Hacking Enlightenment a Query on How to Experience Extraordinary States of Well Being?

I found the video Hacking your Enlightenment I posted below very interesting, refreshing and I was inspired that research was being conducted on ordinary people who had experienced enlightenment using neurofeedback and subjective experience until I did a little research myself. Apparently the Center For Non-Symbolic Consciousness website is hard to reach when I went there I got a warning message that entering this website could harm my computer. If you go there you may get the same message. It seems the web bots may be diverting people away from engaging in this research study is my guess. Well of course I went anyway, and of course nothing happened to my computer either! 

I thought at one point I would like to become a part of the study until I dug in further it seems this research while under the guise of studying non symbolic states of consciousness using case studies of people who have achieved a certain level of enlightenment is more a study to support the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and technologies capacity to reach altered states of consciousness and cybernetic consciousness. So now we are trying to find ways to engineer enlightenment before humanity has the chance to even organically experience altered states of consciousness in physical form this ultimately gives me a creepy feeling and is a sure sign that we have lost our way as a species.

So when I read that this research is still in a fairly early formative stage and that the Center For Non-Symbolic Consciousness is said to have a few biases in their sample. I thought this study is certainly under some form of censorship. Apparently it is about 70% male, 98% white, and highly educated well educated. Humm! that was a bit concerning for me, but I do understand what is going on, they say they have tried several sampling procedures and have over 1,000 prospects in their database to collect new research populations to try to correct these biases. Humm! I wonder if maybe it is easier to work with a white male sample then a mixed culturally diverse sampling? maybe it is a less threatening study and fits within the lines of the "Enlightenment label" embedded into the consciousness of humanity, only available to a few special people like saints and messiahs, and I guess and stays in line with the male dominated world we live in! no prejudice to the men reading this post I am just illuminating the obvious predicament we find ourselves in suppression of real Truth.  

Jeffrey Martin wrote a book Fourth Awakening a ghost writer in order to develop a list of enlightened people for this research study if you listen to this short interview from, Topic: The Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness

Apparently there are only a handful of scientists working in this area, who are  largely outside the system. Funding is generally from interested individuals rather than institutions. There are no professorships, tenure track positions, significant grants, etc. Generally the things that would make a young academic feel like this was a path to a good future career are all absent, and that is a problem. Well of course it is a problem for those that control this physical world system they certainly don't want people to know that normal people are awakening let alone study altered states of consciousness I mean mainstream scientist are stating that our consciousness resides in the brain well that is easy to say when most of humanity does not experience altered states of consciousness but in fact the direct connection to our consciousness resides in the heart if you want to use a focal point for consciousness not your mind please give me a break the veil is lifting allowing the truth to reveal itself!

Anyway have a listen to Hacking Your Enlightenment it is worth the listen.

What is someone who is enlightened like?

The Center For Non-Symbolic Consciousness states there are many things that differentiate  enlightened people from the rest of the population and  how enlightenment changes one’s experience of the world.  It seems to bring with it a deep sense of inner peace and also a sense of overall completeness.  Now, it’s important to note that this really depends upon where someone is that in regards to the overall process.  One of the most important things that has been learned by the research is that this notion of enlightenment or ”extraordinary well being” is not a binary state.  It’s not something that is simply turned on and then is the same for everyone.  There’s actually is a range or continuum — and where someone falls along it determines the experience that they have in relation to the world.

What all of these people have in common, regardless of where they fall on the continuum, is the experience of a fundamental and profound shift in what it feels like to be them.  In other words a significant change in their sense of self.  Overall, this seems to involve a shift away from a tightly focused or highly individuated sense of self to something else.  What that something else is,  often relates to ideology or beliefs the individuals had before this happened to them.  So for example if someone is a Buddhist it may show up as spaciousness.  If someone is a Christian it may show up as a feeling of God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit indwelling them.  As individuals progress down the continuum often even this falls away, but the reality is very few make it that far.  If they do, however, they generally find themselves in a place that is beyond the visceral experience of their previous ideologies and belief systems.

I would have to agree with the research study here if someone is still carrying any sort of belief or programming as an enlightened being they are most likely still engaged in the process of enlightenment on some level of the continuum and may or may not be able to transcend that level of enlightenment, my sense is they are still linked or connected in someway to the conscious mind not having transcended into the consciousness of the heart when one experiences self through heart consciousness there is no association with the conscious mind or any associated belief system what so ever. The mind becomes a tool that is used at will.

I appreciate the work that Jeffery Martin, of  is conducting  at the Center For Non-Symbolic Consciousness but what I have found in my interviews with scientist and consciousness experts who study consciousness and enlightenment is because they are not actually experiencing these states themselves there beliefs, particular field of study and personal biases, or those from the instiutions they work for can get in the way which is unfortunate especially  in this case with the  Center For Non-Symbolic Consciousness when they are sampling mostly men as males have a harder time transcending the mind construct and moving into heart consciousness and as Jeffery stated As enlightened individuals progress down the continuum their ideologies often even this falls away, but the reality is very few make it that far. Well few make it that far on the road to enlightenment because they won't do the inner emotional body work or core theme work which I talk about extensively which is necessary to transcend into heart consciousness to experience self as pure consciousness.

 One of the things I did find promising in an online interview with Jefferey Martin  he states "There are huge, fairly universal impacts on things like emotions.  When someone first crosses over to enlightenment, if they enter the low or beginning part of the continuum, there’s an immediate emotional benefit.  Events that occur in their life still produce emotion in them, but these emotions exert much less influence over their moment to moment the experience.  One of the ways this manifests is via emotions lasting less time.

As one approaches the far end of the continuum, negative emotions fall away and positive emotions become increasingly highlighted.  Eventually these individuals reach a point were they are only experiencing one highly positive emotion.

As they move even further down the continuum and encounter the place where the deeper components of their previous ideologies fall away, emotion falls away entirely. This may sound troubling, but it is replaced with an even greater degree of well-being. And, remember, these were individuals who were already experiencing a level of well-being that is far greater than what most people can imagine.

Yes I would have to concur and that is the carrot that dangles before you!  Enlightenment or ascension is your birthright. It is a state of being where who and what you are as pure consciousness simply rests in a constant state of utopia or well being void of pain and suffering, fear chaos or confusion. Why are you here? what is your mission in life? are you here to live a life of mediocrity or are you here to live your life in a constant state of paradise! It does require work to get there! How far are you willing to go?

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