New Movie Gravity = Awareness Ultimate Reality, US Gov’t Shutdown False Flag= America is Closing for Business? Statue of Liberty Shutdown = Big Apple of Discord

The only way to be unaffected by the illusory devastation that is being delivered to humanity under the guise of the Armageddon,  judgement day and to keep from experiencing an emotional collapse, is to come out of the socially induced hypnotic trance state that most of humanity believes as living the good life. Now to remain emotionally connected to the 3 dimensional illusion, believing that its actually real, manipulates who we really are as unique awareness,  into experiencing a devastating emotional cataclysm as the illusory Day of Judgment unfolds on the physical world stage.
Now let us take a look and see how one current pattern is unfolding before us for those who can understand and digest the higher level of what is transpiring on the physical world stage as we live through the narrative and scripts with characters and props lets just look how our reality is unfolding on the 3rd Dimensional illusion world perspective. Remember our reality is created for us not by us and again I just share a perspective as unique awareness.
The 3rd dimensional reality has been established in such a way, that anything that challenges the status quo, is immediately rejected. It makes no difference if the challenge is accurate or inaccurate. What matters to the universal architects who manufactured thought, the thought process and the fabricated mind you think is yours, is so that a challenge is initiated, so that the illusory body of humanity enters into debate and confusion.
Now with debate comes confusion, as each individual is usually quite certain their perspective is accurate. (As if an illusory human being had any ability to correctly portray reality).  However and this is an  important piece with confusion comes a complete disconnection, or lack of focus, upon what truly constitutes reality. The only way to communicate what reality is, is to identify what disconnects us from reality, and what then becomes the veil that keeps us disconnected in perpetuity. This doesn’t include debate, just communicating the obvious, for others to accept or reject.
Comet ISON’s close encounter with Mars = War (Oct 1, 2013  the same day the US government shutdown started at 12:00 am October 1, 2013.
The Capitol Rotunda behind the silhouette of a sculpture of the first US Pr
Two people wearing black suits and black helmets parachuted into Lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center October 1, 2013. The incident happened about 3:07 a.m. when the two people were caught by security cameras landing near the intersection of West and Vesey streets. This is part of the ongoing ritual with the Mars Curiosity Rover landing on Mars August 5, 2012 and If you remember in my previous posts the Queen of Elizabeth and James Bond parachuting into the Olympic stadium during the 2012 opening ceremonies.  This incident a very remarkable moment in the narrative or script  that is playing out on the physical world stage.
Now the United States government shut down, took America’s most iconic symbol of liberty and progress with it that is the statue of liberty is now closed, but I think it is more like America is closed for Business.
statue of liberty
It turns out Visitors in Lower Manhattan October 1, 2013 were told the Statue of Liberty–which in America’s darkest hours has stood to represent freedom, egalitarianism, and a functioning government of the people, by the people–was closed representing a new phase in the taking away of American Freedoms and these two people parachuting is a part of the ritual- Lets just say that this is a  definitive marker and indication that the world in which Americans have known will forever change.
Washington DC, tha tis the District of Columbia and  Columba is Latin meaning Dove which is the peace symbol. Seen in this context the government shutdown implies that peace  is shutting down”, i.e. a chaos omen, like the Golden Apple of Discord connecting the parachuting incident and the closing of statue of liberty in the Big APPLE  of Discord or Manhattan.
An apple of discord is a reference to the Golden Apple of Discord (Greek: μῆλον τῆς Ἔριδος) which, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Eris (Gr. Ἔρις, “Strife”) inscribed “to the fairest” and tossed in the midst of the festivities at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, thus sparking a vanity-fueled dispute among Hera, Athena and Aphrodite that eventually led to the Trojan War, (for the complete story, see The Judgement of Paris). Thus, “apple of discord” is used to signify the core, kernel, or crux of an argument, or a small matter that could lead to a bigger dispute = World war 3.
Now Comet ISON is “Trojan” in nature in that its perihelion (closest point to sun) will be on Thanksgiving day in the USA, Nov 28, 2013 (I discussed this in my previous post regarding comet ison connection to pole shift) otherwise known as “Turkey Day”. (Trojan = Troy = ancient city in what is now Turkey.)
And it just so happens that the name of Turkey’s capital, Ankara, means “anchor”, implying “gravity”. The apple and gravity go hand in hand via Newton according to Newton and conventional science, we have discovered four forces operating in the universe via which we try to explain all the observable phenomena of the universe. These are the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force.
so why is force of Gravity showing up at the paralypics? ,  well here is one perspective from an article on Why Newton’s apple was a perfect symbol to open the Paralympics?
