Hollywood's Argo Movie connection to Stranger then Fiction Science Fiction Land Movie

Fairytale's are created by the power control force in an attempt to keep the illusion of your reality real. They want your mind, in order to control and manage your perceptions of organized resistance. From the public exposure of the JOKER James Holmes’ quest for “power over the temporal order of the brain; make no mistake, they want to replace your reality with ILLUSIONS that they create and manage.

Argo is an American political drama film directed and co-produced by Ben Affleck and produced by George Clooney, (if you think Ben and George are unknowingly participating in the unfolding of the master plan staged by the power control force  in by producing this sort of film think again) based on Tony Mendez's account of therescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.Filming began in September 2011, and it is scheduled to be released in October 12, 2012.

The release of this movie is in connection with a litany of staged events movies etc that will ushering humanity into the next phase of civil unrest, World War 3, Armageddon. The upcoming ARGO movie release and the upcoming release of Science Fiction Land comes off the heels of the the US Ambassador killing which was most likely a planned killing.

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Now back to our story in 1979 it was announced that Lord of Light would be made into a 50 million dollar film. It was planned that the sets for the movie would be made permanent and become the core of a science fiction theme park to be built in Aurora, Colorado. Famed comic-book artist Jack Kirby was even contracted to produce artwork for set design. However, due to legal problems the project was never completed.

Parts of the unmade film project the script and Kirby's set designs, were subsequently acquired by the CIA as cover for an exfiltration team for six US diplomatic staff trapped by the Iranian hostage crisis (in Tehran but outside the embassy compound). The team had a version of the script, renamed to Argo; they pretended to be scouting a location in Iran for shooting a Hollywood film from that script.

During the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, the governments of the United States and Canada partnered to rescue six U.S. foreign service members who had evaded the hostage-taking at the takeover of the American embassy in Iran by staying in the home of the Canadian Ambassador. The governments were able to convince Iran that the six hostages were members of a film crew who were scouting the area for a movie titled Argo. The CIA's fake production company used real designs by comics legend Jack Kirby and Barry Ira. Geller's screenplay for the upcoming film Lord of Light. Using John Chambers' idea for the caper, Mendez admitted stealing designs and screenplay from Geller's film production. Armed with professional designs and screenplay, the hostages were successfully able to escape the country under their fake identities.

Now Lord of the Light is a science fiction/fantasy novel by American author Roger Zelazny. 

The context of the novel – modern western characters in a Hindu-Buddhist-infused world – is reflected in the book's opening lines:
His followers called him Mahasamatman and said he was a god. He preferred to drop the Maha- and the -atman, however, and called himself Sam. He never claimed to be a god, but then he never claimed not to be a god.

I found it very interesting that Parts of the unmade film project the script and Kirby's set designs, were subsequently acquired by the CIA as cover for an exfiltration team for six US diplomatic staff trapped by the Iranian hostage crisis 

Now here is the plot of Lord of Light it resembles the story line humanity is being spoon fed and experiencing on earth in our current ascension or de-evolution it's simply a matter of conscious or unconscious choice's so what you are choosing? remember it's your path truly.

The setting is on a planet colonized by some of the remnants of "vanished Urath," or Earth. The crew and colonists from the spaceship Star of India found themselves on a strange planet surrounded by hostile indigenous races and had to carve a place for themselves or perish. To increase their chances of survival, the crew has used chemical treatments, biofeedback and electronics to mutate their minds and create enhanced self-images, or "Aspects," that "strengthened their bodies and intensified their wills and extended the power of their desires into Attributes, which fell with a force like magic upon those against whom they were turned." The crew has also developed a technology to transfer a person's atman, or soul, electronically to a new body. This reincarnation by mind transfer has created a race of potential immortals and allowed the former crew members to institute the Hindu caste system, with themselves at the top.

The novel covers great spans of time. Eventually, the crew used their now-great powers to subjugate or destroy the native non-human races (whom they characterize as demons) while setting themselves up as gods in the eyes of the many generations of colonist progeny. Taking on the powers and names of Hindu deities, these "gods" maintain respect and control of the masses by maintaining a stranglehold on the access to reincarnation and by suppressing any technological advancements beyond a medieval level. The gods fear that any enlightenment or advancement might lead to a technological renaissance that would eventually weaken their power.

The protagonist, Sam, who has developed the ability to manipulate electromagnetic forces, is a renegade crewman who has rejected godhood. Sam is the last "Accelerationist": He believes that technology should be available to the masses, and that reincarnation should not be controlled by the elite. Sam introduces Buddhism as a culture jamming tool and strives to cripple the power of the gods with this "new" religion. His carefully planned revolt against the gods takes place in stages: "An army, great in space, may offer opposition in a brief span of time. One man, brief in space, must spread his opposition across a period of many years if he is to have a chance of succeeding."

After reading about the protagonist Sam in the Lord of Light above it reminded me of the Sam Bacile, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula: California man grilled by feds after anti-Islam YouTube film.

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Anyway Science Fiction Land  Like the science fiction novel that started it all, this film explores the quests for power, immortality, and utopia.  I have a feeling this film  is going to be a blockbuster. Lets wait and see...

Science Fiction Land is a genre-bending, real-life science fiction documentary that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. The film tells the true story behind the forthcoming Ben Affleck narrative film ARGO meaning the Argo movie has not even come out and this movie is slated to follow Argo just to show you how your reality is well scripted by the power control force. Work began on the documentary a decade ago when a researcher for Academy Award winner Errol Morris investigated an unorthodox CIA rescue and discovered an enigmatic inventor who came to Hollywood in the ’70s to produce a sci-fi blockbuster and build the world’s first science fiction theme park (in Colorado of all places?). To realize his dreams, he enlisted “King of Comics” Jack Kirby and make-up genius John Chambers and became embroiled with con men, spies, and a hostage crisis.

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Oh and one last point I found a remarkable resemblance of the Picture of Science Fiction Land in the 2012 opening ceremonies 

Predictive programming and subliminal suggestion at it's best! Could science fiction land simply be a way of moving humanity along the theme of Paradise Lost? I speak to Paradise loft you know by John Milton which covers the first three books of genesis!

The poem concerns the Biblical story of the Fall of Man: the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Milton's purpose, stated in Book I, is to "justify the ways of God to men". Paradise Lost is often considered one of the greatest literary works in the English language.

And maybe the nude photo of  Prince Harry in Los Vegas is a play on Paradise Lost theme Garden of Eden! 

maybe Harry is being depicted in this photo as the Modern day ADAM?