Ke$ha's Die Young, Blood Sacrifices Ritual Magick Performance, Cannibalism Connection to Bliss Sheath, Consciousness and the BRAIN!

Life is a game of unlimited probabilities and experiences how we play the game is determined by the probabilities we choose. As we journey through these probabilities, they are automatically recorded within our mind creating programs within the brain.

The more unpleasant experiences create patterns of fear, which is why the power control force you ritual magick, Cannibalism as I point out below simply as ways to circumvent the expansion of your consciousness  that is you which has a greater influence on your desire or ability to become more expansive. We spend much or our lifetime seeking security from love, to money, to material possessions, we become caught in a vicious cycle of choosing probabilities that continue to ignite the same responses in our lives. Our lives become trapped in the illusion of security, confining us to a life of lack both spiritually and physically.

As the soul unfolds the script of the dream we are experiencing, we move to the melody of each experience. The stream of consciousness and energy begs us to take from its infinite supply and mold it into dreams not yet manifested and so we are literally a symphony in physicality.The Human Body is an orchestra of thought waves, atoms, molecules, chemicals, cells, blood, tissue, bones and skin; each performing within a specific harmonic pattern simultaneously, creating patterns and particles, presenting the illusion or hologram of physicality.

Now the seat of the individual soul is in the heart. Remember this point as you read the rest of this post.

Here we have a hollow egg shaped sphere within the heart is depicted as emanating or radiating five luminous white rays.  These rays are those of the subtle Pranas which irradiate life and vitality throughout the individual human being. Here we see various orbits of influence within the heart, in addition to seven chakras, three bodies and five sheaths, all of which compose the human being.

the golden sheath of the divine city rests within the heart it is known as the bliss sheath which is a mass of light filled with bliss, it has its abode in the subtle area of grape-sized hollow of your physical heart, the repository of blood. It is in the castle of this causal sheath that the immortal individual soul abides with its supreme all-powerful, omniscient, adorable creator. The temple of a yogi is inside the heart alone. There ... the vision of Divinity ... the nectar of bliss ... the Bliss Sheath is the place in which you become fully connected to creation the flow of creative energy seen and unseen that is pervasive everywhere without exception. It is the air you breath it is the sunshine, it is the water, it is every organism this creative energy is in every human being. as the energy of creation flows it transforms consciousness or an idea into created form and substance. 

Bliss and ecstacy actually produce something in your Genes and Blood (your DNA) which makes you able to be sustained and immortal the power control force know this which is why so many ritual sacrifices proliferate the world stage all by design in an attempt to mimic the creative force and power within each of us. Bliss and enlightenment are simple science, and is required for evolution and immortality and is about the highest and best reasons for living.

Ke$ha's performance of “Die Young” at X Factor in Australia may set a record for how much blatant power control force symbolism can be loaded into one song's stage performance. On stage at Sydney’s Future Music Festival, she drank blood from a heart while performing the song, Cannibal. The power control force are outing themselves cannibalism is huge within the inner circles of the entertainment industry they are simply bringing what has been done behind closed doors for public viewing to program the masses through the supernatural or demonic energy raised inside the magick circle concert and it is the harvested energy within this vortex that is released out into the universe when the spell for which the energy has been raised is cast.  This particular ritual will have a huge impact on the world, and for which will not be erased.

 Whether there was any actual heart or blood involved I don't know, but the ritual was performed, regardless. I share this because over and over what is being revealed more and more is the amount of blood sacrifices proliferating our world stage beyond WARS and now entertainment? the fact that the heart and blood is used in this public ritual is very illuminating to say the least as the heart is where the seat of the individual soul resides and your consciousness evolves through the oxygenation of your blood hence why I believe on a deeper level all the blood sacrifices continue on the physical world stage I believe because  the elite power control force do not posses the power that we as pure consciousness as we simply use the human vehicle to navigate the physical world can wield through the bliss sheath which is our divine birthright if we so choose to reclaim our power back and so the power control force perform ritual magicK in order to harvest energy at higher vibratory states that they cannot achieve through their own means to maintain power and control of this matrix system. 

Now there are a number of stories in Greek mythology involve cannibalism, in particular cannibalism of close family members, for example the stories of Thyestes,Tereus and especially Cronus, who was Saturn in the Roman pantheon I highlight Cronus as the power control force worpship the Planet Saturn. 

In the most classic and well known version of Greek mythology, Cronus or Kronos (Ancient Greek: Κρόνος Krónos) was the leader and the youngest of the first generation of Titans, divine descendants of Gaia, the earth, and Uranus, the sky. He overthrew his father and ruled during the mythological Golden Age, until he was overthrown by his own son, Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus. Sounds very similar to what is going on in our present reality construct here on earth. 

It just that the script for this grand light show is being rewritten. We have been living in the land of Illusion, but wait there is more, as the curtain is pulled back, to our amazement we find ourselves both back stage and on stage. Should we venture even closer we will discover that the stage and all of its designs are being dismantled?. Should we become even bolder when we further discover that the theme is enlightenment, for we are nearing the completion of a great cycle. Mother Earth and her mineral, plant and animal kingdom are all experiencing the influence of this conversion this is the current story playing out on our physical world stage in a myriad of scenes scripts and scenarios playing out around the world.

Below we see the public practice of ritual magick. Ke$ha asked her fans (she calls them animals) to send their body parts to her, teeth in particular. In this picture Ke$ha is wearing a Power cone made from the teeth her animals (Fans) sent in.  Power cones are sometimes made of the bones of humans and / or animals who have been ritually sacrificed. Ke$ha's fans are referred to as her “Animals,” like Lady Gaga has her “Little Monsters.” 

and with the making of Ke$ha's headpiece of her fans' teeth, she is making a kind of power cone that is akin to what is found at sites of ritual magick and sacrifice. Like the magickal cone of power, this construct contains concentrated energy, literally summoning and constraining demonic entities within that space. Again she is being used to harvest the energy of her unassuming fans or ANIMALS!

Here are some definitions of power cones or cone of power
  • cone of power= "cone" of collective witch power raised by assembled coven within circle to forward a certain aim previously decided upon.
  • vortex= cone of power, a gate for the entrance of the spirit world

This kind of cone of power is what the ritual objects in Times Square are involved with, the 13 'lucky' charms and numbers 13 of the 2013 sign. The supernatural or demonic energy raised during Ke$ha's concert and video is in within her hologram/ vortex with the focus of humanities energy on Ke$ha during her concert's and videos etc, this energy is then released out into the universe when the spell for which the energy has been raised is cast. and the same will happen on New Years eve when 2013 is ushered let us see what ritual magick transpires out of this massive event?

Bliss is the is the condition of the ability to radiate charge to infinity sustainably this requires a perfect fractal embedding. It is also how electrical fields become self organizing and self aware. Bliss is threatening to a culture because it is addicting and contagious and like atomic reactions bliss has a critical mass for groups for example whoever is a major source of bliss activity will tend to be worshipped often as a Guru or loved. This may result in the form of a cult that is permissive of which members behave in ways that appear irrational to the rest of the community like what we see above with Ke$ha's ritual stage show and her power cone head dress above! is Ke$ha tapping into the WARRIOR within her little ANIMALS? in order to keep them docile and hypnotized willing to give away their energy and eternal state of bliss for the mortal crumbs.

The fact that so many young people end up using drugs to get BLISS and ECSTACY is not proof that deep bliss is evil. It is only a proof that if our society does not teach young people REAL BLISS practice- so then  kids will not risk DEATH or being programmed through mind-controlled ritual sacrifice to try to get it!  This goes for ADULTS as well.