Kate and William Expecting a BABY! Bloodlines! Heart Consciousness and The Cabin In the Woods?

Lets face it human beings really lack true self-knowledge and are asleep to their deeper nature of who they really are, and so lets be honest most of humanity lives in ignorance identifying Self with the thoughts, feelings, desires and sensations that make up the contents of the mind and thier personal daily dramas.

All the while, many do not know Self, or “real I,” as related to the subtle mystical dimensions of the heart. The heart doctrine is a higher teaching than that which focuses upon the awakening of the third eye.

The physical heart and physical consciousness are related. In the same way, the spiritual heart and spiritual consciousness are related… Life and consciousness are by products of the heart. The biological heart and consciousness are physical in nature and they depend on the metaphysical heart and consciousness. The point I want to make very clear in this post is that consciousness is not created but manifested and this manifestation depends on the evolution of the nervous system and blood.  Therefore your principle aim is to reach the spiritual heart and spiritual consciousness by means of the physical heart and physical consciousness and it is through your BLOOD and the HEART that consciousness is raised so keep that in mind when reading the rest of this post and maybe you can see why bloodlines is so important to the power control force and how the masses will be bombarded with media coverage about this forthcoming CHILD!

Also keep in mind that the term consciousness refer to the inner awareness of being, which each of us has. Although we might see another person’s physical body, we can never directly view their inner world of consciousness or their inner experience of being. Yet, in a very real sense, it is within this inner world that each of us has our existence. So in order to understand consciousness, we must make an effort to understand it within ourselves through direct inner awareness and experience.

Now look I understand the psychological effects of reading some of these blog posts. One can come upon what might consider a crossroads of sorts in that the mind has to make a big decision concerning the nature of reality itself. 

Consciously or unconsciously this pressure is felt and it makes many uncomfortable. But such is the nature of truth. Truth, more often than not, becomes an inconvenience. You either decide to accept it or deny it and it seems that life itself is a series of these decisions. You keep denying and it takes its toll. There is you, there is truth, and in between is time.

The more we go against truth, the more trapped we get in time. And it gets heavier and heavier until it collapses. We need to short circuit the process and escape time. For that, finding truth and accepting it must be our priority. It takes a lot of energy and focus because truth hides like fox and we must chase it into places where it can be very dark and so you may need a map to navigate effectively otherwise you just may  end up going in circles.

So let us look at a pivotal announcement that William and Kate's expecting a Baby, which was made December 3, 2012 the same day as a major planetary alignment or celestial occultation  December 2 - 3, 2012: Conjunction Earth - Jupiter and the Sun.
December 3, 2012: Opposition Neptune - Mercury across the Sun and December 3, 2012: Opposition Uranus - Venus across the Sun these planetary alignment are important to the power control force as they use these ocultation's to implement most of their major planets for humanity to coincide with the organic process happening in our solar system that is ultimately supporting the evolution of human consciousness.

Kate and William: Duchess pregnant, palace says

The baby - the couple's first - will be born third in line to the throne, after Prince Charles and Prince WilliamAs with William and Kate's wedding, this pregnancy will be played out both on a private and a very public stage.

Marriages and births are crucial to the very survival of the ancient institution. This birth in particular has more to do with the continuation of the "Grail bloodline" via William, and Kate.  What we may have here what literally or at least symbolically amounts to the "Grail resurrection" or "Return of King Arthur". Prince William, Kate, and their future child will most likely represent a modern "re-imagination" of the Grail Trinity, Christ, Mary Magdalene, and their child or the supposed origin of the "Grail bloodline" but more importantly this symbolically represents the elite's control of the feminine energy on the physical world stage.
Now in reality, consciousness is not created but manifested and this manifestation depends
on the evolution of the nervous system and blood therefore your principle aim is to reach the spiritual heart and spiritual consciousness by means of the physical heart and physical consciousness the power control force knows this and so that is why sustaining BLOODLINES is so important to them because they know that blood is the key factor in raising ones consciousness. 

William and Kate's child will be next in line to the British throne after William, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, the British Cabinet Office said Monday. Planned changes to the law of succession that end the tradition of a boy jumping over an elder sister are already de facto in effect, the Cabinet Office said.

Here is an article from last year:  Girls equal in British throne succession
Even if it's a girl, the government is insistent she will be head of state of Britain and, as things stand, 15 other countries where the Queen still reigns.
The law will be changed, they say, to ensure she would not be overtaken by any younger brother so you already know what the sex of the child is going to be!

Now I want to show you how the power control force take their scripts and implement their propaganda campaign around the world duping the masses into believing their reality is so....... real.  Let us look at a movie The Cabin in the Woods which is a 2012 American horror film with a very real storyline which depicts the elite’s use of occult rituals on the unsuspecting masses. 

The main plot to The Cabin in the Woods is several technicians prepare for an operation, one of several taking place around the world. In this movie the power control force gives the movie goer a sneak peak into how they use occult rituals to implement their scripts, or story lines on the physical world stage. Just like the timely announcement of Kate and William's forth coming baby, again these scripts which have been written a long time ago are simply playing out while most of humanity believes life is unfolding naturally well that is further from the truth and here is an example showing just how the power control force goes about staging world events in order to direct the course of human history.

Here we have the command center showing the viewer that we have a highly sophisticated organization dealing with military tracking equipment that is only available at the highest governmental levels.

There is a blood sacrifice ritual that takes place in the movie and although the organization behind the blood sacrifice in the movie utilizes high-tech facilities across the world and appears to have a great amount of resources and employees you never learn who they really are that is always kept as a mystery?.

Regardless this shady organization carries out rituals across the world, some of which succeed and others fail. Most are made to appear as “accidents” and those that succeed are widely publicized across the world yes through the media and yes they make all of this stuff up! they are showing you in this movie how they operate and whether you believe it or not is up to you!