Batman & Phoenix Rises 2012 Olympics?, Clockwork Orange, The Psyche, Mars Curiosity Mission Connection Queen Elizabeth?

I found it very interesting that the Curiosity Rover mission August 5, 2012 which was widely mentioned in the media occurred on President Barack Obama aka ( Barry Soreoto) birthday again all by design. What got my attention is this photo published 10 days after the Dark Knight Rises, Aurora Massacre shooting. Here President Obama struck out with Turkey after the White House released a photo showing the leader of the free world holding a Louisville slugger  baseball bat while talking on the phone with the Turkish prime minister.  Interesting how Obama would be holding a bat just a week after he was in Colorado giving his condolences to the families of the victims of the massacre. Notice the photo of the Statue of Liberty torch in the background picture yes well this is all subliminal messaging. Most people would not notice it but this is right when the Olympics is going on again all a part of the Satanic Ritual Olympic's.

Obama holding the bat is symbolic of the Olympic torch or light bringer Lucifer the morning star Venus, if we look at the Bejiing Olympic torch from the 2008 Olympics. It looks very similar to the shape of the baseball bat Obama is holding.

2008 was the year of the previous Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China where the main motif was a fiery or auroral "Lucky Cloud" foreshadowing the "Mayan" Solar Maximum in Solar cycle 24 and the 2012 London Olympics.

The Aurora massacre occurred at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, a sequel to The Dark Knight released back in 2008 at the trough of the 11-year solar cycle, called "Solar Minimum". We are currently entering "Solar Maximum" projected to peak around 2013 this peak has been shifted from the original projection of 2012.

What we can start to picture here is how our modern day reality that is being spoon fed to us is well scripted well choreographed and through staged events around the world while humanity is used as fuel to keep the LIE/ILLUSION OF A DREAM alive for those who have eyes to see through the deception program.

What struck my Curiosity about the Rover that landed on Mars right in the middle of the London Olympics on the brithdate of Obama is that it looked very similar to the event on the opening ceremonies when the Queen of England came from the sky and landed in the 2012 London Olympic Stadium.

Now the planet mars is associated with the human Psyche, and rules the sign of Aries ARES was the great Olympian god of war, battlelust, civil order and manly courage. In Greek art he was depicted as either a mature, bearded warrior dressed in battle arms, or a nude beardless youth with helm and spear. 

Ares, on the other hand, is nothing but the personification of bold force and strength, and not so much the god of war as of its tumult, confusion, and horrors. Yes and so as things escalate and intensify on our planet as they will 
know that their is an inorganic process this being precipitated by the power control force. Now please understand I call them that name because they are about power and control and within the inner circles in which they operate a name they use to describe themselves is "THE FORCE" I tend to like my other name psychopath's and it includes more players then the illuminati they are really just a front for a larger cabal, remember we only get fragments, crumbs in fact of what is going on in this world and that is why it is so important to piece things together for yourselves it is part of your ascension process embrace it. Therefore I en- courage you to have the curiosity to want to learn the deeper truths of the system in which you live in because it is paramount that you wake up to the truth of the situation that we find ourselves. The only real reason we are in the predicament we are in is because consciousness can be hypnotized the power control force know this and so they us it to their advantage.   

Which is why they called the Mars mission curiosity instead of courage, the power control force only wants to you to be curious about what they are doing, because it really takes courage to see through this utter nonsense and deception program they want to enslave every soul on this planet and they are going to do it through the psyche!

Why do you think James Holmes said he has amnesia and doesn't remember opening fire in crowded movie theater? because he is likely telling the truth, the power control force are basically sending a message through James Holmes that we control you and we control him they are masters at manipulation and programming and that is how they rule the world by programming you and the likes of James Holmes to keep their fictional stories going keeping the masses dazed confused, distracted and pawns in their dark and sinister program, but you have to know their time is up as more and more people start to open their eyes and see through the deception program they will stop engaging in this nonsense.

So what this tells me is the power control force is saying they rule your psyche and they do when you think about it and look who's at the helm the Queen of England aka the ruling bloodline and Obama as one of their  master slave puppets.

How the power control force controls your reality was openly displayed at the 2012 closing ceremonies.

Here we have a bunch of construction workers where news print. The content of the newsprint coming from classic literature instead of London's famous tabloids, the statement actually being made in this dramatic and cryptic fashion should be taken as being far more offensive to the world then just Londoners. The message is being sent clearly that the world is programmed.

And so here we have again batman and robin were highlighted at the Olympic closing ceremony on Sunday night. 

Some people were wondering why the caped men were part of the ceremony, but as most know the famous British heroes Batman and Robin were part of the English culture before the two caped heroes when out and saved the world. I don't think most knew but most were offended for sure and thought this was weird and bizarre but now you can put it into context and see how it was by design predictive programming at work just for the mass sheepeople.