Opening ceremony of London 2012 Paralympic Games
The Guardian article states:
Newton and the other natural philosophers of the late 17th century believed that knowledge had been lost because our minds and senses had been damaged during the Biblical Fall of Mankind. No longer able to perceive the universe as Adam had, the newly invented telescopes and microscopes of Newton’s age were aids with which to restore their senses and recapture the knowledge lost in the Fall. In effect, these early natural philosophers felt that they – along with all humanity – were disabled. I kid you not this is written in this article. Just more nonsense to keep people from the truth and knowing as their unique expression as awareness prompting the masses to continue to buy into the age old story of the FALL of MAN! what a JOKE! but they do get away with this propaganda candy!  The full article here:
And Just after a few days from the Mars comet ison Encounter October 1, 2013 we had the opening of the Movie Gravity 3D science fiction movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.
High-speed debris kills engineer Shariff and damages the space shuttle Explorer, sending Stone (Bullock) far away from it. Kowalski (Clooney), who is wearing a thruster pack, navigates to Stone and retrieves her. Tethered together, the two make their way back to Explorer, where they discover it has been damaged far beyond usability, and the rest of the crew are dead from exposure.
Here is the trailer for you to watch
I  found this trailer very symbolic of the times we live in in connection to my own experience recently of disconnecting from the Physical World Matrix, this excerpt shows Stone (Bullock) coming fully detached from the space shuttle explorer and she is literally floating in space!  The subliminal message is as unique awareness you have the opportunity to break free from the confines of the physical world know self as awareness and create your own reality and still be here on earth the power control force (those that presume to run this world know the intrinsic power that you hold as awareness, that is why they put out movies like Gravity knowing you will never figure out why, but I can understand the deeper meaning through my own personal experience, it is a bleed through of sorts. Gravity is symbolic of the power we each wield as unique awareness in scientific terms. Now the power control force, even though they know that we carry this force within us they do not have this power themselves although it is available to them, but if they where to reclaim their power as awareness they would not be able to continue to perpetuate the devastation that continues in this physical world so they choose to forget who they are and use your power to control your essence as awareness.
Awareness is the ultimate reality,
Awareness being the pre-condition for us being aware of reality at all.  Awareness is innately transcendental because it’s reality embraces and transcends all realities.
Out of this springs the multidimensional universe upon which Awareness has been captured  in it’s essence and is in which we dwell.  It is from Awareness that the universal architects that created this multidimensional universe created  inexhaustible potentialities consisting of infinitely various patterns and tones and qualities of awareness.
Awareness is  spatial and substantial by nature and it It is out of the void, zero point or quantum vacuum  that springs the multidimensional universe of which  our awareness is capture and upon which we dwell which is made up of countless dimensions, systems or planes of reality. Our own physical planet is but a materialized expression of one of these planes of consciousness. We dwell within a multidimensional universe that has been designed by group of universal architects who call themselves GOD.
Indeed we each are a portion of the absolute, transcendental or divine awareness that is the absolute source but again we have been captured and we are being used not knowingly by most to create and facilitate the LIE’s and Manipulation of this 3rd dimensional reality matrix.
Let us look at our current predicament, Human beings today have fallen under the scientific delusion that awareness is a product of evolution or a property of the brain. Humanity lives in a state of permanently contracted awareness, believing that awareness ends at the boundaries of their own bodies and will come to an end when they die. Most of Humanity no longer experiences itself as one expression of an all surrounding, all permeating awareness. Instead they regard awareness itself as private property, a consciousness that they own or possess and that is walled in and enclosed by their bodies. They no longer know themselves as portions of larger identities resting in awareness in their paradise state. As long as human beings experience their awareness as bound by their  physical bodies to their physical reality, the boundaries that divide different individuals, cultures, civilizations from one another can never be overcome and conflicts between them will persist. Only by learning to once again experience the unbounded nature of awareness and its infinite potentialities can we also learn to overcome the artificial bodily boundaries of awareness that separate human beings from one another and our ultimate reality as awareness .
In closing so what is coming up…….we’ll have a very intense conjunction of ISONMars, and Regulus, the brightest star in Leo on October 15, 2013. The name Regulus means “prince” resonating with both Prince William and his freshly born baby Prince George.
It will be just a couple of days later from there when we’ll see Mars and ISON at their closest point to each other, as seen from Earth, on Oct 17, 2013 the day of the debt ceiling deadline in the US which would greatly intensify the government shutdown crisis which started on Oct 1, which was the ISON’s Mars flyby day as stated at the beginning of this post. Again all leading to more chaos, therefore it should be quite intense but we will have to wait and see.
Also closely following that will be an Apple event on Oct 22, introducing new iPads and other “APPLE”products, followed the very next day by Prince George being christened at St James’ Place in London.