Honey Boo Boo The New Meme in Reality TV - A Star is Born?

I have never seen this reality TV show in fact I don't watch TV but from what I have read, this one transcends the Reality TV genre. From a Review I read it stated "the show is so earnest. Dare I call it informative and enlightening? It’s j
ust a bunch—6 to be exact—of boisterous, creative and heavy rednecks who are trying to beat the heat in McIntyre, Georgia."

The reason I think this show is so popular is that most people in America can identify on some level with this family and I think in a lot of cases most people will look at them and feel better about themselves!

Sadly the finale show had higher ratings than the last night of the Republican National Convention, attracting 2.9 million viewers to the RNC's 1.2 million. Honey Boo Boo even tied in the ratings with Bill Clinton's barnburner speech at the Democratic National Convention with 2.4 million viewers. It just shows you where the attention of the American public is going!

There seems to be continuous question as to whether the family is exploiting Honey Boo Boo? I don't think we need to look at the whether the family is exploiting this child but rather is the American public exploiting this family and their energetic value or imprint they are having on human beings! As humans in the playing field of earth the entertainment world is strongly embraced as it is seen as a medium through which we can experience a level of pleasure with little effort on our part.

What I am really trying to point out is the impact that Honey Boo Boo and her family have on reality and the degree of their imprint value in each of our realities! so who is shaping your reality? The media and entertainment industry.

Those who run the entertainment industry at the highest level completely understand how the making of a star is formed from the energy of the public.

The entertainment industry acts in this manner by molding characters who reflect false identities and ideas from which our lives are subliminally shaped, our relationships and principles for living are influenced. Hollywood gives us the ok to engage in those things which would otherwise be considered not ok! So is this really OK? 

Is this the reflection of the highest good and potential of humanity? or are we in such a desperate state that we have lost all sense of respect for our fellow humans and ourselves that we allow our reality to be shaped and degraded to this level? 

I see so much potential for humanity we are divine beings, GOD's in fact! May we aspiring to be the GOD"S we are meant to be!