horus Eye counterpart. Consider how the ankh is used in these pictures.
Now in the third panel above and to the right we have Robin holding the lighted bulb in his hand above his head looks like it may suggests the crown chakra, representing the lighting of his entire body, where “Horus has completely filled thee with his eye.
Robin is dressed in black and white, and his name appears (in the ad at left) in white and black. These are the opposite colors that mark so many Occult signaling settings, where the exchange and balancing and merging of the opposites is ultimately the intent of the tension created. The tie he wears is a phallic symbol, and a symbol of the binding function of ritual sodomy, the tie that binds. This is a perfectly fitting accessory for the formal attire because the framing collar and opening of the suit jacket form the square and compass a widely known symbol  in freemasonry.
Now the title of the show, The Crazy Ones, speaks of “the chosen ones,” who have lost their minds through Dissociative Identity Disorder in other words they are slaves. Crazy = Mind-controlled. The chosen ones are those Satanic Ritual Abuse multiple personalities with elite genetic credentials, being of the ancient Illuminati bloodline of course. This is “crazy, like a fox,” as the expression goes, describing the brilliant exercise of craft as the predator with prey, and further descriptive of the animal’s legendary ability to evade those who would catch them.
“The Crazy Ones” title is a blind for “the Chosen Ones,” as the magus Aliester Crowley would say, and so is Ke$ha’s Crazy Kids, a single from the Warriors album released in December of 2012. Crazy Kids is a CK or 3*11 Code 33 signaling title.
warrior album
As we begin to experience the dissolution of separateness and estrangement between personality-egoic-level self and our Divine -level unique awareness self, so too does the mental, emotional and physical patterning, that we, as incarnating souls, as a world, have incurred throughout the entire 12,000-year temporal period, surface within our consciousness in an intensified and perhaps dramatic “healing crisis.”
This provides each of us with the challenge to heal and clear all that we have carried for lifetimes of having been on one side of the fence or the other. As this shift dislodges and dissolves the conflicts of consciousness crystallized within self, we are forced through many contortions and paradoxes that often leave us consumed in our inner turmoil and its surface turbulence. In this process, some will willingly relinquish the inner conflicts of the past surfacing from cellular memory and embrace a new awareness, while others will become tormentingly lost in the dramatics of the healing crisis, playing out their inner conflicts to the bitter end, but ultimately we are all on the same road.