Bob Dylan Tempest Album Release, 11 anniversary of 9/11, Freemansonry Tempest Connection

When I read that Bob Dylan's Release of his latest Album "tempest" will be released September 11, 2012. I immediately saw a connection to the 2012 Opening Ceremonies and the release of the album and ripple effect through music will impact masses of people ( or consciousness ) on the 11th year of the 9/11 anniversary. Remember your reality is well scripted, well choreographed by the power control force.

Tuesday is September 11, but Columbia Records denied any link between Tempest and the 11th anniversary of the Al-Qaeda attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.
"There are many logistical factors that go into determining a release date," a spokesman told AFP by email. "The September 11 release date ... is completely coincidental and unrelated to the tragic events associated with that date."

New Bob Dylan album moving with the times

Look I highly doubt there is no connection to the release of this album on the 11 anniversary of 9/11.

If we remember the opening ceremony and everything supporting the Isle of Wonder theme (using the Tempest) was a carefully orchestrated mass Satanic ritual, a spell of witchcraft as rituals are on masses of people it is though these mass rituals that the power control force harvests energy in order to keep this illusion of reality in tack. 

According to Wikipedia the lead character Prospero conjures up a storm? I mention the phase a Storm is coming is being used as a metaphor in politics in my last post.

Now The Tempest is viewed as the most esoteric of Shakespeare’s plays . It has been claimed John Dee, the famous alchemist and creator of the Enochian alphabet was the inspiration for the character of Prospero.

John Dee

The Tempest is not just some harmless theatrical work of fiction, and the featuring of Caliban's words at the 2012 Olympics should not be taken lightly. By the way, it seems that Freemasons have long been fans of this work in particular.

From Shakespeare And Freemasonry by mason, William Norman M’Daniel, written in 1912 in relation to The Tempest :
Professor Henry Van Dyke has made the splendid generalization that the aim and purpose of the Shakespearean dramas also is to teach the Majesty of the Moral Law. It will be found, when the plays are studied from this viewpoint, that they form a comprehensive and consistent body of ethics or moral philosophy, the term being used in the Baconian sense as embracing politics, ethics, as commonly conceived, and logic; and that this system is entirely in harmony with the teachings of Freemasonry.
It may be more exact to say that Freemasonry is a training school to make the realization of this philosophy possible. Perhaps the simplest and yet most satisfactory definition of Freemasonry is Dr. Hemming’s, that “Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morals, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.” Shakespeare may be also defined as a beautiful system of morals, veiled in allegory and illustrated by fictitious and historical personages.
Further, one play, The Tempest, which stands first in the collected plays, is an epitome, a miniature of the whole. The argument of our main proposition – the identity of Shakespeare and Freemasonry – may be based upon the proper interpretation of this play. One primary idea must be kept in mind: these plays are works of art; works of literary art, which, next to music, is the highest art; and again, in the form of the drama, which is the highest form of literary art. And as Alfred Noyes has so aptly expressed it, “The content and import of a work of art are not to be weighed in the same way as those of a philosophic system or a work of science.”
It is to be realized more as a personal experience, not so much comprehended by the mind as apprehended by the soul. Let it not be thought strange, therefore, if for many persons The Tempest has little significance. For that matter, to how comparatively few persons is Shakespeare anything more than a name. The reason is to be found in our one-sided, unnatural and, in many respects, false education. Others can place themselves where Shakespeare and Freemasonry meet, if they but free their minds from traditions and prejudices.

Again all we are doing is connecting the dots in order to understand the illusion of reality the power control force weaves into and through the physical world in order to keep this illusion of reality in tack. Patterns, Dates and Names are key for these masters of deception. As we come to inner stand the working of the power control force we come to recognize and realize that our reality is really a ongoing soap you know just like the daytime soaps on TV no different really just on a much larger scale.

As we learn more about how the system operates we become desensitized to what goes on around us not at the level of denial, but at a level of becoming detached from all outcomes with no charge or energy needed to expend allowing you to conserve your energy and not feed the illusion that is the illusion of reality that is being graciously spoon feed to you as if you were a perpetual child!