Elysium Movie Connection to Lion's GATE Portal=Birth of Venus, Star of David Cosmic Countdown connection to Sirius Star System = Humanities Cosmic Rapture

I often look to the movies for clues as to what the power control force are feeding the masses through the medium of big-scale cinema. Through the dying movie industry the archetypal storytelling is at play again, Elysium opens 8-8-2013, here is the story of a movie we have seen a million times before!  Set in the year 2154, where the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth, a man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds.
In Homer’s Odyssey, Elysium is described as a paradise, here we see another suggestion of paradise lost that is depicted in many creation myths and stories. What we are witnessing here again is another example of subliminal suggestion at play that in some future time the earth will be divided between the haves and the have not's Elysium being, the ultimate gated community: a jewel-like space station inhabited only by super-rich, (mostly) white folks.

I bring this movie opening to your attention as it falls on 8-8-2013, 8-8 usually having some significance to the opening of the Celestial Lion's Gate so again the opening of this particular movie is by design remember we are living through a script or many scripts for that matter.

What we must come to understand is that the body of humanity  was in fact created to destroy the awareness of your Eternal Paradise State. Everything has been constructed in our world systems to completely mislead, misinform and misdirect anyone searching for the truth.

The PURPOSE OF HUMANITY is it has no real purpose, but to facilitate the dream of a few who wish to maintain their dream and create mass destruction on a planet they created to in fact destroy by design, all for the purpose of fulfilling their dream with full knowledge that this world is a finite system upon which your essence as unique awareness has the capacity at this particular juncture on the physical world stage to override the program of subservience and enslavement.

I will explain below how your individual unfoldment out of human consciousness can be redeemed to the level of a GOD if we want to use a metaphor or superhero this can happen more then ever now with the celestial portal opening of the Lions GATE. However before I proceed it is important for you to become aware that the whole body of humanity is an illusion, an utter fabrication, that the 3rd Dimensional experience, and the created fabrication of the body of humanity, is the veil of deceit that makes it utterly impossible to rationally conceive that it, humanity itself, is the deception keeping the disconnection from reality intact. This is what we must come to recognize.

We are already in our Paradise State!

We are already perfect, pure, eternal and all knowing,  and we are not this body of humanity, neither are we this 3rd Dimensional illusory mass of energy and spirit. We are unique awareness. We Know all! We have to learn nothing! and If it wasn’t for the thought process that indoctrinates the power control force, which was created by the universal architects the thought process that is, we would be aware and present and completely reconnected to eternally drinking from the fountain of wisdom in our Paradise State.

Now the opening of the Lions Gate Portal this year  is uniquely symbolic of  humanities initiation and the transfiguration by which the personality of the individual comes under the control of the unique awareness that you are by passage through the soul, now you don't actually have a soul, as you exist beyond these concepts but we use language to decode the matrix.

The path of alignment from the lions gate leads us to Sirius star system which has been Veiled in the clouds of mystery.  Sirius through the human, systemic and cosmic heart centres celestial occurrences during the summer of 2013 presents a unique and cosmic set of planetary alignments specific to the date of July 29, 2013. This concerns the celestial imagery of the ‘Birthing of Venus’. It is set to occur in the midst of the start of the Star of David planetary alignment of July 22, 2013 and the Grand Cross alignment starting around Aug 17, 2013 – Aug 27, 2013.

The opening of the Lions Gate is a cosmic portal, symbolizing the path of freedom from the universal architects creation of thought, the thought process and the fabricated mind you think is yours. Now redemption is possible providing you with the ultimate opportunity for those who wish to take back control of their mind, thought and the thought process, by re-connection to the unique awareness that you are whereby  representing a cosmic rapture of sorts  through the Sirius star system.  What does this mean your mind becomes sovereign, your elevate your awareness to the level of objective awareness allowing you to further decode the Matrix and create an alternate reality other then the one being spoon fed to you by the power control force (the unseen force that presume to run this world) through the path of Sirius, now one of the “attributes” of the path to Sirius is “cosmic rapture.” Therefore rapture is cosmic enlightenment which allows you to break free of the confines of the 3rd dimension and reconnect to the unique awareness that you are.

In order to understand and intuit the principle of freedom we can look at the path to Sirius as a path of love, of higher mind providing us the opportunity to take back control of our mind, thought and the thought process. Now how to we get there? following this path requires the awakening of the heart and ajna centers, the building of the bridge and the eventual raising of kundalini. This is a path of electric fire whose methods involve rotary motion and rhythm. Its attributes are cosmic rapture and bliss.

