James Bond Skyfall MOVIE Stuntman Dies? Connection Curiosity Rovers Sings 1st Happy Birthday & 2012 Olympics!

What  causes one to  deviate from the path of truth is the immersion or identification with 5 sense personality and the mind body construct  and thought and the thought process – you are unique . Truth often clashes with what evolution has programmed in us, with survival on the top of the list. For self-preservation/protection, we gladly sacrifice truth. So much so, it’s almost second nature - something we just do. Truth is often not even in the equation when decisions are made. We may know the term and have a rough idea as to what it means but for many it’s like the air, it’s just sort of there. We breathe it in constantly yet unconsciously. Stop breathing and we die. Some things we just take for granted.

There is a system of “divine intervention” in place ready to assist us through this difficult transition phase we are going from a temporal being to an inter-temporal being. We call it “coincidences” or “synchronicity”. Synchronisitc coincidences are in effect “road signs” or a GPS signal.

The fact that most of humanity is not willing, or capable of seeing through the deception at play in the world,  is what is destroying it's ability as a collective to change the course of events transpiring on the physical world stage.

If we dare to reconcile that as beings we are in fact living an unnatural state of existence, and that unless we seek equilibrium - in our natural state as unique awareness - there is going to be devastating consequences.
Now this is not a bad thing, you already know this, I am just stating the obvious, and so what I say should not cause yo to contort or numb out or keep you in utter fear and paralysis as these are conditions that plague those who choose to sleep walk through life it is part of the human predicament,  and as a consequence results in the fear of not knowing or even wanting to look at truth, and sadly enough this is Antithesis of who and what you are as unique awareness as you are all knowing and wise and so while the truth may hurt and cause major suffering for many, it will certainly in the long run set them free. Trust me!

As events unfold daily in the news we can see and feel that the pressure on the physical world stage keeps rising with intensity like water in a dam. Now if we use history= his - story or someone else story for that matter as a metaphor until it finally collapses the story or history for that matter - i.e. “Great Flood” the end of the world then we can see the bigger picture and the script or history or his = story, the power control forces story that is playing out on the physical world stage, it will no longer become a part of our individual and collective reality because it is the story that is unfolding unbeknownst to most of humanity that seeks to destroy the essence of who we are as unique awareness.

Now if we dare, and I mean really dare  to look at the Deeper Truth as water from the future pushing against the wall of the present. Either we will have to start opening the gate to the future in a big way or it will surely destroy us and the whole world. This is  the fate of anyone who cannot face the truth in time.

I share these blog post in order to decode the matrix allowing each of us to pierce through the veil and see behind the scenes as to  what is transpiring on a higher level in the unfoldment of the story or stories being played out on the physical world stage.

So lets connect some dots it turns out that Rover Curiosity sang it's 1st  Happy birthday to itself August 5, 2013, after falling from the sky and landing on Mars August 5, 2012 during the 2012 Olympics, this date is is also the anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe who was famous for singing the Happy Birthday rendition to JFK this year marks the 50th Anniversary of JFK death. You can listen to Curiosity's rendition here: NASA | Happy Birthday, Curiosity!
Mars rover

If you remember during the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies very similar to the Mars Curiosity Landing above  a James Bond double "fell" into the Olympics stadium, along with a double for Queen Elizabeth, as both jumped from a small plane.
Both jumpers were in danger, as such stunts are no easy task. And now the James Bond double is dead?
Mark sutton
Mark Sutton, 42, the stuntman who parachuted into the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London dressed as James Bond alongside a double of Queen Elizabeth II, was killed on August 15, 2013, shortly after Curiosities first birthday in a wing-diving accident in the Swiss Alps.

Sutton, a former Royal Gurkha Rifles officer for the British Army, died after jumping from a helicopter and crashing into a mountain ridge only minutes from the French border in Martigny, Switzerland and James Bond’s favourite tipple is Martini – ‘shaken not stirred.

Sutton means South another reference to pole shift and pope shift and the Brazil Olympics in 2016 in South America.

Now if you remember the Movie Skyfall  starring James Bond opened October 23, 2012, The movie skyfall opened in theatres The film's release coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Bond series, which began with Dr. No in 1962.
 As of May 2013, it is the eighth-highest-grossing film of all time, the highest-grossing film in the UK, the highest-grossing film in the Bond series, the highest-grossing film worldwide for both Sony Pictures and MGM, and the second-highest-grossing film of 2012.
If you remember from my blog post referring to the scene at the 2012 Summer olympics and my sharing on the possible occult  meaning of this scene with James Bond and the Queen I was interested that the reference to Aurora massacre and the Dark Knight Rises was in the Movie and here is the caption.
Again just connecting some more dots and here is a link to my original post from July 2012 if you have not read it here it is: Olympic Symbolism 2012 Highlights, James Bond = Connection to Aurora Shooting, Saturn, Star Child, Ring of Fire?

Remember we are living through the power control forces dream/script,  the more we can expose the agenda by decoding the script or scripts at play it enables us to pierce the veil of deception see the dream for what it is an artificial imposed illusion on the masses to facilitate an agenda to gain complete control of our essence as unique awareness. By exposing the dream/script being perpetrated on humanity allows us to relinquish any control the dream or script may have upon us, allowing each of us to create a reality of our own choosing instead of the reality that is being deceivingly spoon fed to us!

Exposing the dream/script  and decoding the matrix allows the dream/script, this all need to be done to restore balance and to dissolve  the dream so that it no longer has any relevance to who and what we are as unique awareness thus allowing this 3rd dimensional dream, reality to cease to exist, while restoring confidence in each of us as we create a a dream/script reality that is more in alignment with our essence as unique awareness.