Lady Gaga Tribute Princess Diana, Amy Whinehouse, Whitney Houston? Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit to Singapore Sept 11, 2012 and the Colour Pink?

Look at this add from OPI nail lacquer. This add “celebrates the incredible life and legacy of Whitney Houston”.

If this is the case then why does it appear as if  blood is splashing everywhere? Is this OPI Add subtly celebrating Whitney Houston’s sacrifice?

The "Born This Way" star took the stage at Twickenham Stadium September 8, 2012 and dedicated her new tune "Princess Die" to her late inspirations Princess Diana, Amy Whinehouse, and Whitney Houston?

Before launching into the tragic ballad, the 26-year-old singing sensation ‘fessed to fans that she expected "controversy" surrounding her tribute song.

True to Gaga's signature controversial MO, the lyrics of the song are quite dark and somber:
"Leave the coffin open when I go/ Leave my pearls and lipstick on so everybody knows/ Pretty will be the photograph I leave/ Laying down on famous knives so everybody sees."

Interesting how Gaga's tribute comes on the heels of Willam and Kate's visit to Singapore again all by design although they are on tour in celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 60th diamond jubilee this feels more a reminder of the sacrifices made to this royal bloodline rather then a tribute of sorts.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first stop in Singapore September 11, 2012 a memorable one, visiting the city’s famed Botanic Gardens to view orchids, including one named after William’s late mother, Princess Diana, whose death in an August 1997 car crash came just weeks before she was scheduled to visit the gardens to see the orchid.

I found this meaning of orchid interesting. The orchid's name originates from the Greek orchis, meaning "testicle," and its history is one of lust, greed, and wealth.
“It’s beautiful,” Prince William, 30, said, according to the BBC, pausing to view the flower with his wife, whom his mother also never got to meet.

William and Kate then got to see, for the first time, an orchid the gardens named in their own honor, the Vanda William Catherine.  The pink orchid is described as a free-flowering orchid hybrid with white petals and purple-red spots surrounded by a dark purple edge.

Middleton, 30, whose fashion choices will no doubt grab headlines throughout the trip, stood out in a pink kimono-style dress with an orchid pattern, seen as a nod to her Singaporean hosts, by British designer Jenny Packham.
It seems that pink is the theme for the month of September in fashion magazines such as Vogue  in my facebook post the other day I shared these photos of Gwen Stefani, on cover of Bazaar and Lady Gaga on the cover of September Vogue.

My  sense is there is a connection with the colour pink in this month of September, and lady Gaga's sacrificial tribute to Prince Diana, Amy Whinehouse and Whitney Houston all of who I believe were sacrificed by the power control force,  and Prince William and Kate's visit to Signpore in remembrance of Princess Diana? Again all by design everything is connected nothing is random in the eyes of the power control force and nothing should look random in your eyes either!

Here is what I posted on my facebook page about the above picture if you have not seen it already and I will highlight some comments from the post as well!

I came across this Vogue cover for September 2012, featuring Lady Gaga one photo she is the "Dream Girl"? I wonder are they referring to her as someone girls should emulate or humm she looks like she is under mind control to me! maybe they
 just want to suggest that we are under mind control as well? and Gwen Stefani in the other both are featured on two separate magazines. Honestly I don't know much about these two but what struck me in both these pictures was the colour pink. I read somewhere that the colour pink is associated with emotional instability! and is used to make women emotionally unstable. Humm! I always wondered about that Zion Logo colour from the 2012 Olympics now it makes sense and if we look no further then Disney we have princess programming which is initiated through fariy tales like Cinderella and Snow White etc. and there is lots of pink in those fairytales as well. So maybe we can say that it is through images like this albeit suttle, that are designed to make women and young girls mentally unstable and through repeated images mind programming is triggered, wow and yeah to unfortunately to the unassuming masses. I never liked the colour pink!

Here are two posted comments from friends on facebook that I wanted to add to this piece and share with you.

Comment 1.

The pink that is used isn't of high freqency. We are conditioned that certain colors mean something, but only perceiving from the 3rd dimesiional spectrum which is where manipulation takes place.

Also the one on the left is a image of a rose pedal. Which is also a form of seeding and idea into the one percieving. Both are simluating certain things, which pulls from the data base in your mind to program further suggestions. Thats why images are worth a thousand words, for you do not need to hear a word to take a form of action you do it outside of your awareness. Action doesn't have to be a physical thing. Energy is in constant motion so there is always action taking place. All is needed is your eyes, your brain creates the sound and the light that forms from the neuroconnections creates the thought matrix which binds us to certain realities.

Comment 2.

many of the pristine vibrational fields such as pink and the emmanations of the rose were snagged by illuminati dark metaphysicians to use in a counter productive way. The use of pink in this case opens the emotional gates of the viewer so that the undercoded data will get past the 'gate keeper' . two 3 inch heels is 33. Another Divine code of the Lord Maitreya that was corrupted by the illuminati/freemasons. The most important things it to create a field of vibrational integrity so that programming beyond the core consciousness of the color or the flower, the number or the symbol will not get in. So anything that is not aligned with your being (whatever you choose - I chose Divinity) will not have entrance. :)