The Path to Freedom is the path of Love. The Sirus Path can be described as energies coming from Sirius “are related to the love wisdom aspect or to the attractive power of the solar Logos, to the soul of that Great Being.” The path of alignment to Sirius is through the human, systemic and cosmic heart centers.
sirius dog star
The zodiacal sign of the Path to Sirius The “source” of the path to Sirius is “via the Sun, which veils a zodiacal sign.” The zodiacal sign is Leo, of which the Sun is the exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical ruler,  “August, which is ruled by Leo, is the month of the Dog-star= GOD STAR just a play on words or of Sirius, which thus brings Sirius into close relation to Leo. Leo, in the cosmic sense is ruled by Sirius.

The energies of Sirius come through the star Regulus, which is called “the heart of the Lion. In the sign Leo, heart and mind are synthesized.
When we look up into the night sky, Sirius is the largest and most brilliant star in the heavens. It is situated in the constellation Canis Major and is located tropically at 14 degrees of the sign Cancer.

The Celestial Trinity = Atom Symbol

Here we have another play on the ATOM symbol, upon which is the foundation of the universal matrix, but from an astrological perspective. Sirius was astronomically the foundation of the Egyptian religious system. It was considered the embodiment of Isis, wife Sirius is ISIS or= Electron and consort of the god Osiris (who appeared in the sky as Orion). Orion is Father = Proton There are several versions of the myth of Osiris, but in all of them Osiris is killed by his brother Seth. Grieving, Isis gathers up the body of her husband, breathes life back into him and conceives their son Horus. Thus, Isis is often depicted as a kite (a bird of prey) with outstretched wings, symbolizing her power over life and death, and rounding out the celestial trinity with reference to the ATOM symbol is  Monoceros = Son =Neutron.  I read that Monoceros does have some interesting features to observe with the aid of a small telescope, Beta Monocerotis is an impressive triple star system, the three stars forming a triangle which seems to be fixed.
isis outstreched wings
In the Ageless Wisdom tradition the Sirian system is said to be the higher self of our solar system. Sirius “the great star of initiation.”

The lions gate portal is astronomically speaking, consist of  4 constellations -Virgo, Leo, Cancer and Gemini that make up the celestial Lion’s Gate configuration spectrum. This celestial gate is accented by 2 ‘pillars’ that are bookended by the Giant planets of Saturn and Jupiter.  Saturn is also connected with Leo, the zodiacal sign veiling Sirius. The energies of Sirius and Saturn provides a direct link through Leo to ruler of Libra, Saturn governs , the plane of the will and the highest plane of the Spiritual Triad and Jupiter . On the Path to Sirius, Jupiter—the hierarchical ruler of Virgo—rules the plane of oneness. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, Jupiter moved into the sign of cancer June 26,2013, and will be in cancer until July 15, 2014. In its higher aspect, the Love/Wisdom of Jupiter nurtures the construction of forms and structures on the etheric, astral and mental planes for the expression of the higher self. Through the power of Love, Jupiter reveals the divinity latent in all creation.

Together, the constellations Virgo,Leo,Cancer,Gemini accented by the 2 pillars make up the door or portal that is known as the Lion’s Gate. The center point of the door or where the ‘gate’ is situated is in the constellation Leo, thus the name Lion’s Gate.

The path of alignment from the lions gate  to Sirius is through the human, systemic and cosmic heart centres celestial occurrences during the summer of 2013 presents a unique and cosmic set of planetary alignments specific to the date of July 29, 2013. This concerns the celestial imagery of the ‘Birthing of Venus’. It is set to occur in the midst of the start of the Star of David planetary alignment of July 22, 2013 and the Grand Cross alignment starting around Aug 17, 2013 – Aug 27, 2013.

What is of interest is that this ‘Birthing of Venus’ occurrence features the formation of a Celestial Pentagram in the Heavens. What is significant about this possible Celestial portal or Lion’s Gate in comparison to previous ones is that it is combined with the ‘Birthing of ‘Venus. The Pentagram can be anthropomorphized as a ‘women in labor’ giving birth. There are 3 celestial signs of the Hexagram, Pentagram and Cross are but a continuum of the same event back-to-back as if they were the required ‘combination’ that make a key that perhaps will unlock the Lion’s Gate.
venus goddess
It maybe a sign at this time, a type of Venus –as in a woman or ‘Bridge’ that might go forth to the other side With Venus being birthed out of the celestial pentagram July 29, 2013 speaks to the path to Sirius is about building a bridge. Venus can be looked at as the bridge between the higher and lower mind that the disciple builds by practice, study and service upon the path of evolution it is through a comprehension of the human bridge that an understanding of the path to Sirius will eventually be gained. Through the celestial birthing of  Venus July 29, 2013 is bridge to the path to Sirius, linking the lower mind of Man with the spiritual or celestial Triad = ATOM and the consciousness on all levels of the microcosm and the macrocosm.

