Pole Shift =Pope Shift = US President Shift to South America? Connection to Alex Rodriguex 211 Game Suspension?

First off we must remember that a pole shift happens every 11 years according to NASA Scientists so with all the fear mongering going on right now is simply propaganda to cause confusion in the minds of many, Again this is all by design remember we are living through a script or rather a series of scripts to create massive confusion in the minds of humanity because with confusion comes a complete disconnection, or lack of focus, upon what truly constitutes reality. The only way to communicate what reality is, is to identify what disconnects us from reality, and what then becomes the veil that keeps us disconnected in perpetuity. This doesn’t include debate, just communicating the obvious, for others to accept or reject. In these posts we are simply connecting some dots in order to decode the matrix and we can look to the media to give us clues.

I really encourage event not to fall for the lies and deception that will continue to proliferate the media in the weeks, months years to come because the world is not going to end regardless of what anyone says at least not in my lifetime, and I will show you why at the bottom of this post I will share with you who the next president of USA will be so if you think the world is going to end shortly it's not!

Now many may leave this planet do to earth changes, sickness and natural death of course but we are not going to see the massive die off that some are predicting Why? because the power control force need humanity as fuel to continue this illusion called physical earth and their system called capitalism so just keep that in mind when you find yourself biting your nails, in horror and terror that the world is going to end! That being said we are in for some pretty bizarre happenings but all that can be circumvented if you prepare yourself emotionally, mentally and physically, and remember you can't die that is the biggest illusion of all as you are unique awareness eternal all knowing and wise simply resting in a constant state of paradise accessible to you if you so chose in every moment!
fear of death

I am going to provide a few clues as to why dates or numbers are so important to the power control force and why specific dates upon which they role out their scripts on the physical world stage. I am only going to go back as far as February 11, 2011 to show how the number 2/11 is significant to the power control force first off it was 2/11 in the year 2011 that Whitney Houston died.

Now we did have a Pope Shift Event during the period (Feb 11-28) that is on February 11, 2013, or on 2/11,  Pope Benedict XVI announces resignation

• Pontiff says his age means he lacks strength to do job
• First pope to resign in 600 years

He is replaced by the first Jesuit Pope Francis from South America he being the first Jesuit pope and first pope from outside the northern hemisphere as he is from Argentina, signaling the pope shift or more importantly pole shifts  from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere.
Pope Francis

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Then on February 15, 2013 we had the Russian fireball

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The reason I bring the Russian  Meteor up is while we are in August right now we have word from NASA August 5, 2013 of the pole shift which is to come in 3-4 months along with Comet ISON which I mention in my previous post same pattern different scripts at play.

But not only that we have a very intriguing piece which came out August 5, 2013 as well obviously a very significant date or marker for the power control force those that presume to run the world.

It turns our that Alex Rodriguez's (he's from South America) suspension, effective August 8, covers 211 games a marker or reference to the pope's resignation above but also signalling the pope shift or more importantly the pope shift through the use of number association but I think their must be some significance to the company Biogenesis or bio- genesis. These are the same numbers that tie into the date 2/11 date that Pope Benedict XVI announces resignation.

MLB Suspends Alex Rodriguez 211 Games for Role in Biogenesis Scandal here is some information on Biogenesis  from:

Biogenesis is the production of new living organisms. The law of Biogenesis is the observation that living things come only from other living things, by reproduction (e.g. a spider lays eggs, which develop into spiders). That is, life does not arise from non-living material, which was the position held by spontaneous generation. This could be a reference to cloning new human forms from cells and that that is indicative of the POLE SHIFT. Anything is possible.

In a statement, MLB said Rodriguez's drug ban was for "his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances, including testosterone and human growth hormone over the course of multiple years."
Here is some additional information on the Biogenesis Baseball  Scandal

The next president shift will come from South America as well, here is your next  president of United States Marco Rubio - they are calling him the republican savior - but more importantly he will be the next republican president of the united sates in  2016 mark my word on this one....... First president of Spanish decent he is from Columbia.
Marco Rubio