Hurricane Issac, Katrina Connection to Kate Middleton Birth Announcement and Earthquake in Ring of Fire 2012

Because I can see and follow patterns I knew this Hurricane was right around the same time as we had a hurricane last year then I decided to look up the work Issac and one meaning of Isaac is "he will laugh." 

As it is above, so it shall be below.

Here you see Katrina above and Isaac below. 

Hurricanes separated by seven years, to the day on August 29th, 
are mirrors of each other.

Katrina is a a derivative of Katherine keep this in mind as we go along.....

It just so happens that a article posted 3 hours ago says Kate Middleton In Hiding And Pregnant': Most Ridiculous Report Yet On The Duchess Of Cambridge

My point being these Hurricanes are a simply a precursor for an upcoming announcement from Prince William and Kate Middleton regarding their new baby. These false announcements are just suggesting something is going to happen it is all subliminal suggestion to keep the masses who consume this nonsense distracted.

Both these Hurricanes are a remarkable resemblance to the Milky way galaxy and this is not a coincidence as above so below I believe Hurricane Issac was a precurser to the galactic alignment to occur December 21, 2012.

The Power Control Force ( those that presume to run the world) are simply mirroring cosmic astrological events on the physical world stage in order to simulate the evolutionary process we are currently in. 

The reason why I reference the Ring of Fire in my videos is because the milky way galaxy is represented as the above 

The Ring of Fire is the below and so we are going to see some major events unfolding in the ring of fire just like what we saw in Japan in 2011.

To Coincide with the Galactic alignment December 21, 2012 and the Venus Transit Ritual which has been playing out throughout 2012 starting with Super Bowl in February 2012, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee, Venus Transit, and a lot of other synchronistic events I have mentioned on this blog and on and on it goes!

Anyway we will see a major birthquake announcement from William and Kate maybe before the end of 2012 and I can see some type of Earthquake event before the end of 2012 in the ring of fire exactly where I do not know but if I could read the minds of those that presume to run the world you can bet I would tell you!