Rihanna Tattoo Isis Homage, Kate Middleton Topless Photos, King Tut's man-boobs? Connection Sirius Star System, DNA, and Ascension

Breasts seem to be a focal point this week and interesting in light of the fact that I spent some time this week covering the colour pink that came up in a number of fashion magazines along with Kate Middleton. Let us keep in mind that pink is used in the symbol of Breast Cancer so why all the homage this weeks to Breasts?

On the final weekend of the Paralympic's 2012 in London of which Rihanna performed she posted an Instagram picture of her new ink, an illustration of the Egyptian goddess Isis, which she said is an homage to her late grandmother. I wonder if Rihanna is aware of the deeper meaning of this symbol or if she was just told by her handlers to ink the Egyptian Goddess Isis under her breasts?

"Classy underboob" might be an oxymoron, but it can be argue that Rihanna's is definitely one of the least trashy ones ever seen. And since she's definitely a trendsetter, you can bet we’re going to be seeing a lot more underboob tats popping up soon. We’ll be watching and waiting! as below so above.

What I believe Rihanna is really referencing with Isis is the Sirius Star System the binary star system of which our solar system is part.

Sirius A and Sirius B are the origin of the Yin and Yang symbol, they are the Yin and Yang which represents balance. We are so out of balance that we get distortions like what we see above all by design to keep humanity from the truth of the knowledge of who and what is is pure consciousness simply resting in a constant of balance.

Now the Yin and Yang are two parts of one thing, and the source of AUM, the sound that created the universe. Far into pre-history, the religions and mythologies of the world have given divine status to Sirius A and Sirius B as the star forms of the God and Goddess. Sirius A as the Goddess, in red, and Sirius B as the God, in blue.

From the single DNA molecule we all once were, our entire organism has unfolded by way of the F, F#, G, tritone of AUM.

Saying AUM correctly in the creative tritone induces resonance in the soft palate in the roof of our mouth, and transfers this resonance to our pineal gland, which sits directly above the soft palate.

The specific resonance induced by saying AUM in the F, F#, G, tritone, causes our pineal gland to secrete dimethyltryptamine into our blood.  Dimethyltryptamine is a powerful mind-manifesting, visionary, and meditative substance.

Our pineal gland is known as our third eye, and is recognized as a connecting point between our physical and spiritual being. This sound resonance connection to our pineal gland was designed into our DNA by the Creator.

By saying AUM in the F, F#, G, tritone, we are creating the fractal sound formula of our own DNA, and consciously activating our pineal gland (our third eye) using sound resonance.

And it turns out on the heels of Rianna's intagram post we have topless photo's of Kate Middleton, while on their tour of Singapore as per my previous post.

In an interview published in the French newspaper L’Express, the managing editor of Closer weekly magazine, Laurence Pieau, defended her decision to publish topless photos of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos: French Editor ‘Shocked’ By Uproar

The French Editor said she is surprised by the magnitude of the uproar over the photographs, which have the led the British Royal family to ponder legal action against Closer.

“I'm surprised by the pandemonium provoked by the publication of these photographs in London where the British press has issued insults and threats towards me,” she said.

“It is as if we had killed Princess Diana for a second time! The whole thing is absurd and disproportionate. They seem to forget that it was the Anglo-Saxons who invented the tabloids.”

Pieau also said the photos are tasteful. Regardless of whether the photo's where tasteless or not the photo's I believe where really in reference to the Goddess Isis or more importantly the Sirius Star System.

The ancient Egyptians believed that their most beloved Goddess, the Divine Mother, Isis (Aset, Ast), was the Soul of the Star Sirius/Sothis/Sopdet, and they saw Sirius as a cosmic manifestation of Her. Isis has many names, titles and functions, among them She was known as the Great Muse, the Lady of Love, healing, protection, fertility, beauty, abundance, art, magic, mystery and miracles.

I think in the case of Kate we can use fertility as the reference for Isis and the upcoming announcement of her pregnancy

I found this interesting an article that came out September 13, 2012, King Tut's man-boobs may give clue to cause of death?

King Tutankhamun's large breasts and wide hips may provide a clue to his untimely, mysterious death from a genetic disease that could cause feminine features, a medical expert says.

The latest theory into the ancient boy king's sudden death at 19 comes after numerous others, including murder, tuberculosis and a snake bite.

Hutan Ashrafian, a surgeon at the Imperial College in London, told the Washington Post and New Scientist that the Egyptian pharaoh may have suffered from a genetically inherited disorder as his predecessors also died young with feminine bodies.

He believes Tut and his family could have suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy as the disease can cause the brain to alter hormones responsible for sexual development and could explain the king's large breasts.

Interesting how temporal lobes are mentioned here as temporal lobes was what James Holmes the Dark Knight Aurora, Colorado massacre shooter was studying during his internship under his mentor John Jacobson which I mentioned in my blog post link here:

Dark Knight Massacre Connection to DNA

Fairytale's ares created by the power control force in an attempt to keep the illusion of your reality real. They want your mind, in order to control and manage your perceptions of organized resistance. From the public exposure of the JOKER James Eagan Holmes’ quest for “power over the temporal order of the brain; make no mistake, they want to replace your reality with ILLLUSIONS that they create and manage.

My intention in this piece as in all posts is to connect the dots allowing you to see the intricate work at play by the power control force to create stories, plots and scenerios that tie into their ultimate agenda to keep the illusion of this Matrix system in tack. While I am just exploring and sharing a few pieces here in this post in relation to world events and the higher order of what is playing out in relation to the evolution of human consciousness I think it is really important not to get bogged down in the distraction and details of what is playing out on the physical world stage but to come to a deeper understanding and comprehension of a higher order or reality that is unfolding for those who choose to participate in the planetary, solar, universal and on a microscopic level your own inner evolution. All roads lead to your ascension and the ascension of humanity!