Lady GAGA's, New Fame Perfume, Witches Brew Designed to Keep Little Monsters under Hypnosis?

The entertainment industry molds idols into characters who reflect false identities and ideas from which our lives are subliminally shaped, of which our relationships and principles for living are influenced. The media and entertainment industry strongly influence who we are as individuals and as a society. This influence is so pervasive that these idols, celebrities or characters purely represent symbols of encoded messages that we become so obsessed or entrenched with their images and characters to the point where they can drastically devastate us when any one of the characters is yanked from our reality through the process of death for it is through them that we receive uploads and distractions taking us away from our own thoughts, ideas and more importantly our authentic self.

 I like it when I can connect how our reality is shaped on the physical world stage in order to thwart the evolution of human consciousness.

Let us look at how Lady Gaga is being used to manipulate her little monsters to keep them off balance with her new FAME perfume. 

GAGA recently released the first ever black eau de parfum as her signature scent. It's called ‘Lady Gaga Fame’, and it was released globally in late August 2012 by the artist’s Haus Laboratories and Coty, it is black in the bottle but the liquid becomes invisible when it hits the air clearly a subliminal symbol of duality or the yin and yang symbol.

Now if we look at the shape of the bottle it is looks like an egg and if we go back to the ancients in all lands, the egg was the symbol of generation and immortality. Now reverence for the egg is evoked by its form as well as by its mystery. Its elliptical form describes the movement of heavenly bodies and of the earth itself. It describes the sphere of light that surrounds all living things. It is in the oviform that the potency of spirit in matter manifests. Often connected with the Spiritual Egg is the idea of a sacred bird that drops the Egg into the waters of space or chaos.

According to GAGA the perfume symbolizes how “Fame is an illusion and as GAGA says it really speaks to the duality of fame and the dark side that is ever present in our midst and we can't even see it if you really want it, anyone can have it,” yeah but at what cost GAGA?, you would surely have to sell your soul! clearly this perfume is designed to keep people off balance not able to reclaim their true power and potential again all by design everything in your reality is to keep you under manipulation and control entrenched in your current hypnotic trance state in the hopes that you never really wake up to the truth of this illusory 3rd dimensional mess of a matrix. 

Absolutely everything about this launch is innovative, from the bottle, to the juice, to the lady herself….She’s zeitgeist in a bottle,” says Bernd Beetz, chief executive officer of Coty Inc. “It is the first-ever black eau de parfum and we use language like ‘black like the soul of fame but invisible once airborne,’ which makes the fragrance an allusion to the dark side of fame, the price of fame and the narcissism of fame,” said Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing for Coty Beauty. 

“The soul of fame being black was the intellectual foundation of the color of the fragrance.” interesting lets continue.......

Above we have a picture of back of the box which highlights the fragrance compound by Lady Gaga in the picture it reads as follows; tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchid with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops.

Now let us look at the ingredient Belladonna which is officially known as Atropa belladonna or Atropa bella-donna, commonly known as Belladonna or Deadly Nightshade, it is a perennial herbaceous plant in the family Solanaceae, native to Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. The foliage and berries are extremely toxic, containing tropane alkaloids. These toxins include scopolamine andhyoscyamine which cause a bizarre delirium and hallucinations, and are also used as pharmaceutical anticholinergics. The drug atropine is derived from the plant.

Belladonna (Atropa belladonna) was thought to be an herb tended by the Devil himself, except on Walpurgis Night, when the Devil retired to prepare a witches' sabbath. On that night, the plant metamorphosed into an enchanting lady, lovely but deadly to behold. This plant contains potent alkaloids, which can produce hallucinations, so wine for Bacchanalian orgies was spiked with belladonna, which yielded frenzy and hysteria. There were, of course, many evil uses. However, on a romantic note, Italian and Spanish ladies put belladonna in their eyes to cause them to dilate, which made the ladies look beautiful and seductive ("beautiful lady" = bella donna). This occurs because belladonna contains atropine, which is the alkaloid still widely used by eye specialists to dilate the pupils.

And finally In the past, witches were believed to have used a mixture of belladonna, opium poppy, and other plants, typically poisonous in flying ointment, which they applied to help them fly (astral travel) to gatherings with other witches.

Ok so what this is telling me is the new perfume FAME is really designed to put a spell over her little monsters unbeknownst to them because when they spray this perfume all over their little monster bodies it could cause them to hallucinate and disassociate and all that I have listed above?

Again the power control force uses celebrities like Lady Gaga to implement their dark and sinister program to the masses and as we can see with the launch of this perfume that there is something very dark and sinister a ritual of sorts being manipulated into this FAME Perfume in support of putting Lady GAGA's little monsters into a deeper hypnotic trance state then they already are whereby denying them their right to learn the truth of who and what they are and their right to ascend in this lifetime, but that is just my opinion, what do you think?