Venus Transit 2012 Connection to Telepathy, Transhumanism, Truth or Consequences?

The Venus transits along with the seven conjunctions Venus will make over the next seven months since August will be very significant milestones in the evolution of human consciousness with Venus conjunct the Moon August 13, 2012, Venus  may be alone among astronomical events to have a track record that associates them with major steps in the development of the Global Consciousness.

I believe the Venus Transit 2012 was a significant signpost that will herald a development of communications between human beings that is not based on technology from an organic evolutionary process in our unfoldment, but it will only come about if we can transcend our belief systems and personal narratives. You filter everything you read on Deep Truth Media and related sites by your pre-existing beliefs.

An example of how belief affects everything we do is how you naturally approach any new or controversial content you discover on Deep Truth Media  and any related sites. If the new information is consistent with your pre-existing beliefs, then the information is more likely to be accepted as true if it clashes in any way, then the information you have read is more likely to be rejected.

So strongly do we rely upon our "belief system" to filter information, sometimes we may simply judge an entire body of information as true or false, simply on a single sample, or recommendation from a trusted source.

Belief in its original form is better defined as a kind of "blind faith" as oppossed to any process involving conscious decision making. If anything, the use of belief filters true to these alleged original definitions demand a man or woman not engage in any kind of critical analysis but dismiss any information immediately out of hand if it does not come from a trusted "official" source.

Belief therefore has more to do with a kind of religious orthodoxy and dogma than any natural mechanism for making sense of the daily overload of information. So what is the true origin of this word?

The word "be-li-ef" was created through the abbreviation of three Latin words:
be = bestia : animal, beast.
li = ligo : to bind, tie.
ef = efficio : to do, produce, effect, make / bring about, cause / prove.

In other words, the true personality and meaning of Belief is "to cause the binding of animals".

To truly understand the implication of this meaning, the reader needs to understand that the power control force considers all men and women, not members of a global society, but nothing more than animals and therefore the property of the power control force, like any other goods and chattel.

This is very important to keep in mind because it is truly our beliefs that keep us trapped in the mind, body construct unable to experience our higher self as pure consciousness and with the new energies bathing our Earth right now the opportunity to transcend your belief systems in order to allow you to create new realities and experiences while unfolding into the totality of who and what you are as divine wisdom simply resting in a constant state of paradise is accessible to you right now more then ever if are willing to engage the process of your unfoldment without resistance.

Now as we transcend our belief systems through the support of these new energies coming from galactic centre and deep space they are affecting all the planets in our solar system which causes disturbances with our Sun which affects the earth and human consciousness, so what is emerging is a synchronizing field of consciousness favoring spontaneous flow rather than linear planning. What I am speaking of is the 6th sense intuition and 7th sense telepathy are coming into focus for human consciousness this intuitive field may have to some extent always existed, but following this past Venus transit human awareness of these two senses will increase dramatically. This field favoring telepathic communication may be the most important factor in bringing about a harmonizing effect on the Global Brain. It is primarily mediated by the right brain half that at the current stage is favored by the cosmos, and is the field of communication that is most likely turning the Earth and you into a new beings.

It have  that noticed that many people are experiencing a number of  increased synchronicities (someone calling just when you think of him or her, etc) in recent times. Yet, these are really only weak premonitions of the full effects of the telepathic field that will now emerge. If a sufficient number of people become connected through this unified filed of consciousness we may expect that they will be able to harmonize their activities in a much more natural way than is currently the case.

Being able to see into, resonate with and connect to the thoughts and minds of others telepathically must however have a host of consequences that may be difficult to predict, but still important to ponder. To many that are unprepared some of the changes may in fact be shocking or hard to understand like so much that is going on in this physical world.

Yet, if we imagine a world without secrets, where you and others are unable to hide their thoughts from each other, and where we, in a much more profound sense than currently, are all one, what would life be like? If intentions or thoughts can not be hidden in this strengthened field of intuition an enormous amount of plotting against other persons, hidden agendas, etc, would become useless. Manipulation would cease. Hostile plans for deceiving others, in personal relations or in business, would loose their effectiveness. Plans for hurting others through crime, terror or warfare will become transparent.

In general, it will be obvious to everyone when someone puts his own interest above the larger whole. Of course, that is when manipulative behavior or hidden agendas become clearly visible and it does not mean that they immediately would cease, but clear visibility would give others more of a choice as to how to relate to those with hidden motives. Those that enter fully into this new field of heart consciousness will themselves come to live in a world that is much more joyous than previously known. Honesty and truthfulness will breed love in all ways.

And the downplaying of conflicts between them will allow them to function harmoniously amongst themselves. And so what we are experiencing from the viewpoint of our world is the power control force is becoming more transparent if not blatant with their agenda because of the level of transparency that will become prevalent in the future. Thereby simulating or recreating our reality by desensitizing us to who and what they are and how they create mayhem on this planet all in an effort to mimic your shift in consciousness and redirect you to see what they want you to see. However from an inorganic evolutionary standpoint the power control force will attempt to simulate your evoltution and direct and control it through transhumanism, Artifical Intelligence, cybernetic consciousness etc.   This is the main reason we are moving into a socialist or totalitarianism regime. Because for the power control force, are about maintaining  power and control over humanity it is their mainstay and keeping you in willful ignorance is an important part of their agenda.