Showing up in a yellow car that definitely was from the heroes humble beginnings, the two showed up before their car exploded and then they ran off. A funny portion of the London Olympics ceremony that was quirky and silly while still giving a nod to the history of the country. See how deception is so easily masked in the media?

In the closing ceremony England showed off the best of the music and pop culture. In a program that was called A Symphony of British Music, fans were exposed to some of the best British moments and like with Batman and Robin, some fans forgot they came from England - yeah and now they will never forget!

Now notice what is written on the floor in tabloid print of Batman and Robin above?

You got it Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange is a 1962 dystopian novel (Dystopias usually extrapolate elements of contemporary society and are read by many as political warnings) 
novel by Anthony Burgess. A satire portraying a future and dystopian Western society with—based on contemporary trends—a culture of extreme youth rebellion and violence: it explores the violent nature of humans, human free will to choose between good or evil, and the desolation of free will as a solution to evil.

The utopia and its offshoot, the dystopia, are genres of literature that explore social and political structures. Utopian fiction is the creation of an ideal world, or utopia, as the setting for a novel. Dystopian fiction is the opposite: creation of a nightmare world, or dystopia. You see I love this part because as we move into heart consciousness we are to create our own Utopia that is the ultimate destination on this evolutionary path to create utopia on earth while we are here and yet the power control force is doing the exact opposite and they are telling millions of viewers right to their face but the sad thing is that most of those watching won't be able to see the deeper truths hidden in the LIE/DREAM/ILLUSION. The new world they want to create with your consent of course through hypnosis manipulation and control  =CONSENT in the power control forces ALL SEEING EYE of Course!.

I found this interesting In 1976 A Clockwork Orange was removed from an Aurora, Colorado high school due to "objectionable language".

Now back to batman and robin  yellow car blow up, it reminded me of a strange picture 

A strange picture I saw a while back that caught my attention This shocking image of Amy Winehouse burying William and Kate in a shallow grave has been used to promote a Chilean newspaper. If you look in the background it seems they where in a car accident the car looks similar to the one that batman and robin road at the 2012 London Olympic Ceremonies it's yellow symbolizing the sun and prince William who was born on June 21 the day of the summer solstice making the SON OF GOD it's all none sense but it is what the power control force want you to believe on a subliminal level, yes Prince William is to represent all of humanity like Jesus. Again it is all just suggestion of events to come? Now you have to understand the Olympics is very much about bringing the new child to be born by the couple this event was to initiate the new child of William and Kate to keep the bloodline going of course.

Now if we take another look at the car blowing up we read on the floor The Lion and the Unicorn are symbols of United Kingdom and is only the coat of arms of Canada. The Lion represents England while the unicorn represents Scotland. 

"The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius" is an essay by George Orwell expressing his opinions on the situation in wartime Britain. The title alludes to the heraldic supporters appearing in the full royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom.

the content sheds some light on the process which eventually led Orwell to the writing of his famous dystopia, Nineteen Eighty-Four. It expressed his opinion that the outdated British class system was hampering the war effort, and that in order to defeat Hitler, Britain needed a socialist revolution. Therefore, Orwell argued, being a socialist and being a patriot were no longer antithetical, they became very much complementary.

But lest we not forget the biggest highlight of the event was Rising of the Phoenix 

I believe their is a connection to the Phoenix Constellation and the upcoming announcement of William and Kate's new baby and the birthing of the NEW WORLD ORDER! and the suggestion of a larger event the last supper in the ring of fire!

If we look at the phoenix Constellation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_(constellation)

supposedly resembled a large eagle with scarlet, blue, purple, and gold plumage. Ovid in his Metamorphoses tells us that the phoenix lived for 500 years, eating the gum of incense and the sap of balsam. At the end of its allotted span the bird built itself a nest from cinnamon bark and incense among the topmost branches of a palm tree, ending its life on the fragrantly scented nest. A baby phoenix was born from its father’s body. The nest was both the tomb of one phoenix and the cradle of the next. When it was old enough to bear the weight, the young phoenix lifted the nest from the tree and carried it to the temple of Hyperion, the Titan who was the father of the Sun god. 

But I think the main meaning to focus on would be The death and rebirth of the phoenix has been seen as symbolizing the daily rising and setting of the Sun 

and the solar maximum that is to come in 2013 as the SUN is very integral in the rebirth or evolution of human consciousness. Again You are here to evolve your consciousness whether you know it or not that is the nature of this game. The question remains are you here to play to win? then you must prepare accordingly, remember your destiny is certain regardless you just have the opportunity to have fun while your here that is a viable option but that is a choice you must make in the stillness of the heart know that you are the one you have been waiting for!

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