Do You Worship Idol's? If You Don't Then Who's Your Saviour?

 American Idol was the most watched TV series from 2005 to 2011 in the Nielsen ratings, and it is the only program to have been number one for seven consecutive seasons.

Our physical reality is filled with iconic images representing concepts and ideas through symbolism of which most of humanity is unaware yet these images are solicited to our minds and embedded in our reality to the point where these images are imprinted in our reality, and hard wired into our every day experiences. 

At the deepest level idols express unexplored aspects within the human potential. The idols energy represents untapped aspects in all human beings and because of this we can be drawn to certain idols that mirror suppressed potential within each of us.

The entertainment industry molds idols into characters who reflect false identities and ideas from which our lives are subliminally shaped, of which our relationships and principles for living are influenced. The media and entertainment industry strongly influence who we are as individuals and as a society. This influence is so pervasive that these idols, celebrities or characters purely represent symbols of encoded messages. We become so obsessed or entrenched with their images and characters to the point where they can drastically devastate us when any one of the characters is yanked from our reality through the process of death for it is through them that we receive uploads and distractions taking us away from our thoughts, ideas and more importantly our authentic self.

The worship of idols is embedded within our culture it pokes our five senses daily saying you actually really do worship idols and in this case it is celebrity status, presidents, accredited individuals, kings, queens prominent or distinguished public figures you name it. Now the raising up of something temporal to an ultimate status is what is called Idolatry and it cuts to the very root of how faith is understood in our modern day life, in other word's to have faith in something that is not ultimate is a form of idolatry. When we worship idols there is some kind of exchange with prominent figures according to their energetic value or level of imprint in each of our reality. What idols do you worship? How big of a star are they in your reality? How deep is the imprint? 

Let's look at the idol of the Buddah, Buddhism as a religion has suffered from exactly the same kinds of problems that we find in the christian Judaic traditions of our time and I think we can find many instances where Buddhism  has succumbed to idolatry in other words the Buddha too if one is not careful can be set up like a kind of GOD as an ultimate source of authority and truth. Buddhism is on the onset somewhat iconoclastic in that the Buddha took to task the idolaters of his time, the established Brahmin priesthood who had total authority for what was true and how to live ones life and how to order the social structure of the world and the Buddha rejected all of it.

The Buddha said instead of turnings ones attention to some transcendent ultimate GOD to turn your attention to the actual living fabric of the world itself to your body, feelings your mental states the suffering that you and others experience that is where the good life has it's origins not in imagining some higher transcendent reality above and beyond yourself. Just because the Buddha started out as an iconoclast as soon as it gets set up as another religion, belief system or way of holding power in the world then it becomes subject to idolatry or a  systematic kind of power that imposes itself on others.

Idolatry can also be looked at through the worship of power structures, your job your pay cheque – whatever you put your attention to starts to shape your mind or action therefore idolatry can be looked at as a flight from life itself. Embeded in the current state of culture we seem to worship pursuit of power, material possessions and money.

Idol in Greek which is icon means an image and so our culture worships images. We can conceive of money as an image albeit strange but an image we idolize.

Idolatry is simply the worship of illusion if we look at the word creed it is an identification with a belief and we believe in the creed called money and because we believe in money  it is truly the most common religion in the world.

Therefore when we are comfortable with the idea of reaching for an idol like money or we understand the role that it plays in our lives, it means that we intuitively are saying I am looking for a salvation system. I love the idea that there is something out there, some system or technique or person that can actually help me with my own need for human resiliency and this gives me a sense of security regardless of whether it is a false sense of security I've got a resource a system that will help me bounce back through whatever I will go through in life. And so with this salvation system in place I can go about my life and set up the perfect educational path, I can set up my own family system, now I can have that career I've have worked so hard for however if it falls or disappears what's left? but you see this is how idolatry was set up to give humanity a false sense of security seeking the illusive eternal saviour outside of self!

The problem with salvation systems is that when I am reaching for a salvation system what I am reaching for is those very fundamental things that I need approval for I need safety I need comfort however self deception abounds.

When you are needing people's approval you are worshiping the idol of approval and so everything you do is shaped by your need for approval which defines a limited landscape for you to operate within creating an image of yourself which is reflected is the ultimate definition of what a brand should be as we reflect our individual stories this becomes idolatry if I have worked so hard to build a brand then you start believing you are the brand the image you are shaping based on your story and belief systems and with that you get others to buy into your image, idea or concept and that's how idols are created.

Can you see how deceptive the worship of idols can be and how the fabric of our systemic culture is shaped through idolatry, but again this is all by design because if it was not for Idolatry as one of the core tenants of the very fabric of this physical world system this world would be a different place and so our world has been shaped by the designers and architects intricately and specifically  in this way so that humanity never learns the truth of who and what it is but continuously seeks self through the illusion of IDOLS and IDOLATRY!