It is interesting to note that Venus is the higher self of the Earth that is our Planetary Logos came from the Venus chain of the Earth scheme. Venus rules right relationship and the synthesis of all opposites. Not only does it appear that the planet Venus is being ‘birthed’ out of the Celestial Pentagram, but that on July 29, 2013, Venus will be dead center on the ‘Lion’s Gate’.

Venus and Mercury are the two planets primarily involved in the building of the bridge to Sirus and  our ability to access the higher mind.

Gemini—ruled exoterically by Mercury and esoterically by Venus—forms the point of entrance for cosmic energy from Sirius. A magnetic field was established between Earth (whose hierarchical ruler is Gemini), Venus and Mercury, allowing the Sirius to intervene with the spark of Mind for humanity. It is interesting to note that Venus is the higher self of the Earth. Venus rules right relationship and the synthesis of all opposites. Our Planetary Logos came from the Venus chain of the Earth scheme. Mercury, “The ‘divine Intermediary,’ carries messages between the poles with speed and light. Harmony through Conflict, Mercury functions as the communicator, the “messenger of the gods.” Venus rules the human personality, and Mercury rules humanity as solar angels, the initiates. Together Mercury (Hermes) and Venus (Aphrodite) form the divine hermaphrodite upon the cosmic plane, the eventual goal of human evolution. The divine hermaphrodite is a theme of Renaissance alchemy.
If we consider our SUN as solar Logos or heart centre, the energies from Sirius pass through the Heart of the Sun. Our Sun is heart-shaped, with a depression at what we might call its north pole, which is the result of the impact of the energies that come from the Great Bear, Sirius and the Pleiades.
sun heart shaped
“The main stream of energy enters at the top depression in the solar sphere and passes through the entire ring-pass-not, bisecting it into two halves. The two-chambered heart of the Sun is a fundamental expression of the duality of our solar system. The star Sirius is apparently in the order of creation that is the source of mind in our solar system, and within our systemic evolution it was Venus that carried the spark of mind to the Earth chain.
Venus is the planet is known as “The Brother from Sirius. We live within a system of duality and our human minds tend to divide things into opposites: good and bad, right and wrong. The lower mind analyzes and separates. The higher mind is more holistic and perceives interconnections. The heart seeks commonality. Venus is the goddess of Love and the planet of  mind. It synthesizes the pairs of opposites through activation of the intuition. So Venus is the middle principle, the Soul or consciousness principle between Spirit and Matter. It establishes right relationship.
five pointed star
The five-pointed star is the symbol of Venus. The six-pointed star (King Solomon’s seal) symbolizes humanity because the human represents the intersection of the involutionary and evolutionary arcs. This is the ATOM symbol upon which everything in existence relies upon. Through spiritual development and illumination of the brain and their is what is called the anchoring of the Star of David that is attunement to higher frequency energies and information. The six pointed star can be seen as the symbol of awakening as above so below as within so without. The anchoring of the initial Star of David into mind/brain is the beginning of ascension consciousness.
Therefore our goal is the transformation of the lower mind, the redemption of Matter to Spirit through the vehicle of the human Soul, the transmutation of the six-pointed star into the five-pointed star through mind, the fifth principle. The path to Sirius is focused on the higher mind plane. Mercury, planet  of intuition. As hierarchical ruler of Scorpio, Mercury governs  Humanity. “Sirius was called the ‘Dog Star.’ It was the star of Mercury, or the ‘Great Instructor of mankind.”

Likewise, Scorpio—the sign of the Disciple, ruled hierarchically by Mercury—has a close relationship to Sirius. “Scorpio is under the influence or inflowing energy of Sirius. This is the great star of initiation because we are under the supervision or spiritual magnetic control of the Hierarchy of Sirius.”

The plane of higher mind is the plane of at-onement, the blending of diversities into group unity. The Law of Magnetic Control is the law of the higher mind plane, governing the Spiritual Triad or ATOM symbol. It controls the Ego in the causal body on the mental Plane. The Law of Magnetic Control governs the manifestation of Spirit into Matter through the permanent atoms of the causal body, which store the essence of the qualities of the subtle bodies (physical/ etheric, astral and mental). Therefore, when we attain a touch of higher mind, human evolution is advanced. We obtain what one could call Cosmic Rapture, One of the “attributes” of the path to Sirius is “cosmic rapture.” Cosmic Rapture is enlightenment. The ultimate message here is about detachment from Matter in order to attain Liberation:

“Cease to identify yourselves with material things; gain a proper sense of the what you value; cease regarding possessions and earthly existence as of major importance; follow the path of right relations, right thinking and right creation and manifestation of a world in which you desire to live in Paradise awaits you when you journey within.”