Obama the Green MAN GURU The GREEN Revolution Connection to Evolution of Human Consciousness & Venus Transit

I am seeing a consistent theme regarding the end times coming up in subliminally suggestive ways.

However when the OBAMA GREENMAN motif discussed below appeared in main stream news June 6, 2012 the same date as the Venus Transit it struck me as odd until now it makes sense and now I can further connect the dots and put this blog post together and again remember it is just a sharing a perspective based on how I am perceiving how the power control force uses the physical world stage and it's scripts plots and characters to thwart the evolution of human consciousness.

Occurring in pairs only once a century, the last Venus Transit occurred in 2004 and 2012 respectively. Appearing as a black dot as Venus travels across the face of the Sun, the transit was known in ancient times as the circumpunct, Eye of Ra and the Birth of Venus. As the ultimate symbol of celestial fertility, the planet Venus was worshipped in the form of many different goddesses from Isis and Ishtar to Aphrodite and Asherah.

The Transit of Venus is designed to assist in the transformation of humankind by transmitting more alchemical force into our species, thus further accelerating our evolution.

Esoterically, Venus (both the planet and the Goddess it embodies) is the alchemical force, which is indeed love itself. Venus is the power of love that unites the polarity and the product of their union is the alchemy of love in the form of the alchemical force or the Venusian power of love that occurs through uniting the polarity as Philosophical Mercury and Sulpher. Thus, Venus is the Divine Androgyny, the Holy Spirit and the Kundalini itself. Venus's dual nature is represented by her two manifestations as the Morning and Evening Stars, which makes her the union.

Venus's dual nature and association with the alchemical force is an allegory in her famous myth wherein she is born out of the union of fire and water when the flaming genitals of Uranus fell into the Mediterranean Sea. Botticelli's painting of the birth of Venus is instructive, as it it metaphorically depicts her as the androgynous kundalini. In the painting Venus rises from a sea shell, which with its numerous striations evokes the Muladhara Chakra, the base center from which all the 72,000 nadis emanate and which is the home of Goddess Kundalini. 

The ancients commemorated the birth of Venus by retrieving all the flaming meteorites that fell into the Mediterranean Sea and then constructing temples over the largest of them just like the Rosslyn Chapel which will be discussed in this post. Now meteorites were, like Venus, the union of fire and water and were therefore considered to be her embodiments. And like her, they possessed alchemical power. It is for this reason that they were used in the Mediterranean mystery schools during initiation to activate Kundalini.

Therefore, the transit of Venus across the Sun portends a heightened frequency of love within humankind, which by extension corresponds to the increase of alchemical power moving through us and assisting in our transformation leading up to 12/21/2012 and beyond remember the world does not end on December 21, 2012 as some may be programmed to believe.

I knew there was some kind of connection to the venus transit and the evolution of human consciousness that was playing out on the physical world stage but I could not put the pieces together until now! so here we go. 

Now Michelle Obama appeared on the June 6th, 2012 episode of “Late Show with David Letterman”. The skit was known as: Michelle Obama uses her funny bone here she is holding a figure of Obama as a GREEN MAN! during a Top Ten skit that David consistently does with her as the guest host; purely innocent to the those watching but there is a much deeper meaning to this as there is to many things that filter through the media to the mass consciousness all in an effort to manipulate humanity into deep hypnosis! I am just sharing a perspective here as to the deeper meaning of the GREEN MAN and it's connection to the Venus Transit and the evolution of human consciousness.

Now it turns out that Rosslyn Chapel shows us evidence that the orbital pattern of Venus was once used as a “temple template” to design psychoacoustical chambers capable of focusing and controlling entheogenic communion. The presence of so many Venusian symbols would seem enough to qualify Rosslyn chapel as a sacred space. Cherubs, dragons, bees, pentagrams, the golden ratio and acoustical damping all point to Venus as the source of inspiration in the design.

The orbital resonance of Venus had been the guiding model behind ancient temple building for millennia and that Rosslyn or Rose - line Chapel was a kind of Rosetta Stone built to teach the world about the Vedic concept known as the Sound Current that flows through everything. It teaches how the pentagonal resonance of Venus was used in ancient temples to ask the goddess to fertilize crops and assist in childbirth. It tells us how she was adored for her celestial fertility and assistance in ascending after death. But most of all, the  Chapel teaches us through musical architecture about spiritual freedom and how to liberate the mind.

In the picture below we see the 2004/ 2012 Venus transit forms the shape of a pentagram. It turns out this happens because gravity acts as a damping well in space around a planet, forming a spherical bubble within which waves can reflect and form stable patterns. 

The same thing happened long ago in the plasma disc of our solar system, forming planets in orbits spaced approximately at right angles along a Golden Spiral. In the process, the planets and their moons exhibit a variety of resonant properties. The most obvious is the resonant orbit of Venus to Earth in this picture below.

