Shuttle Endeavour last Landing in LA connection to Venus Transit, another Ritual of Sorts!

On June 3-6, 2012 the Enterprise Space Shuttle was towed up the Hudson River, to intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum this being the weekend of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee and the Transit of Venus on June 5-6, 2012. The underlying theme of this period is rebirth that is metamorphosis into your own unfoldment.

In a series of space shuttle endings the space shuttle Endeavour is on route to it's permanent home in mid-October, the California Science Center but before it gets there is seems that upon arrival in LA, 

Endeavour will spend a few weeks at a United Airlines hangar undergoing preparations for transport and display. Then, Endeavour will travel through LA city streets on a 12-mile journey from the airport to the California Science Center, they are going to cut down close to 400 trees for the 12 mile journey? and then replant 1000? why could they not just fly the shuttle to the California Science Center because the travel route is very significant and this is some sort of ritual by the power control force) arriving in the evening on October 13, 2012. This will be the first, last and only time a space shuttle will travel through urban, public city streets. It is truly a national treasure! I found the date interesting being the day after Hollywood's ARGO movie release October 12, 2012 which I have written about in my a previous post. If you have not read that post here is a link:

Hollywood's Argo Movie connection to Stranger then Fiction Science Fiction Land Movie

Now when I read that the the shuttle Endeavour was named after Captain Cook’s research vessel, which he used to observe the 1769 transit of Venus form the South Pacific. I think that was is really going on is a terrestrial reflection of the Transit of Venus simultaneously taking place in the sky at some future date. All carefully arranged to produce an exquisite instance of "as above, so below" and so that is what prompted me to do this post. It seems like we have a continuation on the Venus of Transit Theme or story playing out here.

Venus passes all the way through the constellation Cancer the Crab in September 2012. I believe their is a connection with these shuttle endings New York and now Los Angeles are very much connected to Venus and her role in the ascension process that humanity is under going!

I was wondering why the disease cancer bares the same name as sign of cancer in the astrological zodiac and why my delving into the colour pink and its association in the month of September 2012, 

which I share in this post: Lady Gaga Tribute Princess Diana, Amy Whinehouse, Whitney Houston? Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit to Singapore Sept 11, 2012 and the Colour Pink?

Now the sign cancer from a physiological standpoint is associated with the heart chakra and interesting the shuttle Endeavour's final home is in LA which is the heart chakra in relation to the USA. 

As I write this post to me this all points back to me the transformation and shift that is occurring in the minds and hearts of humanity into heart consciousness and what we are seeing here is from the power control force standpoint is how they work diligently to deter this from happening. The event being a ritual of sorts to keep the illusion of this reality real to the unassuming masses.

Lets look at the last Journey Endeavour will be taking starting September 20, 2012, the Franken-plane will depart Houston, stop for fuel in El Paso, Texas, and fly over White Sands Test Facility, the scenic back-up landing site for shuttle missions.  (Only one mission needed to put down at White Sands.)  Endeavour will spend the night at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert (another alternate landing site that saw 54 landings), resting up in preparation for its California close up.

On Friday September 21, 2012,  the day before the fall equinox September 22, 2012 the shuttle has a particularly long commute, even for L.A.  At 7:15 AM, it will fly over the town of Mojave (the hub for New Space ventures such as Scaled Composites and XCOR Aerospace), head north over Sacramento and San Francisco, and then take one final lap around the Los Angeles basin.  As of Tuesday night, the southern California schedule included low altitude flyovers of the Getty Center, Malibu, the Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and, yes, even Disneyland.
Landing at LAX Airport is slated for approximately 11 A.M. local time on September 21, 2012.
On October 13, 2012 Endeavour will taxi from LAX to its final home at the California Science Center

This will mark the first and only time a space shuttle will travel through 12 miles of public urban streets. It’s also one of the biggest objects ever transported down an urban corridor, with a 78 foot wing span and a height of 58 feet at the tip of its tail. A large team—the California Science Center, the cities of LA and Inglewood, logistics, tree and utility and engineering experts—have spent hundreds of hours preparing for Endeavour’s complex journey. Like I said before surely they could have flown the shuttle to the California Science Center but I think this is ritual of sorts more then anything. 

To make way for the Endeavour, they said they picked routes through the cities that would have the least impact on surroundings and they will be using a state-of-the art Endeavour Transportation System that will allow them to maneuver precisely around trees, light poles and utility poles wherever possible.

Pruning is also another tool being utilized in this effort. Thousands of trees along the route are being preserved and protected as a result of this careful planning, they forgot to mention the 400 trees that are being cut down and replanted after the Endeavour's journey home! Please this is more nonsense! 

Now if we take a look at the route the endeavour will be taking through the streets one thing that stuck out for me on the route is View Park-Windsor Hills! Could this Journey be a ritual to the Windsor Bloodline?

View Mission 26: The Big Endeavour in a larger map

Apparently this area is a affluent predominantly black residential community, I think this has more to do with the Windsor family bloodline and Venus! and the forthcoming birth of William and Kate's child! to continue the bloodline. The underlying theme for this intense period we are in is rebirth.

If you remember shuttle Endeavour is named after 1769 transit of Venus from the South Pacific.

On June 3, 1769, British navigator, Captain James Cook, British astronomer Charles Green and Swedish naturalist Daniel Solander observed and recorded the transit of Venus on the island of Tahiti during Cook's first voyage around the world. During a transit, Venus appears as a small black disc travelling across the Sun. This unusual astronomical phenomenon takes place in a pattern that repeats itself every 243 years. It includes two transits that are eight years apart, separated by breaks of 121.5 and 105.5 years.

Mainstream astronomers routinely ignore the energy implications of Sun-Venus- Earth alignments but these were of paramount importance to our ancestors and still to indigenous peoples today.  During each Venus transit, the Sun's life-giving energies must pass thru and around Venus to reach Earth.  The transit visibility boundaries, which repeat every 243 years with slight variations, have long been seen as significant for ancient myths give Venus a dual character - bringer of beauty & harmony or violence & conflict - depending on where it is viewed.  Venus as "evening star" is seen as the goddess of love whereas as "morning star" it becomes a symbol of conflict and destruction.  Some ancient texts describe Venus as "female at sunset but male at sunrise".

I think there is more to be added to this post in the coming days and weeks so I will stop here... stay tuned for updates......

We could also be referencing here that a Storm is coming!
It's all subliminal suggestion really!