Oprah’s A Liar Scam in Switzerland = More Ticket sales for Her Upcoming MOVIE The Butler! = Civil Rights March on Washington Black Panthers/NAACP/Trayvon Martin!

The new movie “The Butler” opens August 16, 2013, though it is a panorama that tilts more toward predictability than turbulence, “Lee Daniels’ the Butler” melds two views of civil rights battles: one watchful, the other protest-filled is to hit the big screen right before the March on Washington August 24, 2013.
Now apparently Oprah Whitney, the producer and a star in the movie the Butler screams “racism” as she was not treated appropriately while shopping in Switzerland apparently her comments about how she was treated have caused a big stir, but I rather think this is a publicity stunt for the Butler to get more ticket sales at the box office! here are a few articles to chew on just to distract you!
This was a publicity stunt for her new movie! This is what is called public relations NOW! if you can actually connect the dots! and look Oprah’s a LIAR! The message is you can’t trust celebrities! all designed for people to loose confidence in the elite, elected officials and celebrities! but more importantly to incrementally erode the confidence in this physical world system aka psychological warfare our new improved form of culture creation, everyone is a Liar, no one can be trusted in this physical world!and oh everyone is being scammed and that’s the new normal right in line with a world that is going madly insane!
Oprah Winfrey: I’m sorry Switzerland racism incident got blown up
We live in a time where anything goes that being said I am not sure if you might see a connection between Butler – Oprah’s incident just signaling how we are so imprinted with stereotypes when it comes to race but really this was just a publicity stunt created a stir.
I mean she was interviewed about the racial incident right outside the screening and next to billboards for the recent movie screening of Butler! Also keep in mind we have the Panther/NCAA march for Trayvon Martin coming up August 24, in Washington which connects to this movies timing,
Now another point to make in the story line of this movie is The butler worked in the White house and chronicles his life while working there? along with this being the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King I see this as a great publicity stunt to get more ticket sales for the movie.
Anyway you can read more about the incident at the link below! Just some light distraction to entertain you all!
Oprah’s a liar’: Sales assistant in Swiss racist handbag row denies telling TV host that she could not view item because she couldn’t afford it.