Yosemite RIM Fire, Connection to Culture of Death, Syria’s Chemical Attack, Road to World War 3?

The governments of the world and the power control force are not here to take care of you. They are here to kill you. They are not unwittingly trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you,  but for a reason that eludes even them.

Within in the trance state, what seems good and right, and what is justified as sound reasoning and socially acceptable, is absolute insanity when held up to the standard of awareness and wisdom that you are which far exceeds the physical world system, and what we experience on the world stage is miniscule in comparison to who and what you are as awareness.

The events that continuously unfold with intensity on the physical world stage  is  deliberate, elusive, and unwittingly causes a  state of confusion that drives the power control force  to  to serve a master they know little of.

Now this is not bad, I am just telling it as it is, it is a part of the program to manipulate you into believing that death is real, you never die you are eternal all knowing and wise you cannot die as unique awareness, but because most people only live through the five sense personality never experiencing self as awareness this knowledge and knowing is obscured from the average person and due to the fact that many albeit few are waking up to the realization of the truth of who they are well then the power control force is upping the anti in the hopes that many won't wake up to the fact that they are eternal.

The greatest fear of every human being who does not know self is the fear of annihilation the power control force know this it's their dream remember that you are living that is until you wake up to who and what you are as unique awareness and stare death down to nothingness, knowing the truth of how you are being deceived and manipulated never to be controlled again.  You are powerful beyond measure the power and control force know, and why they deceive and manipulate your essence into believing in the death program. The time has come for you to come to this realization of your eternal nature and stop allowing yourself to be duped, as you truly are the one you have been waiting for please know the truth of this.

Now here is the most recent example of how the power control force weaves their magic satanic rituals. Yosemite National Park, California (CNN) -- A massive northern California wildfire that's threatening Yosemite National Park and San Francisco's key water and power sources grew Monday, becoming the 13th largest in state history, state fire authorities said.

Yosemite wildfire burns area the size of Chicago, threatens homes . The Rim Fire, which has devoured more than 149,000 acres, has scorched an area about the size of the city of Chicago while more than 3,600 firefighters try to rein it in.
I looked up the word Yosemite means literally “those who kill”  just a subliminal reference in your face as to who's doing the killing. Yosemite is the subliminal suggestion message used for this planned and well  choreographed man made disaster by the power control force.

If it is not clear then what is becoming evident is the  culture of death that is prevalent today in mass media.
Who is supporting the Culture of Death? On August 16, 2013 Rupert Murdoch firm dips into hipsters' bible with $70m stake in Vice Magazine, 5% stake sold to Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox, allowing it to expand into Europe and India.

Below are pictures  Vice magazine fashion shoot called “Last Words” which reenacts the suicide of famous female authors.
k While the images are hard to watch, the most disturbing aspect is the fact that it is a FASHION shoot. The models are wearing designer clothing and everything is fully credited so readers can buy the clothing. This led many critics to state that the photo shoot glamorizes suicide and makes it almost fashionable.
Ok so maybe these are nice dresses but what kind of message is Vice Magazine  and it's financial backers sending to it's young readers? Suicide and Death is cool.
I found this interesting segment from The Killing Joke is a DC Comic! Listen to the excerpt from this comic on Youtube it is very telling and chilling!
killing joke
and while your listening this is the mind of the Power control force I listened to it a couple of times.

And who is supporting the culture of death in the middle east? none other then the power control force with a bit of a twist to support the narrative coming out of Syria we now we our EYES on chemical warfare? This culture of death become the norm and world war 3 is right around the corner with events escalating Syria, Egypt, Lebanon are all apart of the next phase leading to world war 3 again all by design nothing in this world just happened we are living through a nightmare of a script but it does not have to become a part of your reality.

syria images
Dead ... children killed in 'chemical strike' chilling and these dead children their on ICE? sounds like a cold war is coming!

The name "Cold War" was coined by the English writer George Orwell, after the dropping of the first atomic bombs in 1945 had ushered in a new world also foreseen by H.G. Wells. It described a world where the two major powers—each possessing nuclear weapons and thereby threatened with mutual assured destruction—never met in direct military combat. Instead, in their struggle for global influence they engaged in ongoing psychological warfare and in regular indirect confrontations through proxy wars.

Cycles of relative calm would be followed by high tension, which could have led to world war! this is the very same pattern we are experiencing on the world stage just different narratives playing out that is all.

Dare to dream a different dream then the one that is being spoon fed to you because when you do you will literally transform your world and the world around you!