Awakening to the Game of Life, Understanding the Dynamics of the Cosmic Game

The Game of Life is a wonderful metaphor for the reality upon which we have grown into and become accustomed to operating within unfortunately it is a limited perspective of reality as a whole. 

A rule set of this game of life (and there are many rules) that I want to bring to your attention is the part of this game that says ‘you must belong to some format of collective thinking” it's not a definitive rule, but yet it is simply implied or wired within the collective consciousness of humanity. This becomes necessary because group mind and commonality keeps you fractured! Through group mind and collective thinking you are generally “this or that thing”, are you White, Black, Chinese, East Indian, African,  Japanese  etc, when we tend to segregate ourselves into groups based on colour or ethnicity etc., people will feel a need to explain away differences in general terms. The point is that we are triggered when we are not all doing the same thing or of like mind and we have a tendency to look down on others when we believe that we are operating from a much more evolved space. This kind of subtle thinking is in itself fracturing. It does not allow one the freedom to be unlimited in unrealized ways. It forces one to keep up the charade and places tremendous pressure on ourselves and others.

We must realize that typically people in a group do not grow together at the same rate and therefore we must enter such experiences without the commitment of permanency to a group/family/work environment or overall environment etc. Otherwise we will become caught in limitations without even knowing it. This is not to say that we cannot participate or be part of our family and groups. It just says why not embrace our unique authenticity and realize our unique potential as empowering knowing that as we embrace our individuality we are strengthened into wholeness and unity.

Our creator originated itself out of it's own silence in order to divinely enjoy the Cosmic Game. The Creators template holds the Light codes of the perfect Creation. And the positioning of the Earth with the center of the galaxy will allow this template to manifest itself into our consciousness. At that time, we will forever leave the consciousness of this singular galaxy and become integrated into the consciousness of the Universe.

For some the journey is about awakening to the cosmic game from a level requiring no go betweens but instead complete ownership of one’s self as creator, others will require a go between along with fantastic stories causing distractions from owning ones personal power, and yet another’s journey might involve being completely submerged in the earthly experience with no desire to be awakened on any level this is a choice and a reality many will and have already chosen.

The keepers of this game of life are Government, Corporations, Education, Religion all these systems keep us focused on external solutions. Most of these systems are restrictive programs which contain imposed social coding and value systems. In turn we create our life stories within the confines of the structure of these systems for example our belief systems and the manner in which we define ourselves are generated from these systems. (For those living outside of modern day world are still a part of the collective consciousness and so are subjected to these base limiting concepts that we share as a collective.) These systems in place are organized organisms having a life of their own fueled by the emotions and minds of humanity. The  2012 meme is seen as a period initiating an upsurge in collective consciousness.  What is important to remember is the core design of the system supports evolution according to regulated cycles of time. What lies beyond 2012? Feeling what non physical feels like in a vivid way is the opportunity before you listen to this video!

We must come to understand that we are responsible for our own personal progression which may not necessarily be based on time frames as orchestrated by the astrological schedule for evolution. To let go of  anger and resentment of the systems in place is to determine ones understanding that these are tools of the automated reality. They serve there purpose for not all of humanity is ready for profound introspection and deep cosmic insight. The system is therefore responding to the majority of the collective consciousness. Very few will become invisible to this automated system but those that have may may walk among us with an awareness of those who are on their way to crossing that threshold. These are beings crossing over not from an understanding of fear or of escapism from worldly affairs, but in an appreciation of every moment in the human experience. There is no longer a polarized view of reality as good or bad but instead they embrace a realization of the smoke and mirrors, the deception program of the human experience. There is then a true readiness to experience a more unlimited reality! Every moment is truly a rich experience as we move about in an ocean of unlimited potentials. This journey continues to take us into forever for that’s what we already are living our intricate journey as a process.