Anti-Islamic adverts to hit NYC & San Francisco, FBI Informant Armed the Black Panthers

Now you must remember that fairytale's are created by the power control force, you know the architects the designers of this MATRIX in an attempt to keep the illusion of your reality real. They want your mind, in order to control and manage your perceptions of organized resistance make no mistake, they want to replace your reality with ILLUSIONS that they create and manage.

Let all of us be aware that on October 5th, 2012, Saturn will begin its 29 month transit almost 3 years through the House of Scorpio. Saturn's Scorpio transit will cause us to see crippling physical limitations and restrictions placed upon those who have chosen to work against humanity in secret and subversive ways. Horrifying disclosures that will implicate the highest offices with the most heinous crimes will be a major transit theme. We must take comfort in knowing this higher truth.

It turns out as early as next Monday, ten NYC subway stations will showcase adverts declaring, "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad." 
The campaign was created by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), an organization considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center watch group.  
The timing of these ads is interesting considering the protests that have ensued around the world due to the low budget youtube psyop's movie Innocence of Muslims, the killing of the Us ambassador to Libya and the Hollywood Argo Movie coming out October 12, 2012. 

Again I just want to show you how your reality is being spoon fed to you and how people become co-opted by the power control force like this woman Pamela Geller, the executive director of the AFDI,  who stands by her signage despite rampant complaints circulating before the campaign has even begun.
"I will not abridge my freedoms so as not to offend savages,” Geller tells Sky News.

Despite a legal battle that ended in July with a Manhattan federal judge agreeing that the First Amendment allowed Geller to have her ads run in the metro system.

I wonder who is fronting the money for these ads? and who is behind Pamela Geller, I bet the Power Control Force is behind this organization, I wonder how she is able to win a legal battle to promote these advertisements and get away with it but then she might?

In an interview, Geller said "I have no problem with Islam. I have a problem with political Islam.
Geller has also lent her support to a number of other political causes. She has strongly defended former Serbian president Slobodan Milošević, denied the existence of Serbian concentration camps in the 1990s,[23] said that black South Africans are engaging in a "genocide" against whites, and expressed support for the far right English Defence League.

If you would like to learn more about Pamela in front of the curtain she is an American blogger, author, political activist, and commentator.

And you can read the full article:

Anti-Islamic advertisements to hit NYC

If you want to learn how people become informants, and how organizations like Geller's could potentially be  supported, take time to listen to this very interesting 10 minute video called The Man Who Armed the Panthers it will show you how the Power Control Force recruits and many factions around the world and most likely how someone like Geller is able to get away with these ads especially when the anti- islam film, Innocence of Muslims sparked protests around the world.

The man who armed the Black Panthers turns out to have been an FBI informant. FBI files, uncovered by journalist Seth Rosenfeld, reveal that Richard Aoki, a prominent activist in the 1960s who was the first to supply the Black Panthers with guns and weapons training, was also an undercover FBI source. A mysterious character who always sported sunglasses, even at night, Aoki was a militant leader of the Third World Strike and an activist with the Asian American Political Alliance at UC Berkeley.

The revelation about Aoki's role as an informant emerged from FBI files obtained by Rosenfeld and an interview with the FBI agent who says he recruited Aoki. Rosenfeld has spent the last 30 years researching the history of the FBI and radicals in Berkeley for his new book, "Subversives," published August 21st.