With the addition of the heliospheric current sheet of the sun, a Phi-damping well exists in the plasma between Earth and Venus. At one edge of the well is the planet node Venus and at the other Earth. For every 13 orbits that Venus travels around the Sun, Earth travels almost exactly 8, creating the resonant proportion 13 : 8.  Since 13 / 8 = 1.625, the two orbits straddle the stabilizing Phi code in the space between, forming the geometry of a pentagonal star in the two planet's conjunctions.

I believe this is where they got the name Rosslyn Chapel - or Rose Line the shape of the earth venus transit around the sun is a pattern in the shape of a Rose! and the chapel marks the geometry of Venus onto the chapel floor plan. It turns out that many other European cathedrals do indeed use the same interior proportions and that many famous temples from antiquity have the geometry on the floor plan.

It appears the Venus Transit pattern within a sacred temple such as Rosslyn Chapel not only creates a wonderful anechoic acoustical space to cleanly propagate speech and music but also a psychoacoustical space capable of triggering elevated states of consciousness.

Below is one of many Green Men within the Rosslyn Chapel so what possible connection could this GREEN MAN have to Barack Obama what message is the power control force relaying to humanity? that your consciousness can be controlled through subliminal suggestion, predictive programming and ritual magick? In Rosslyn chapel, there are over one hundred these Green men placed by the Knights Templar (Freemasonry).

Well if we dig deeper into the history of temple rituals, we can  uncover yet another clue that seems to explain why such psychoacoustical effects were so important to temple builders. It had to do with the long tradition of consuming communal wine and bread in remembrance of various plant deities known as “Green Men.”

In the Rig-Veda, the Green Man was the moon god Soma who was associated with a communal wine of the same name. It is said by some that  Soma contained psychedelic Amanita Muscaria or “magic” mushrooms. There are many instances throughout the Vedas ascribing great powers to Soma and its ability to induce religious visions.

So when combined with entheogenic communion, temples in the past were designed to help propel one’s consciousness into the sky in order to reach the heavenly summit of  enlightenment or ascension, this occurred when one consumed the sacred plant known as the “Savior,” the “Redeemer,” the “Liberator,” and “Anointed One.” Through such psychedelic visions, one might “see the light” and be “born again.”

The story of the Green Man is one of the oldest in the world, though until the rise of civilization it had no written text, appearing instead in the forms of nature and in the many ways that humanity has found to celebrate him. But divinities and spirits who represent themselves as the generative powers of the universe appearing as complementary energies, masculine and feminine.

Known as an undying spirit which was impossible to kill, and again and again throughout the ages returning to remind us of our indissoluble links with nature-often in such a mysterious manner that it is hard to know where to look for him. For he is a trickster!

Could the Green Man infer that Obama is of a Reptilian orgin?

As The Green Man is know often to, just when you think you are about to catch him, he shifts his shape and vanishes again, only to reappear in another guise before our wondering eyes. Becoming familiar with the disguises and thereby learning this spirit is not your normal supernatural entity.

The Green Man has been among us for hundreds of thousands of years, as far back as the ancient shamans of Europe and North America to even the antiquity of Egyptian myths of Osiris, and Iris.

What is interesting is the ongoing campaign to keep this figure in current status and the current campaign is to encompass society with the mindset of keeping the world ‘green’ with recycling and collective environmental relationships.

President Obama has been talking about green jobs, green energy, and green infrastructure for quite some time now. Again all by design as the architects of the physical world system create your reality through social codes but then again what I think the Green Man and the Green Movement is more about keeping humanity engaged in a ritual of sorts to keep humanity distracted and deny them their right to ascension ( to wake up to the truth of who and what they are) really to continue to manipulate the masses and keep them under a hypnotic trance state.

What we can see here is that Rosslyn chapel and many other temples had been designed using the Venus Transit Rose-line or something similar. If we where to create an invisible line through the middle of the floor plan it would coincides with the June 5-6 Venus Transit 2012  across the Sun known as the Shakinah birth canal also described as the feminine transit. Then we have the verticle axis to the left of the Sanctuary which coincides with the Venus Transit of 2004 in the centre acting as the navel canal also know as the masculine transit. I know it may be hard to visualize here but I hope you get the drift.

Now this may have been done to focus and control the effects of elevating consciousness while using psychoacoustics to resonate the brain up into elevated Gamma frequencies. Combining human consciousness with sacred spaces, means that our ancestors were nothing less than spiritual psychonauts. Using an advanced technology of brain resonance – resonating inside-out with human consciousness resonating at a certain frequency and outside-in using psychoacoustics – they were able to access non-physical realities by methodically altering and controlling states of mind.

In this way, ancient worshippers were enlightened by the Venusian goddess and “born again” through the Green Man’s “body and blood.” Here was the real savior of humanity – so is this implying that Barack Obama as the GREEN MAN is being portrayed as a physical representation of a veritable blueprint for spiritual fertility that inspired vast temple complexes, great cities and proud civilizations?

Or is it that the secret temple template was for sacred spaces that guided humanity toward creative  development pursuits such as art,  music, science and mathematics, only to be discarded in the rush for political control.  Could this be part of the forgotten story of the Venus Transit and its founding role in the rise of humanity? Maybe.

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