Salman Rashdie's new book Joseph Anton Link Murder Reward, Hezbollah Says US Held Accountable Muhammad Film, Innocence of Muslims

Now you must remember that fairytale's are created by the power control force, you know the architects the designers of this MATRIX in an attempt to keep the illusion of your reality real. They want your mind, in order to control and manage your perceptions of organized resistance. From the public exposure of the JOKER James Holmes’ quest for “power over the temporal order of the brain; make no mistake, they want to replace your reality with ILLUSIONS that they create and manage.

I found it interesting that Salman Rashdie's new book Joseph Anton which is being released this week is a memoir which relives the difficult years he spent in hiding.

It also turns out that today in an article that an Iranian religious Khordad foundation has increased its reward for killing British author Salman Rushdie as part of its response to a film that mocks the Prophet Muhammad, Innocence of Muslims. What is a religious foundation doing fronting a hit on a Salman Rashdie! and an Iranian organization to boot?

Reward for Salman Rushdie's murder boosted by Iran cleric

Iranian media quoted Hassan Sane'i, a cleric heading the 15 of Khordad Foundation, as saying if Rushdie had been killed the anti-Muslim film Innocence of Muslims would never have been made. that is not even a logical statement it honestly sounds fictitious! All of this has nothing to do with that movie. This movie is one match in a match box of volatile situations that is going to light the fuse. This is order out of Chaos = insanity!

In another article I read Hezbollah chief calls for mass protests over Muhammad film Innocence of Muslims siting ‘US should be held accountable’ Hezbollah described the film as the “worst attack ever on Islam, worse than the Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, the burning of the Koran in Afghanistan and the cartoons in the European media.”

US should be held accountable’: Hezbollah chief calls for mass protests over Muhammad film, Innocence of Muslims

Can you see how they just make this stuff up, it's larger then fiction! the power control force is systematically playing all sides here don't think that this organization or leader, or Rashdie for that matter are acting independently they are all on the same gravy train, and notice how Iran is being weaved into all these stories, if you have eyes to see through the deception.

I guess Salman Rashdie will be able to see more books and with the new Hollywood Argo flick it should probably rack in some big bucks now with all the protests going on in the Middle East!

I believe what we seeing is one of those epochal moments in history when a religious movement reaches the end of its road, towards the point of no return.